Home » Educational Articles » John Hattie, Visible Learning & Beyond, July 18, 2019 By Shaun Killian (MEd, MLead). Displaying the 10 most recent projects by John Hattie. I no longer have a philosophically or politically grounded stance. He believes that assisting teachers to adopt evidence-based education is the best way to make this happen.  |  And, even teachers within a school setting can glean insight from some of this work.  |  Some effect sizes measure the difference between how students did on a pre-test, and then how they did on a follow-up test. Coach observation studies conducted since the 1970s have sought to determine the quantity and quality of verbal feedback provided .. Journal article Displaying the 7 most recent news articles by John Hattie. Reading the commentary in the book helps here. It’s a place where you can access bite-sized, digestible chunks of research written in a practical way. Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. I personally published an Objective Critique of Hattie’s Visible Learning Research in 2015.  |  Again: When John Hattie published his list of 250+ Influences On Student Achievement, he did not release the research that underpinned it.

2020 He has continued to update and expand his database. Frontiers in Education, C Brooks, Y Huang, J Hattie, A Carroll, R Burton. But for some time, it was not available, and this made the list far less useful.  |  Approaches that are more likely to help more kids succeed, just as doctors choose treatments that are most likely to work. Robert Marzano agrees! 2020 PurposeHigh levels of collective teacher efficacy (CTE) within a school is known to be associated with improved student learning. John Hattie is Wrong Recently, I read a criticism of Hattie's work from Robert Slavin, which you can read here. Teachers can also use these strategies to get their students engaged in the learning process. We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which our campuses are situated. Instead, I am happy to let the evidence fall where it may and change views when research shows it is worthwhile to change them. John Hattie is a professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia.  |  This project aims to establish trajectories of loneliness across the 10-18 year developmental period in adolescents with neuro-developmental.. Another reason I started this site was to explain some of this nuance. However, I believe a lot of the objections to John Hattie’s work had more to do with people not liking his message. Some of my own key concerns come not from the work, but from the overly simplistic conclusions that people may draw from it.  |  Involving more than 80 million students from around the world and bringing together 50,000 smaller studies, the study found positive teacher-student interaction is the most important factor in effective teaching. A longer answer is that it a series of books. For example, see my article on the Real Meaning of Teacher Clarity. He has periodically published these new and expanded insights. ( Journal of Professional Capital and Community. I need to continually monitor the effect my chosen strategies are having and to adjust my approach if needed. Consider the difference between research that measures the impact of a factor after students have been exposed to it for: Effect sizes are useful, and so is John Hattie’s work in Visible Learning.

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