I’m not exactly sure how the collab came about, but I know those guys came down to San Diego to skate and naturally we just clicked. Home | So there you have it, a background into why I love traveling and a glimpse into what is in store. When I mentioned Darlings, it was actually the name of the strip club in Prague. Privacy Policy | In Europe, they are pretty lenient about their drinking age, but I still get ID’d haha. Sunday, September 6, 1987 (age 33), United States, San Jose, CA, Lives in:

A lot of my influence comes from who I skate with, like Jamie Palmore, Tyler surrey, Wes Kremer….

One highlight of many from this trip is just hanging out with Peter Raffin.

Watch out for Marshall Heath, another guy who rips on and off his board. But I have decided that when opportunities like this arise, I will just say “yes”.

Often we’re surprised buy the amount of skaters that don’t keep every deck every produced with their name on it – is this something you have done so far?

He’s the joker. Mafia trips are my favorite because it’s us traveling somewhere, dorking around an skating, whether it’s to LA or to Europe. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Plusieurs petites et grandes compagnies ont fait appel aux services de Jimmy pour divertir leurs clients, invités et personnels. You readers out there should listen to Chase Cross- yes I am.

Fortunately for me, my parents kept planning vacations and I was not yet old enough to make the dumb decision of saying “I’d rather stay home and play with my friends”. With a bright future ahead, the Jimmy Cao Express is on a steep climb into total monopolization of the world. Sometimes touring can be hard, like if there’s a deadline and you need a photo or something.

Plusieurs petites et grandes compagnies ont fait appel aux services de Jimmy pour divertir leurs clients, invités et personnels. Completed College. Learn some new tricks, skate faster, have some respect and etiquette. It all worked out in the end as places to stay and places to skate. Well, frankly, I’m not sure yet. In October of the same year, he performed his song "Yo Ya Sé" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Come join the Jimmy Cao Express and truly discover what it means to live. I feel like each city has their own “mafia” or crew and they are Scandinavia’s “mafia” haha.

I started skating because my best friend at the time had a skateboard and we would just mess around on it and then I was addicted. Skatepark of Tampa: A crusty little warehouse in Tampa, Florida with the …

I’m on a team with the dudes I grew up lookin up to.

How you ask? Due to the lack of sufficient money, we averted to a cheap, managable way to branch our company out into todays internet age using blogspot. Jimmy Cao: Photos, video, contest history, magazine coverage, and more. We are working on a new video with a company from Sweden called “Sweet Skateboards”, together we are the Sweet Mafia. I just turned 25 last month but I still look like I’m 17 due to my Asian-ness. So, that said, I actually have quite a few exciting adventures already lined up for the next year.

From there it was on.

It makes it that much better that he has the mask haha. Cao introduced the video by saying: "I picked Jerry's part, because he's got good style, sick trick selection, and he's just fun to watch."

Ses spectacles sont présentés sous forme de micro-magie (La magie ambulante) ou sur la scène.

Do you know who you’re paired up with? We were fortunate to enjoy his bobblin-head on the Sweet Mafia tour. He actually builds them all over the world.

The Jimmy Cao Express began with the immature imagination of one of the creators.

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