1955-1957. 2 vols.The Hague: Van Hoeve. Home » Singapore » [Talk] The Mysterious Malay Jong and Other Temasek Shipping. . The Portuguese ships then fired on the junco masts .... and the sails are falling. He earned his PhD from the National University of Singapore, based on the excavation of the 10th century Intan Wreck, and specialises in ancient Asian ship construction and maritime trade. The Portuguese ordered it to halt but it promptly opened fire on the fleet, after which the Portuguese quickly followed suit. "Macht, mensen en middelen: patronenvan dynamiek in de Balische politiek." Fra Mauro in his map explained that one junk rounded the Cape of Good Hope and traveled far into the Atlantic Ocean, in 1420: About the year of Our Lord 1420 a ship, what is called an Indian zoncho, on a crossing of the Sea of India towards the "Isle of Men and Women", was diverted beyond the "Cape of Diab" (Shown as the Cape of Good Hope on the map), through the "Green Isles" (lit.
[16]:205–213 The jongs that plied the archipelago post-1600s were ranging of 20-200 tons deadweight, with possible average of 100 tons,[16]:199 but there are still several of them ranging from 200 to 300 lasts burthen (about 360-400 to 540-600 metric tons burthen)[note 12] in early 1700s. A ship of such draught is manifestly absurd. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. This hybrid junk incorporated Chinese techniques, such as using iron nails alongside wooden dowels, the construction of watertight bulkhead, and addition of central rudder. Hospital Ship (Korean: ... Kim Jong-soo; Park Dong-il; Sa Jae-won; Park Ji-il Kang Da-hyun; Seo Kwang-jae Sa Chae-won; Special appearance. The junks themselves carried 12,000 men. This ship is Flor de la Mar, the highest Portuguese ship. Nothing but air and water was seen for 40 days and by their reckoning they ran 2,000 miles and fortune deserted them. Learn how your comment data is processed. When their sails are spread they are like great clouds in the sky. Also, this type of sail may looked like triangular sail when sighted from afar. It has a draught of 60 feet (18 m). The Portuguese succeeded in repelling the attack using smaller but more maneuverable ships, using boarding tactics and setting fire to the junks. Faxian (Fa-Hsien) in his return journey to China from India (413-414) embarked a ship carrying 200 passengers and sailors from K'un-lun which towed a smaller ship. In the lower hold they carried pressed-down frankincense, above them they are carrying several hundred horses. This item is part of JSTOR collection [17]:294 Pati Unus was using it as floating fortress for blockading the area around Malacca.
Might be a mistranslation. However, there are inaccuracies in the depiction. [61]:54–55, Niccolò da Conti, in relating his travels in Asia between 1419 and 1444, describes ships much larger than European ships, capable of reaching 2,000 tons in size, with five sails and as many masts. Kuang Ya was a dictionary compiled by Chang I about 230 AD, while Ssu-ma Piao lived from ca. [68]:62–64, In January 1513 Paty Onuz (also known as Fatih Yunus or Pati Unus) tried to surprise Malacca with 100 vessels with 5,000 Javanese from Jepara and Palembang. On board was about 500 men, women, and children, and only 100 was saved during its sinking. With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free. In 1657 this strait has been narrowed or disappeared. It is also called k’un-lun-po. [74], In 1574, queen Kalinyamat of Jepara Sultanate attacked the Portuguese Malacca with 300 vessels under the command of Ki Demat, which included 80 jong of 400 tons burthen and 220 kelulus, although with very little artillery and firearms. Once there, the Portuguese fleet entered the river undetected by the Javanese crews, and resorting to hand-thrown fire bombs set fire to about 30 junks and other crafts, catching the enemy fleet entirely by surprise, and capturing ample supplies amidst the panicking Javanese.

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