1,949 views, 21 upvotes, 8 comments. Besides his obvious olive hairdo, both versions carry their swords in green sheaths, which was changed to red later on. In my defense, I never saw this sketch until long afterwards. Personally, I would have loved to see the rightmost design’s sweater sleeves flop around as she ran.

In the absence of official Katana ZERO merch (yet! The Dragon, seemed to have an affinity for the color green earlier on. Yes, it’s Zero. 100%, but only the first 2 times you deal the last hit to the final boss. On an unrelated note, here’s some fanart of Zero visiting his kindly psychotherapist. by PraytheReyAway.

The result has been utter confusion, with fan works and even her in-game portrait taking elements from both versions. So go on! I can even cut slabs of solid steel with my katana. Forget the Chronos conspiracy, this is the mystery The Dragon should be working on. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This week is full of tragedy, loss, and pyromania, so have a handkerchief (and maybe a fire extinguisher) on hand as we dive into this feel-bad parade of forgotten soldiers. With the smash success of Katana ZERO on Steam and Nintendo Switch, it seems people have really fallen in love with the game’s mysterious lore and characters, which means a lot of quality fanart we’d be remiss not to feature! I seriously wish more of our targets had up-close mugshots like his.

I was told my target is the political dissident Fa Yuan, but all that’s in his dossier was a doodle of a bald cartoon pirate.”. Once it’s complete, I’ll devote my attention entirely to the free Katana ZERO DLC and finish it to the same high standards. Like us on Facebook! Here were just a few ideas for the game’s final boss, from ‘cyberpunk bounty hunter’ to ‘space gestapo’ and everything in between. Please try again later. We looked at some of them a while back in FAN ART FRIDAY: Arts & Crafts . It’s been a quiet three years here at the Askiisoft blog, but I’mma blow your mind, m’kay? The official Hololive Production subreddit! Here, Dmitry’s concept art depicts her wearing a simple kimono with a bamboo pipe as a hair ornament, while my rendition added a patterned shawl, higher collar, and beaded hairpin in place of the pipe. Now that everyone has had a chance to experience its pulse-pounding beats and heart-wrenching feels, we’re finally all on the same page–which means I get to showcase some of the more spoiler-filled fan art the fandom has to offer! Katana Sword Template also called: sword, Samari. If you have, rest assured that it’ll will be included eventually, so please be patient! Chungus: Ok young one, go on without me. This is the moment I walked out of the cinema. [WARNING: Contains major plot spoilers for ‘Katana ZERO’]. She's got my back. Posts not made by the official administrators are not characteristically representative of hololive production, nor any of the talents. "katana" Memes & GIFs. Katana Memes. Make a meme Make a gif Make a chart Wouldn't want to be the other rodents around! This subreddit was made to archive copypasta. Problem solver. Remember, Friday, August 16th is the last day to submit your OC for next week’s feature! https://gfycat.com/gorgeousweightyghostshrimp, (A gameplay montage - filesize is too large for tumblr)-Justin. I could survive everything else, but this was just too much. For those just joining us, be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Let’s begin…. Her sword traps the souls of its victims. For the past three weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the community’s original characters in the world of Katana ZERO—from war heroes to psycho killers, and everything in between—drawn by some the most creative and talented fan artists I’ve ever met. Inspirado en Ka-Rut. share. The official Hololive Production subreddit! We looked at some of them a while back in FAN ART FRIDAY: Arts & Crafts. All of the gameplay and level mechanics have been completed, the writing is in its second draft, and a third of the levels are completed to varying degrees. 669 votes, 20 comments. Welcome back to Part 2 of “All The Warriors”, a multi-week showcase of the Katana ZERO community’s awesome fan characters! I’m really loving my time working on it, and I’ve been able to play around with some of the cooler narrative and gameplay ideas that I’ve toyed with since the very beginning. Ngl, that sounds badass. The volume of submissions for this event has been mind-blowing, to the point where I’ve had to create a dedicated Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all. There’s still quite a bit left to do, but I’m very happy with what’s been done so far. I strive to put my best work into every game with the intention of making something special - and this will be no exception. meme katana sword. Much, much better than that. Press J to jump to the feed. As the credits rolled on my first playthrough of Katana ZERO, I was surprised to see the name ‘Francis Coulombe’ listed next to mine under “Additional Art”. correct me if i'm wrong but isnt it just 30 minutes into the runtime? ), fans have taken it upon themselves to make some fantastic real-life goods for the game and the various memes it’s spawned. “Umm, sir…? by anonymous. Katana ZERO is one of them, and Pocket Squirrel is another. It’s also almost finished!

This is Robbie Rotten. For those unaware, Askiisoft has a long and proud history of designing levels in the margins of math homework.

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