Wondering if Kirby: Battle Royale is OK for your kids? Compatible with amiibo figurines, sold separately.

For example, the dodging lighting challenge, Krako may close in four pillars of lighting from the corners to the center, or rotate the four pillars around the edge of the map, or start the four at the top and bring them down to the bottom.

Join now. Much like Battle Arena, this mode focuses mainly on using Kirby’s attack abilities. You cannot recover from charged B attacks though. The more apples dropped, the more points you score. See our. Each challenge a player completes you win grants you or your team 1 point.

Kirby Battle Royale is interesting because it released in the USA way later than it released in other regions.

The game's presentation is also pretty good looking, as you'd expect from any Nintendo game. What I haven't mentioned though is that there's no "with friends" option.

It’s a little devious but it makes matches a lot more fun to play.

Green ore is worth 1 point, gold ore is worth 10. Battle Arena: This is really the game's main draw, despite only being a small portion of what the game has to offer.

Between battles, there's a small area in which you can chat with a couple NPCs.

It's a fairly solid and can be fun, but I don't reccomend it personally, as it's just not very memorable. It's also too bad that there's only one stage, as something as simple as a differently shaped arena or a pillar in the middle could easily change the gameplay so much. Rocket Rumble, Ore Express, Attack Riders, and Coin Clash have potential to be fun, and Robo Bonkers isn't even worth your time other than to get achievements and progress the story.

Ever partied with Mario? However, there's an unfortunate amount of lag, and region locking means that if you play at certain times, you'll have a hard time finding anyone to play with. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. From a difficulty perspective, Kirby Battle Royale is certainly targeted towards kids.

The rest of it is pretty much either button mashing and hoping for the best. I think kids especially will enjoy its colorful looks and gentler challenge, even more so if they have friends to enjoy it with for local multiplayer. These gimmicks mixed things up a bit, and were much needed, as otherwise it would stat getting repetitive. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Rocket Rumble: Pretty similar to Apple Scramble. Parents should note that this game supports amiibo, sold separately. Think fast and have a blast with a variety of ways to party with Mario, Toad, and more, on-the-go or on the couch!

However, I understand why the developers would do this, as if it was too easy to keep hold of the vehicle, there'd be little excitement.

KIRBY: BATTLE ROYALE sends Nintendo's lovable pink puffball on a mission to win a series of battles hosted by King Dedede in hopes of winning a delicious cake.

All rights reserved. There's a total of 4 maps to play on, and they offer a good variety, similar to Apple Scramble. Instead of being a sort of action puzzle game though, Kirby Battle Royale is a 4 players fighting game, where you can compete with 3 other Kirbies with various abilities (and other familiar faces) to see which one is the best. Earned money can be spent on unlocking new modes, abilities, and boost orbs to use in free-play, hats to alter Kirby and company's appearance, and music to listen to on its own. This can be done in two ways: launching rockets at him, and then pounding him when he’s dazed.

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Stuffed mouthfuls of pizza?

Robo Bonkers: This is my least favorite mode. Dodged pengu... Howdy partner! You earn money by playing the game, and can earn a lot at once by doing certain tasks, like KOing all 3 of your opponents at the same time in Battle Arena or winning 20 games with a certain ability. Occasionally bombs will drop onto the field, which can either deal damage to a player or knock fuel out of the rocket. Even with such stipulations I won the majority of matches, although younger gamers will probably find it a fair challenge.

Overall, the story mode is fun to go through and a good way to learn the ropes, but it's pretty short. What I liked best about this mode is you can attack your opponents on steal their apples! You can carry the ball and the flag, and throw them to try and get a long distance shot. Designed for multiplayer, this game encourages players to work cooperatively in teams of two and engage in friendly competition with others. The reward for clearing the story mode is some achievements and new characters to play as (who I won't spoil, but take a wild guess on who you unlock and it's probably correct). The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. There’s a bit of fighting and violence but it’s really just cartoons. In this minigame, green energy cubes fall from the sky and are used to power a rocket. Plus, there's even 3 stages that offer small gimmicks, such as a tall puck you can't jump over or a cover that blocks your view of certain parts of the arena for a moment. Kirby doesn't express himself much outside of fighting, but he helps, works well with his allies. It only took me about 5 hours to complete, and I could probably do it faster if I tried again.

Our ratings are based on child development best practices. However, if you have $40 bucks lying around, a game like "Kirby: Planet Robobot" is a much better selection for the same price, and another fantastic looking Kirby game is just around the corner as well. Compared to the other minigames this one is quite fast! This mode is more of a boss battle where you compete with your opponents to deal the most damage to the massive Robo Bonkers.

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