Some of your previous teammates at Manchester United went on to be managers, when maybe they weren’t completely cut out for it…. ‘Is it him?’ My mother hadn’t seen this kind of picture [of him]. RB : Nous avons voulu la segmenter pour proposer quelque chose qui va à l'essentiel, pour se délester du superflu. There’s also great stuff about the ordeal of having to knock back Sir Alex Ferguson, and what it was like to play alongside the wonderful Andy Cole. RB : Nous avons imaginé une gamme de produits qui répondrait à un cahier des charges précis : du mixte, du naturel, de l'intergénérationnel et du made in France. Did you see that nine months period as a chance to think about what you were going to do after football? “My wife, she is of origin Algerian, she speaks French perfectly and Arabic too. “But,” he notes, “ you have players who support the extreme right in Brazil. I trained even harder at the time, but I didn’t have the games, so I could waste energy on other things. Eric Cantona: Big Interview Icon Welcome to our Big Interview Icons series, where we shine a light on a legend whose name has lit up some of the conversations I’ve had with my guests over the last five years of The Big Interview. When British director Ken Loach’s film Looking For Eric premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2009, one Eric Cantona crossed over into the realm of the day job. Eric Cantona - Tapis rouge du film "Les Rois du monde" lors du 10ème Festival International du Film de Rome. And how will El Mago, the mighty David Silva, fare as he returns to the divison after a decade in Manchester? To play they had to go to school and work. Welcome to our Big Interview Icons series, where we shine a light on a legend whose name has lit up some of the conversations I’ve had with my guests over the last five years of The Big Interview. Ce qui nous motive, c'est le plaisir et la création. Here’s another chance to hear my interview with Jamie Murray from season three. 2020 | Mis à jour le 10 juil. “My grandparents are from Spain and Sardinia. “Say things, move.” Here, Cantona thinks football can play a role. In fact, Arjen was a joy to work with and thrived under Pep. She believes you are never too old to grow. C'est pourquoi, nous avons rencontré un nez. Gary says that he wasn’t integral to the club’s 1992 league title win. But, then, who are we to say we are right and they are wrong? Last season, our Socios at got an exclusive interview with Eni Aluko. So did that day at Wembley in 1994, hurt him, as much as my leg did? Michael signed for Sunderland – much to his dad’s horror – and nowadays is Australian ambassador for Leeds United, the club at which he excelled. © Veeren Ramsamy / Bestimage, 10/14 - Pour en savoir plus ou exercer vos droits, vous pouvez consulter nos conditions générales d'utilisation. Some were very small, you had to look with a loupe, a magnifying glass. Amusingly, the subject came up on its own, when I took offence to his seemingly lack of respect for the Villa…. C'est lors d'une balade en Sardaigne qu'Éric a trouvé une sorte de menthe sauvage que nous ne connaissions pas du tout. What? Eric Cantona a également apporté son soutien à Karim Benzema mais l'a-t-il trouvé courageux d'avoir dit que le sélectionneur "a cédé sous la pression d'une partie raciste de la France" ? How to describe Eric… a Harley-Davidson-riding, collar-turned-up, French rebel genius. There’s great stuff about the ruthless attitude that made the US dominate the women’s game, and about Eni’s long-term interest in developing talent and growing a winning culture at a club. Bras croisés, il a regardé les images en soufflant, notamment celles remontant à 1988, lorsqu'il a traité Henri Michel, ancien sélectionneur de l'équipe de France, de «sac à merde». Il y en a plein, à différentes époques, qui sont arrivés avec des idées révolutionnaires. Although it is hard to explain, he believes his grandfather’s experience, preserved in Capa’s photograph, is also preserved in him. We ask the footballer to play well but it is important that, even if they don’t speak, they keep an eye on society, what happens around them. He has become a mentor for the movement and in a few minutes will take to a stage in Lisbon before 10,000 people. We always felt very close to them. I am a human being, I respect everybody. “There are no houses but they created a football pitch because they love football. In part two we’ve got more about the progress of the women’s game and how outspoken stars like Eni and Norway’s Ada Hegerberg took stances against mediocrity, poor coaching and bad treatment of players. Simon Stainrod played against King Eric in France and predicted that Leeds boss Howard Wilkinson wouldn’t like him, and that Eric would be better off playing for someone like Alex Ferguson. et le magazine Chef d'entreprise sont les médias leader en France de l’information B2B et de l’animation de la communauté professionnelle constituée par les décideurs administratifs, financiers et RH. How did you discover the acting profession? Eric Cantona AFP PHOTO / STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN. Il s'interroge au passage sur le fait que l'agent du sélectionneur, Jean-Pierre Bernès, soit également celui de quelques joueurs de l'équipe de France. La semaine dernière, l'ex-footballeur, devenu comédien, s'était interrogé dans la presse anglaise sur la non-sélection de Karim Benzema et Hatem Ben Arfa pour l'Euro 2016 et le fait qu'ils soient Français d'origine maghrébine. Le King Eric Cantona a plus d'un atout sous sa casquette. [Cantona stares at me, then turns his nose up and scoffs in typically Gallic fashion]. To play at the highest level you need to have this kind of intelligence, which is not less important than the one of a philosopher. Gordon takes a different view, that Eric made the difference as the other players started to tire. You said you left football because you lost your passion for it. Especially footballers. Instead, he suggests, this is something deeper. He pictures himself standing with his mother and aunt, looking into his grandfather’s eyes, and recalls the moment in the deep, slow voice that is unmistakably his. And they said: ‘Yes, it’s him.’ And they were very emotional.”, On the table is a copy of George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, which Cantona has just been given. Like in everything, I think the balance is difficult to find. Federico is still remembered by Napoli fans for his first two goals for the club in one Champions League match in Munich. And they say, it’s the way to win [using foreign players], but in the past English football dominated Europe without foreigners. Eric Cantona - Avant-première du film d'animation "Le voyage d'Arlo" au Grand Rex à Paris le 10 novembre 2015. In 2007 a suitcase was discovered in Mexico City, where it had been hidden for almost 70 years. With the best of intentions, Blackburn got him back playing but his sense of invincibility had given way to fear, and he didn’t want the ball any more.

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