For a city break, for example to Dublin, you can also travel to Ireland in March, April, September or October.

In January and February, the temperatures average around 44 to 45 degrees. Ireland experiences a lack of temperature extremes compared to other areas at similar latitudes. Dublin has a significant amount of rainfall during the year. Well, it rains sometimes in Ireland but long showers are quite rare. An overview of the weather in Ireland by month.

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Click on a day in the calendar to see weather records and other details. December has the most rain at 27 inches on average, and April, the least with only 21 inches.

The annual rainfall is 1075 mm | 42.3 inch. Drogheda

Temperatures in Ireland in October generally range from 8°C – 13°C and rainfall averages at about 80 mms. From what you set your thermostat to, to your home's design and position toward the sun, there are a lot of factors to consider when heating your home. Letterkenny

However, rainfall has been known to average around 80 mms for the month. The west of Ireland is indeed very wet and has a fairly large number of rainy days. It is often said that it rains a lot in Ireland, but if you a look at Ireland's climate statistics it shows that this is only partly based on truth. In our guide for the weather in Ireland by month, winter ends in February. However, recording-breaking temperatures have made us question what lies in store for next June! High enough to challenge a record in one city – which has already seen several inches of snow – that’s stood since 1874. January receives the most rain with an average of 27 inches, followed closely by October, November and December with 25 inches, while February, July and August average about 23 inches of rain. This is true even for the driest month.

Rainfall keeps at about 50 mms on average for the entire month. By now, it will be bright in the evening, well past 9 pm, meaning the “endless summer” atmosphere is in full swing. In Cork, the average annual temperature is 10.4 °C | 50.6 °F. Carlow

© 2010-2020 World Weather & Climate InformationAll rights reserved. Here are our picks. Our meteorologists have compiled years of weather data to give you a sense of what to expect, but please note these are averages and can differ greatly from our forecast predictions. While the weather is temperamental, you'll find a certain comfort in its regular irregularity. They should then stay indoors for as much as possible on arrival. Temperatures have risen and rainfall is at a low (for Ireland! Wexford Average monthly precipitation over the year (rainfall, snow) Each selected city will show you the following graphs: Ireland is famous for many things; from dramatic coastlines to stunning scenery, from social scenes and live music to literature and the arts. If you want to experience what Ireland is really all about. As the last month of summer gets underway, temperatures in Ireland in August remain peaked at about 12°C – 19°C, with long days still reigning supreme. Summers are warm, while temperatures during winter are much cooler. Weather averages, seasons, and tips on the best time to visit. Need travel inspiration?

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