The approach he pioneered was psychotherapeutic – he suspected the problem for stammerers was not simply physical, that there was something, usually a trauma, around the age of four or five, that created the condition. He tracked down one of Logue’s sons, Valentine, who told him that he had some of his father’s papers, but that Seidler should check with the Queen Mother before proceeding.

But part of his technique was to make the Duke believe the opposite: that his condition was physical rather than psychological and could be cured by breathing exercises and saying tongue twisters. All content copyright Government of Western Australia, All rights reserved. Prince Albert – Bertie, as he was known – was still the Duke of York at the time. When he addressed the nation, it had to be done through a live microphone, without editing, an agony for a stammerer. And rightly so. Afterwards, Logue asked him why this letter had proved a problem. There are some intriguing parallels between his experiences and those of King George VI. You could get public and confidential information from abundant databases rapidly and expediently. George VI, in contrast, had fortitude and dignity. Because he had been told that cigarettes might help with his stammer, George VI chain-smoked – and he consequently died of lung cancer at the age of 56 in 1952. Another scene shows the King becoming fluent when he swears and it is generally accepted today that when stammerers are angry they lose their inhibitions. The King only stumbled over the 'w’ in weapons. During her final days, Elizabeth expressed regret about ordering the execution of her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. Queen Elizabeth's posthumous endorsement of Lionel Logue . Duggan went on to become a successful character actor in films and television. 'I’m glad we’ve been bombed,’ Queen Elizabeth said memorably. Subsequent divorce records are held by the Family Court of WA. This substance was classified as a poison 31 years after Elizabeth’s death. But his methods were certainly an improvement on what came before.’. Other proposed causes of death include pneumonia, streptococcus (infected tonsils), or cancer. Depending on the date of registration and type of certificate, it is possible to locate information such as names of parents, spouse, siblings and children, date and place of birth for parents, and burial details. Steve Scruggs, 34, and his wife, Elizabeth, in her early. How to vote. 30s, were found dead Wednesday at their house 30 miles northeast. At the funeral, an effigy of Elizabeth I was placed on top of her lead coffin. Elizabeth's coffin is in the same vault as her half sister, Mary I. HOME  But it is not a standard technique.’. In this film, Colin Firth plays King George VI and the events that unfold are largely based on the true story. A certain solidarity between monarch and subject emerged, especially when George VI overruled requests from the government that he and his family relocate to the safety of Canada. Register Marriage Declaration 1843-1854, Series 735, Consignment 939, Clerk of Courts Coolgardie, Notice of Marriage Register, 1900-1902, Series 1536, Consignment 1332, Supreme Court of WA, Divorce Registers, 1864-1976, Series 40, Supreme Court of WA, Divorce Files, 1864-1977, Series 35, Shire of Busselton, Application for Order of Burial, 1939-1944 & 1961-1964, Series 1026, Consignment 4620, Items 1-2, Shire of Coolgardie, Register of Burials in Coolgardie Cemetery, 1894-1991, Series 863, Consignment 4477, Derby Cemetery Trustees, Register of Burials in Derby Cemetery, 1909-1972, Series 733, Consignment 4291, Geraldton Cemetery Board, Index to Geraldton Burials 1930-1990, Series 772, Consignment 4416, Karridale Cemetery Board, Burial List, 1902-1972, Series 216, Consignment 3598, Item 3, Kelmscott District Cemetery Board, Register of Burials, 1907-1937, Series 873, Consignment 4523, Upper Preston Cemetery Board, Burial Register, 1902-1990, Series 448, Consignment 3916, Shire of Wiluna, Burial Register, 1898-1992, Series 958, Consignment 4599, Albany - Report Coronial Inquests Before the Magistrate, 1864-1875, Series 1646, Consignment 348, Supreme Court of WA, Index to Inquests, 1904-1911, Series 161, Consignment 3587, Item 1. Further information on accessing restricted records can be found on our Accessing Restricted Records page. Another part of Logue’s unconventional approach was to insist on addressing the Duke as Bertie, much to the Duke’s initial discomfort. Grants of Probate (Wills) and Letters of Administration information sheet. Elizabeth had tracked Logue down after an attempt at a live broadcast had ended in humiliation and silence – the Duke had been asked to give the closing address at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley in 1925. But what was the cause of her death - and where is she buried? But he was also more feckless, self-indulgent and politically naive. The Supreme Court held jurisdiction in matrimonial cases from 1863, when the Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act was passed, up until 1976 when the Family Court Act established State-controlled Family Courts which took over from the Supreme Court divorce and matrimonial causes jurisdiction. Jackie Lacey vs. George Gascón: What to know about L.A County district attorney’s race. 'Singing is a very different process to speaking because the timing is dictated by the music,’ Hayhow says.

