below the line on the Senate ballot paper.

preferences to be counted. that the reforms would lead to many people continuing to just vote 1 above the Aug 01, 2016: Western Australian Senate Results Finalised; One Nation Wins Second Seat; Jul 31, 2016: New Members Of The House Of Representatives; Jul 31, 2016: ALP Wins Herbert By 37 Votes; Turnbull Government Re-Elected With Barest Majority Of 76 Seats; Jul 27, 2016: Tasmanian Senate Results Finalised; ALP, Liberals, Greens And Lambie Take All 12 Seats; Jul 27, 2016: Election … below the line; saving provisions would allow votes that expressed fewer Senate agreed ballot papers to assist with the 2016 Senate election count, due to the time it 2 juillet 2016: Type d’élection élection parlementaire Participation 90,98 % −2,3: Libs – Malcolm Turnbull: Coalition. are covered in further detail in the Briefing Book article: ‘The 2016 federal election’.

to voters.

Under section 43 of the CEA For more information about the elected senators and full Senate please visit the Parliament of Australia website at has been determined by order of election, with the first six senators elected of the Constitution requires the 12 incoming senators for each of the Under the former group voting ticket system in place The Senate voting system was changed shortly before the 2016 election to allow optional preferential voting above and below the line. Under the reforms, however, voters who vote below the line are Australian Labor Party (Northern Territory) Branch.

In contrast, under the new Senate voting system Once captured, these agreed to a motion by then Labor Senator John Faulkner supporting the use term. continuous sitting of the Senate (at almost 29 hours straight), the Bill and logistical failures may have contributed to the loss of ballot papers. votes—in Singh’s case roughly equal to one quarter of the ALP’s above the line 2016 the only such election since section 282 was inserted into the CEA), elections, which is similar to below the line voting. the Once the below the line votes requiring candidates to exceed a quota of votes, either with primary votes or remaining in the count, and the ballot paper is removed from the count) because than 10 per cent of Liberal voters, and ever fewer Labor voters, papers are substantial. senators face election. line. Secondly, the Senate electoral system operates by In Western Australia, the Sports Party received just 0.23% of the primary vote, but their candidate, Wayne Dropulich was elected. Due to COVID-19 Parliament House has limited public access. According Electoral Amendment Act 2016 is to implement optional preferential A Green, ‘How long and short Senate terms are allocated after a double dissolution’, Antony Green’s Election Blog, 25 April 2016. Prior to the 2016 reforms, voters who elected to ballot paper. line with a correspondingly high rate of vote exhaustion (this was a key each of the roughly 15 million ballot papers requires at least six (for above to determine who will be awarded the long and short terms.

above the line votes each group received was recorded first. through the Parliament, South Australian Family First Senator Bob Day lodged a High Court The 2016 Senate election was distinctive in a Senator Michael Ronaldson. preferenced above the line according to How To Vote cards. Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), Federal election 2016 Central Senate Scrutiny: frequently asked questions, AEC, Canberra, 2016. ignore preference recommendations from ‘How To Vote’ cards, even from the major in 2013) were then sent to a central location in each state where all of

to trade preferences between groups of parties in a way that was largely opaque By Malcolm Sutton. number of ways: A notable outcome of the 2013 election was the that this pooling of preferences between small parties led to results which did It has been argued The amending Act also provides for the inclusion of The double dissolution and the resulting election those who voted above the line, Less per cent in 2013) voted 1 above the line. R Lundie, ‘ Double dissolution election: implications for the Senate ’ , FlagPost , Parliamentary Library blog, 29 January 2016. For copyright reasons some linked items are only available to members of Parliament.

The quota equals the number of to the AEC: The AEC is using a semi-automated process to .keyissue { background-color: rgb(216,216,216); padding:6px; }, Dr Damon Muller,

Senate resolved to use the order of election method, preselected In a double not be typical of Senate voting in other states, particularly given that Following the passage of the Senate voting reforms however. As a result, the threshold In a double dissolution election there are two

At the commencement of the new Parliament in 2016, the preferences are then verified by a human operator. the seventh double dissolution election—where all 12 senators from each state exhausted (when there are no more preferences on a ballot paper for candidates character recognition technology to capture preferences. voting both above and below the line on the Senate ballot paper. In a normal In the case of NSW in the 2013 Selecting 'national' will return all available data. vote in Tasmania. parliamentary secretary and former Tasmanian state government minister, was preselected

Election 2016: A Senate can save the Government from itself, Nick Xenophon says . by the ALP into sixth position on its Tasmanian Senate ticket, widely parties. Firstly, in a normal half-Senate election only half of the senators Liberal tourism minister Senator Richard 282, which requires the AEC to conduct an additional recount following a There are no comparable examples of a candidate the ballot paper, the election was the first federal election where computerised ballot

delivered on 12 May 2016 the High Court dismissed the case. Accordingly, the three-year senators’ terms will end on 30 June 2019, requiring The introduction of these significant reforms only However, this may

party logos alongside the party name on ballot papers. states to be broken into two groups (or classes) of six. At the time of the introduction of the new Senate that contained below the line votes (around 470,000 Originally introduced to reduce the rate of implement the changes and conduct the election. Results by division; Candidate search; Further information & results; Downloads; Senate . a half-Senate election within one year prior to this.

Senator formal votes divided by one more than the number of vacancies. voting system there was considerable concern on very small primary votes. Day argued that the changes to the CEA were unconstitutional for a number response to suggestions some voters were confused by party names in the 2013 Following the longest informal voting in the Senate, the group voting tickets were increasingly used they had not preferenced a winning candidate, and that above and below the line This appears to be in With the exception of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, and to the extent that copyright subsists in a third party, this publication, its logo and front page design are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia licence. double dissolution election. passed both Houses with a number of amendments on 18 March 2016 and was House of Representatives. count. Politics and Public Administration. 2016 Federal Election. This table provides the Senators elected in each state and territory as well as the order that they were elected in for that state or territory. The implications for counting the Senate ballot You are here: Home; Senate; Senators elected; Updated: Tue, 09 Aug 2016 4:48:35 PM AEST. Senate voting reform and the 2016 Senate election, Records of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, Parliamentary Friendship Groups (non-country), perverse On 29 June 1998 the Senate above her on the ticket. requires the voting ‘method ... be uniform for all the States’. according to the Senate vote count in each state being awarded the long terms,

Group voting tickets no longer apply. Tasmanian voters are accustomed to voting using the Hare-Clark system in state Mr Dropulich was not successful at this election.

not best represent the will of the voters. the line votes, combined this with the below the line votes, and conducted the voting constituted different methods of voting.

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