Bloo and the gang arrive at Mac's apartment for slumber party that Mac didn't plan. Any kid who imagined that needs serious therapy! When Bloo cracks a joke about an imaginary friend's height, the "New Guy" challenges him to meet him outside at 4 o'clock. Meanwhile, Mac, Bloo, and Frankie, along with Eduardo and his creator Officer Nina Valerosa and Coco and the two scientists who discovered her, set out to find Wilt and bring him back home. Then he realizes it isn't fun without the guys and walks away, until Mr. Herriman comes in and tells him to finish sorting the trash. To help, Bloo throws mud at every car that goes by to get more customers. Frankie and Madame Foster are leaving for the day, so Mr. Herriman is placed in charge of the house. Bloo is sad about Eduardo getting adopted and holds auditions to get an alternate one; meanwhile, the residents get letters from those that were adopted in another Adopt-a-Thought Saturday. Bloo tells him to order five hundred pizzas, at the price of $6532.12. Richie Wildebrat, a kid at Mac's School, keeps bragging about his imaginary friend, Blake Superior and how they'll win the imaginary friend talent show pageant. A rich benefactor is considering giving money to a charity, and visits Foster's to see if it is worthy. Bloo treats it as a pet until Frankie reveals it is actually petrified. Dismayed, Bloo finds help from a depressed imaginary friend, not wanting to lose Mac forever. When Eduardo gets fleas from his puppy, he becomes discontent as the fleas are driving him mad. He thinks everybody is gonna take the trash for themselves and tells them to get out. Bloo decides to do all the bad things he can think of to escape eating "It" by getting sent to. During the production of the home's newspaper, Uncle Pockets, the most frequently adopted imaginary friend to come to Foster's, returns yet again.

This episode first premiered on March 1, 2009 in Europe. An imaginary pen, that resembles Abraham Lincoln, is caught with a student cheating on a test by Mac's teacher. Richie Wildebrat, a kid at Mac's school, keeps bragging about his imaginary friend, Blake Superior and how they will win the imaginary friend talent show pageant. He then realizes that a secret decoder ring can decode his files on house residents and competes with Bloo in order to get the ring first. A new friend named Berry enters the house as sweet as can be, though with one glance at Bloo becomes love struck and is determined to make Bloo love her back, and feels that Mac is a threat to keep Bloo from liking her. Frankie eventually wins, but Herriman is left without a job. Everyone in Fosters is sick of Herriman's rules, so Frankie decides that she should run for president.

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Goofball John McGee comes to Foster's, who is a total pain. Recent Releases 1 D4DJ First Mix Episode 1 English Subbed. Mac falls on a girl named Goo when trying to get a bobsled out of a tree, and she begins visiting Mac every day at Foster's. Lol. Foster's is finally able to get rid of Duchess when she is adopted. it:Episodi de Gli amici immaginari di casa Foster When Frankie opens the refrigerator to show that the cake is fine, it actually is gone, having been taken by Madame Foster. Robert Alvarez, Randy Myers, and Paul O'Flanagan. Bloo entertains Mac with an action-packed story about a crystal "potato" of power. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends S1 Ep12 – Adoptcalypse Now . Thus, his plan fails as he accidentally drives Mr. Herriman to throw away all the decorations and gifts. Frankie and Mr. Herriman are hosting an important party in the foyer to raise funds for the house, so Frankie tells Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco to either stay upstairs or outside. A little dare between Mac and Bloo turns into a huge daring competition between the house members once Madame Foster gets involved. While at the hotel, Bloo, being rambunctious, gets out of hand, disobeying all of Mr. Herriman's rules. Mac suspects that Bloo, along with the rest of the house, are planning him a surprise party. As Mac is taken home by Frankie, Bloo misses out on the scary movie the friends planned to watch that night. Bloo realizes that Foster's could be a very dangerous place for one so stupid as Cheese. Foster`s Home for Imaginary Friends Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Season 1 Episode 6 - Busted Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Season 1 Episode 8 - World Wide Wabbit … When Bloo is told by Mr. Herriman that he will be kicked out of the home if he doesn't follow the rules, Bloo gets so stressed out that he accidentally breaks a bust of Madame Foster. The situation becomes chaotic as they try to get inside and end up ruining things for Mr. Herriman and Frankie. Before he can, however, Bloo grabs the camera, shows the footage to Frankie, and eventually uploads it to the Internet.

Things go awry when a few friends start playing "Kick the Trashbag". The kids love Bloo so much, that they imagine their own variations on Bloo. Bloo overhears Mac talking about his supposed wedding. The scribbles are natural hard-workers that begin to work around the house, making everyone lazy.