'I did it on purpose,’ the King replied with a wink. The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM), Records of Shipping Casualties, 1905-1916, Series 1618, Consignment 1056, Item 61, Register of Births (1902-1915) and Deaths (1902-1917) off the WA Coast, Series 4060, Consignment 1056, Item 63, Registrar General's Office - Day Dawn, Register of Births and Deaths, 1905-1919, Series 1905, Consignment 5258, Supreme Court of WA, Rough Index of Deaths, 1918-1924, Series 219, Consignment 3596, Item 2, Colonial Secretary's Office.

However in 1606 Elizabeth's coffin was transferred to the Henry VII Chapel in Westminster Abbey, and placed beneath a monument to her erected by King James I. Date of Birth INSTANT DEATH RECORDS SEARCH. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. The Latin inscription at the base of the tomb reads, 'Partners in throne and grave, here we sleep Elizabeth and Mary, sisters in hope of the Resurrection.'. The King’s Speech is mesmerising, moving and beautifully judged, and cinematically it is right up there with Dame Judi Dench’s Mrs Brown and Dame Helen Mirren’s Oscar-winning The Queen. On September 3 1939, the day war was declared, the King had to deliver the most important speech of his life. The story of George VI, the reluctant, stammering King, was made into a film that won four Oscars and was nominated for eight more. The State Records Office holds some records relating to deaths occurring at sea reported in Western Australian ports. It is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by The Fair Credit Reporting Act and should not be used to determine an individual's eligibility for personal credit or employment, or to assess risk associated with any business transactions such as tenant screening. Historians believe this statement is apocryphal. By following the link below, you will be taken to a very user friendly search function that will allow you to search for death notices and funeral details. City and Sate of Death This became a mutual love the day after a Luftwaffe bomb landed on Buckingham Palace. Please Note: The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only. Broadway dancer Elizabeth Duggan has died of cancer, less than a month after the death of her husband, actor Andrew Duggan, relatives said. The cause of Elizabeth’s death remains a hotly contested subject. In his Germany Calling broadcasts, Lord Haw-Haw would sneeringly refer to 'Your stammering King and your bandy-legged Queen’. In his memoir Time at War, Mosley recalls his life in the Army with a mix of affection and ennui – the latter to do with his stammer. Birth, Death and Marriage certificates provide the cornerstone for most family history research as they often contain valuable information identifying family