The Lunch Lab will provide practical and positive examples of healthy eating and regular exercise within the framework of an entertaining format.

Produced By Funded By Major funding for Fizzy's Lunch Lab is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Produced By Funded By Major funding for Fizzy's Lunch Lab is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Lunch Lab Live: Pineapple; Mixie Reports: Fruit; ROBOFIZZ 2000; Freezer Burn: Fruit is Nature's Candy; Food Camp: Super Sliders; Lunch Lab Live: A Family Dinner Table; Mixie Reports: Family Meal Time; Family Dinnerteam; Food Camp: Fizzy's Pomegranate Drink; Lunch Lab Live: Bottled Water and Tap Water; Mixie Reports: Hydration; Jinormous Juicer

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