Conclusively, HIL exposure effectively protected FRL from browning and quality decay by inhibiting browning-related enzyme activity and maintaining nutritional constituents during refrigeration. 65 383 388. to save searches and organize your favorite content. Acta Hort. Generally young, maturing leaves in head and leaf lettuces become afflicted with tipburn.

Murata et al. Celine Vanden Abeele, Katleen Raes, Imca Sampers. This article is cited by & Duke, S.O. However, by nature, romaine lettuce is very perishable and susceptible to quality decay and enzymatic browning. Michelle Z. Donahue has worked as a journalist in the Washington, D.C., region since 2001. Food Chem. Certain bacteria and fungi can also cause browning, but these rarely pose a health hazard. (var. At the commercial harvest time (FFDS), ‘Aori27’ showed the lowest PPO activity among all cultivars, and no statistical differences were observed among ‘Elstar’, ‘Fuji’, and ‘Mellow’ (Table 1). Browning is an important factor in terms of quality loss during post-harvest storage of lettuce heads and minimally processed lettuce [1,2].

The effect of continuous high intensity light (HIL, 2500 lx), low intensity light (LIL, 500 lx), and darkness on FRL browning and quality was studied upon 7 d cold storage. The quality of iceberg lettuce is directly linked to this discoloration.

Profile, antioxidant potential, and applicability of phenolic compounds extracted from Spirulina platensis.

In conclusion, under the scope of this study, the results showed that among the studied cultivars, ‘Fuji’ is the most suitable for fresh consumption as a result of its higher phenolic content at commercial harvest time, and ‘Aori27’ is the best for fruit processing as a result of its low enzymatic browning (associated to the lowest PPO activity and the lowest polyphenol content).

Cookie Preferences & Katan, M.B. Murata, M., Tsurutani, M., Tomita, M., Homma, S. & Kaneko, K. 1995b Relationship between apple ripening and browning: Changes in polyphenol content and polyphenol oxidase J. Agr. Phew! Qian Liu, Fan Liu, Liling Zhang, Yajie Niu, Zhigang Liu, Xuebo Liu. Freezing causes a lettuce leaf's cell walls to break down and separate, appearing as slimy or watery areas on the leaf and usually rotting rather quickly. Food Chem.

► A 500 Lux dose of light accelerated FRL browning and quality loss. Jun Wang, Xu-Hai Yang, Arun S. Mujumdar, Xiao-Ming Fang, Qian Zhang, Zhi-An Zheng, Zhen-Jiang Gao, Hong-Wei Xiao. Why Bonfire Cider Is the Flu-Fighting Potion You’ll Need to Keep Handy This Winter, The Most Used Vegetable Oil Could Be Worse for Your Health Than Sugar, Study Suggests.

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Similar to what was reported by Podsedek et al. 2001 A transgenic apple callus showing reduced polyphenol oxidase activity and lower browning potential Biosci. According to the Postharvest Center at the University of California, russet spotting occurs because of exposure to low concentrations of a gas called ethylene.

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