007 wouldn't have much to do if it weren't for the antagonists. Licence to Kill represents the Bond series aping the common '80s action movie i.e. And with each 007 release comes an array of audience expectations with regards to that casting: the ‘Bond-girl’; the henchmen; if applicable- M, Q, Moneypenny; and most importantly- the villain. The Basics: Absurdly loyal henchman and bodyguard. So, here they all are, ranked and analysed- away from, and as part of, the world they exist in. Blofeld is pretty much the Bond villain, and thanks to his prolific work rate across seven films in the franchise, he’s the closest thing 007 has to an archenemy! Thanks, Professor Dent. There were a few ground rules that went into the making of this list. The Basics: Icy, brilliant, evil mirror of Bond himself. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Just barely nudging out fellow nogoodnik General Koskov as the major threat in The Living Daylights, Brad Whitaker gains style kudos – or at the very least, serious geek cred – for owning some pretty sweet military dioramas.

Like the best Bond villains, he knows just how to cut to the bone, telling our favorite spy: "I might as well ask you if all those vodka martinis ever silence the screams of all the men you've killed. Whilst ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ is widely regarded as the finest 007 instalment, his portrayal of Bond- his only outing as the secret agent- is almost universally considered to be the weakest. Standard stuff. Daniel Craig’s blond Bond is back, and haunted by the raw events of his previous outing, he’s bruised, bitter and bloodthirsty. Zao imbues the quirky, gimmick-driven henchmen of early installments with blockbuster fighting skills… which does not make him better. lackey. 17. From masterminds to henchmen, the final word on 007's furious foes.

hierarchy to report directly to Blofeld himself, but not high enough to avoid a piranha pool death sentence for messing up a job, Helga Brandt is middle management. Island, Morzeny is pretty much the Evil Dumbledore of Super Villain Hogwarts. Quite possibly the most incompetent henchman to ever work for arch-villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Bert Saxby bumbles his way through the Diamonds, only to be killed while failing to assassinate one of Bond's contacts. He's a total snob, a level ten douchebag…and never quite as good as the sum of his parts. Here it is: the greatest disparity between the quality of a villain and the quality of James Bond movie. Why? All of this comes before his stunning final fight with Bond, where they dangle out the back of plane from a loose cargo net. The Basics: Your not-so-friendly neighborhood drug baron. In terms of panache, Stromberg has a kinda distinctive look going on, mostly rocking monochrome military get-up that’s kinda middle of the road. jack-of-all-trades.

agent Number 1; Bond's arch-enemy. As the sole employee working in Scaramanga's massive lair, he could be just some guy who took the wrong job and got knocked into a vat of chemicals by the Worst Bond Girl Ever for his troubles. His rawness transcends the on-paper silliness. Still, a good riff.

It's a shame that he never gets a proper showdown with Bond and dies in a boat explosion. The Film: Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Spectre.

You probably don't remember Edmund Slate, who perishes in hand-to-hand combat with Bond in the worst-choreographed, worst-shot fight sequence in the Bond canon.

There are a handful of villains missing from this list, but they were deemed ineligible for being a little too boring, a little too vague, or a little to removed from the focus of the movie. What a woman. Then he realizes that this low-level baddie has disguised himself as his own widow. But a baby-faced Benicio del Toro (in his second feature film role) brings him a rare menace that's uncommon in this kind of minor henchman. The influence of Blofeld is everywhere of course; the early Bond villains worked for him (except for ‘Goldfinger’) and then the main baddie was him.

His skills as a soldier mark him as a Mirror Universe version of Bond himself. But hey: Charles Dance. 3 – may not offer much in the way of style, but at least she’s not afraid to get her hands (or rather, her knife-tipped gimmick shoes) dirty. Kutze is a background villain, the guy who actually gets the nuclear weapons ready while the guys up top decide where to place his handiwork. It’s fiendish in its simplicity – the cycloptic bum has hijacked a couple of nuclear warheads, and threatens to decimate either the US or UK if they don’t cough up the dough.

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