5. broster: . (What did you say?)

which means the same thing, but is a little more colourful (similar to damn!). You can use it when something amazes you or impresses you as well. As odd as this expression may seem, it has no relation to water. Again, quite a similar sounding word to ‘pinche’ which can sound very bad in Mexican Spanish. Parche is a way of describing friends getting together to do an activity. The opposite of someone who’s social is desparchado. (No way!)

. The Colombians know how to use their slang as well! Find Private Teaching Jobs on TakeLessons. in other countries. Just like you learned your native tongue, native Spanish speakers learned formal Spanish in school and the more conversational aspects of the language outside of the classroom. “¿Mande?” (What?)

This is a less formal or slang way of say. It’s more of a rural form of slang in mainland Spain. You could be talking to a teacher in just 5 minutes! Compare this to Argentina where estar al pedo means to be useless. It’s sometimes used in a negative way, as in you are negatively surprised that the airplane was overbooked or that the train was late.

3. bonco: .

pinche Ricardo, siempre sales con esas cosas – Hahahah, fucking Ricardo, you always come up with stuff like this, Eres un pinche idiota, Ricardo – You’re a fucking idiot, Ricardo, Esta bien chido ese regalo, gracias wey – That gift is really cool, thanks man, Claro, yo te puedo prestar algo de dinero, no hay bronca – Sure, I can lend you some money, no problem, El chavo sigue en el colegio, debería buscarlo – The boy is still in school, I should pick him up, Naaah, te ves muy naco con eso, mejor cambiate – Nah, you look really trashy on that, go change, Sabes que no me gusta salir con hombres como él, es demasiado fresa – You know I don’t like going out with men like him, he’s way too stuck up, Hay una población bastante grande de Chicanos en Los Angeles – There is a very important Chicano population in Los Angeles, Tengo algunos primos cholos, pero prefiero no meterme en eso – I have a few cholo cousins, but I’d rather not get involved with that, Hay demasiados metiches en mi trabajo, no los soporto – There are too many nosy people on my job, I can’t stand them, ¿Recuerdas quién es Daniel? Check out this program from our friends at GrittySpanish.com! Mira güey, ¿salimos hoy o que? ¿Me puedes hacer un paro y recordarme eso? ? You know you’ve made some local friends and you can start to use this slang expression with them as well. Pronounced like “whey” in English. At the time I’m thinking of, I spoke quite proficient Spanish, but I knew this word as slang for penis. So you could ask somebody ¿Cuántos brejes tienes? Literal meaning: Colleague. “¿Y?” (And?) That’s why we recommend you start by experimenting with the people you know first before you try the words out on total strangers. When people fall asleep in meetings and lectures and public areas with their mouths open, or when they daydream, seem to space out or drift off, they are ‘eating flies’ or comiendo moscas.

For example you can say, ¡que guay! personalized lessons.

Translation: How was the food?

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