Bloo does the same, then they realize that they hurt each others' feelings and apologize. On a less happy tone for everyone at Foster's, Cheese ends up moving in because Louise's new home does not allow imaginary friends. After she creates so many imaginary friends that it crowds the whole house, the others have to sleep in the Foster's bus and feel that Mac is responsible for Goo's continuous visits. After seeing all of the friends, Barry wishes to adopt Bloo, but Mac tells him that Bloo is not up for adoption. Ug, that thing scares me. The two run into many obstacles on the thirty-mile run, slowing both of them down.
Bloo fails to remember any of his sins, so he asks that his friends remind him of them. And now, we're gonna watch the big candidate's debate.

This is due to the movie having some darker scenes for the younger audience of the show. Bloo is convinced that Cheese is an alien after watching a sci-fi movie about brain-eating spacemen and reading a tabloid newspaper with a picture that has an alien that resembles him, and attempts to send a message to outer space.

Mac promises to visit Bloo every day, but they face problems when Mac's brother Terrence and a fiendish imaginary friend named Duchess want to get rid of Bloo. When Mac takes his classmates on a field trip to Foster's, everybody loves Coco and Bloo wants all of the attention. Frankie interrupts them, revealing that they had been drawing on a wall in the house. Template:Rewrite
Frankie can't pay that much, so Bloo, Wilt and Ed stall Chris the delivery boy by sitting on him (because the pizza is free if it isn't there in 30 minutes). Terrence uses him to fight against huge imaginary friends at the junkyard. When he threatens to kick Bloo out, Bloo gets so stressed out that he accidentally breaks a bust of Madame Foster. This is a list of all the episodes for the Cartoon Network animated television series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Bloo: (With all the seriousness in the world) Yes you are a stupid and terrible person because you have no appreciation for the corners of appartments. The day of Madame Foster's birthday comes around and Frankie has forgotten to buy streamers, so Mr. Herriman orders her to go get some.

This two-disc release contained the entire third season. Bloo ruins Mac's hair with gum the day before School Picture Day. Frankie is upset that she has to do paperwork when she wants to go out with her friends on Friday night, so Mac tells her he will file the paperwork for her. Everyone must find a jolly old man to save the day, or their holiday will be ruined. Madame Foster manages to save the friend, and is awarded for her good deed. There, she gets treated like a princess by a mysterious imaginary friend. Bloo and the gang arrive at Mac's apartment for a slumber party that Mac did not plan. Bloo then becomes very interested in a prize thats 500 tickets: glow in the dark Dracula teeth. With no carrots left, the only thing left for dinner is to make "It," a dish that Frankie has never been able to make it. It is Bloo's birthday, and his cake is being guarded by Mr. Herriman. Terrence has an idea to make up a square friend named Red to beat Bloo up with so he can bully Mac to his heart's content, but the friend he creates is friendly instead of being mean and violent.

The friends have to make their own fun, when rain forces them to cancel a trip to a water park. Mac makes a home movie about Foster's Home for his school project, but Bloo edits it into a humorous film with flatulent sound effects. This episode started the. When Bloo finds a man in a cell-phone suit and thinks he's a friend, he takes him to Foster's, thinking everyone will give him more praise than they give Wilt.

Mr. Herriman isn't happy about Bloo not perfectly following the rules of the house. He has a mansion filled with toys, which tempts Bloo so much that he starts cheating on Mac. Mac wins a sweepstakes and receives tickets to Europe. Mr. Herriman then tries to teach Coco to be sophisticated, while Mac and Frankie teach Bloo sarcasm, since he doesn't understand that Mr. Herriman was being sarcastic when he and Mac were promised jet cars. In the sequel to "The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power! Bloo, angry at Coco, challenges her to a prank war, turning the night into an outrageous chain of pranks.

The gang goes to a swap meet where a pick-pocket is stealing money. Mac was going to take Bloo to see the Ice Charades, but with hundreds of Bloos, he can't figure out which is the original. Meanwhile, Bloo wants to get some fleas of his own and he does anything possible in order to attempt to get Eduardo to share them. Phone Home: Bloo is jealous of Wilt getting special attention for the number of abandoned imaginary friends he brings to Foster's, so he tries to rescue imaginary friends just like Wilt does. After Coco lays eggs with imaginary friend trading cards, all of the friends start trading and collecting the cards. The gang goes to a swap meet where a pick pocketer is taking money. Wilt, believing that his creator is still mad at him for a past let-down, sets off on a cross-country journey to find an imaginary friend that he lost to in a past basketball game and challenge him to another game to set things straight. Bloo notices after a trip to the grocery store that Frankie has left the keys in the bus and decides to take Mac for a joyride in the Foster's bus. Mac then suggests a care-package to make her really believe that Bloo cares.

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