members. James, Robert, John, William, Richard, David, Charles, Thomas, Michael, Ronald, Larry, Donald, Joseph, Gary, George, Kenneth, Paul, Edward, Jerry, Dennis, Frank, Daniel, Raymond, Roger, Stephen, Gerald, Walter, Harold, Steven, Douglas, Lawrence, Terry, Wayne, Arthur, Jack, Carl, Henry, Willie, Bruce, Joe, Peter, Billy, Roy, Ralph, Anthony, Jimmy, Albert, Bobby, Eugene, Johnny, Fred, Harry, Howard, Mark, Alan, Louis, Philip, Patrick, Dale, Danny, Stanley, Leonard, Timothy, Gregory, Samuel, Ronnie, Norman, Ernest, Russell, Francis, Melvin, Earl, Frederick, Allen, Bill, Tommy, Phillip, Marvin, Steve, Don, Clarence, Barry, Glenn, Jim, Eddie, Mike, Andrew, Jeffrey, Leroy, Alfred, Martin, Lee, Tom, Ray, Herbert, Gene, Bernard, Theodore, Curtis, Keith, Clifford, Rodney, Gordon, Jesse, Jimmie, Vincent, Warren, Lloyd, Leon, Jerome, Edwin, Brian, Victor, Bob, Floyd, Lewis, Harvey, Clyde, Alvin, Craig, Vernon, Leslie, Franklin, Calvin, Jon, Jay, Charlie, Darrell, Jackie, Dan, Allan, Randall, 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Margarette, Cinda, Danna, Phillis, Roxanna, Elayne, Lonna, Debby, Charolette, Dorcas, Jaunita, Theda, Corliss, Leigh, Leilani, Lettie, Cheryll, Ima, Graciela, Vonnie, Jacquline, Kristen, Lolita, Dorinda, Valarie, Nannette, Laureen, Luana, Myrtis, Kathlyn, Marylee, Randy, Vada, Daryl, Jacque, Hedy, Delilah, Pamella, Glinda, Rosann, Rubye, Randi, Rachael, Pennie, Melvina, Marilou, Deidre, Deena, Hallie, Twyla, Kristi, Lawanda, Katrina, Lori, Georgeann, Ronald, Ilona, Maribeth, Jocelyn, Shelly, Janey, Nicki, Oma, Sherilyn, Vickey, Carmelita, Dortha, Juliann, Allison, Iola, Georgetta, Linnie, Marty, Starr, Albertha, Mimi, Trina, Elissa, Shelba, Verda, Louann, Annamarie, Katy, Estela, Evonne, Marybeth, Amber, Elda, Herlinda, Cathey, Bigelow, Bello, Westfall, Stubblefield, Peak, Lindley, Jeffrey, Hein, Hawes, Farrington, Edge, Breen, Birch, Wilde, Steed, Sepulveda, Reinhardt, Proffitt, Minter, Messina, Mcnabb, Maier, Keeler, Gamboa, Donohue, Dexter, Basham, Shinn, Orlando, Crooks, Cota, Borders, Bills, Bachman, Tisdale, Tavares, Schmid, Pickard, Jasper, Gulley, Fonseca, Delossantos, Condon, Clancy, Batista, Wicks, Wadsworth, New, Martell, Lo, Littleton, Ison, Haag, Folsom, Brumfield, Broyles, Brito, Mireles, Mcdonnell, Leclair, Hamblin, Gough, Fanning, Binder, Winfield, Whitworth, Soriano, Palumbo, Newkirk, Mangum, Hutcherson, Comstock, Cecil, Carlin, Beall, Bair, Wendt, Watters, Walling, Putman, Otoole, Oliva, Morley, Mares, Lemus, Keener, Jeffery, Hundley, Dial, Damico, Billups, Strother, Mcfarlane, Lamm, Eaves, Crutcher, Caraballo, Canty, Atwell, Taft, Siler, Rust, Rawls, Rawlings, Prieto, Niles, Mcneely, Mcafee, Hulsey, Harlan, Hackney, Galvez, Escalante, Delagarza, Crider, Charlton, Bandy, Wilbanks, Stowe, Steinberg, Samson, Renfro, Masterson, Massie, Lanham, Haskell, Hamrick, Fort, Dehart, Card, Burdette, Branson, Bourne, Babin, Aleman, Worthy, Tibbs, Sweat, Smoot, Slack, Paradis, Packard, Mull, Luce, Houghton, Gantt, Furman, Danner, Christianson, Burge, Broderick, Ashford, Arndt, Almeida, Stallworth, Shade, Searcy, Sager, Noonan, Mclemore, Mcintire, Maxey, Lavigne, Jobe, Ireland, Ferrer, Falk, Edgar, Coffin, Byrnes, Aranda, Apodaca, Stamps, Rounds, Peek, Olmstead, Lewandowski, Kaminski, Her, Dunaway, Bruns, Brackett, Amato, Reich, Mcclung, Lacroix, Koontz, Herrick, Hardesty, Flanders, Cousins, Close, Cato, Cade, Vickery, Shank, Nagel, Dupuis, Croteau, Cotter, Cable, Stuckey, Stine, Porterfield, Pauley, Nye, Moffitt, Lu, Knudsen, Hardwick, Goforth, Dupont, Blunt, Barrows, Barnhill, Shull, Rash, Ralph, Penny, Lorenzo, Loftis, Lemay, Kitchens, Horvath, Grenier, Fuchs, Fairbanks, Culbertson, Calkins, Burnside, Beattie, Ashworth, Albertson, Wertz, Vo, Vaught, Vallejo, Tyree, Turk, Tuck, Tijerina, Sage, Picard, Peterman, Otis, Marroquin, Marr, Lantz, Hoang, Demarco, Daily, Cone, Berube, Barnette, Wharton, Stinnett, Slocum, Scanlon, Sander, Pinto, Mancuso, Lima, Judge, Headley, Epstein, Counts, Clarkson, Carnahan, Brice, Boren, Arteaga, Adame, Zook, Whittle, Whitehurst, Wenzel, Saxton, Rhea, Reddick, Puente, Hazel, Handley, Haggerty, Earley, Devlin, Dallas, Chaffin, Cady, Ahmed, Acuna, Solano, Sigler, Pollack, Pendergrass, Ostrander, Janes, Francois, Fine, Crutchfield, Cordell, Chamberlin, Brubaker, Baptiste, Willson, Reis, Neeley, Mullin, Mercier, Lira, Layman, Keeling, Higdon, Guest, Forrester, Espinal, Dion, Chapin, Carl, Warfield, Toledo, Pulido, Peebles, Nagy, Montague, Mello, Lear, Jaeger, Hogg, Graff, Furr, Derrick, Cave, Canada, Soliz, Poore, Mendenhall, Mclaurin, Maestas, Low, Gable, Belt, Barraza, Tillery, Snead, Pond, Neill, Mcculloch, Mccorkle, Lightfoot, Hutchings, Holloman, Harness, Dorn, Council, Bock, Zielinski, Turley, Treadwell, Stpierre, Starling, Somers, Oswald, Merrick, Marquis, Ivory, Easterling, Bivens, Truitt, Poston, Parry, Ontiveros, Olivarez, Neville, Moreau, Medlin, Ma, Lenz, Knowlton, Fairley, Cobbs, Chisolm, Bannister, Woodworth, Toler, Ocasio, Noriega, Neuman, Moye, Milburn, Mcclanahan, Lilley, Hanes, Flannery, Dellinger, Danielson, Conti, Blodgett, Beers, Weatherford, Strain, Karr, Hitt, Denham, Custer, Coble, Clough, Casteel, Bolduc, Batchelor, Ammons, Whitlow, Tierney, Staten, Sibley, Seifert, Schubert, Salcedo, Mattison, Laney, Haggard, Grooms, Dix, Dees, Cromer, Cooks, Colson, Caswell, Zarate, Swisher, Stacey, Shin, Ragan, Pridgen, Mcvey, Matheny, Leigh, Lafleur, Franz, Ferraro, Dugger, Whiteside, Rigsby, Mcmurray, Lehmann, Large, Jacoby, Hildebrand, Hendrick, Headrick, Goad, Fincher, Drury, Borges, Archibald, Albers, Woodcock, Trapp, Soares, Seaton, Richie, Monson, Luckett, Lindberg, Kopp, Keeton, Hsu, Healey, Garvey, Gaddy, Fain, Burchfield, Badger, Wentworth, Strand, Stack, Spooner, Saucier, Sales, Ruby, Ricci, Plunkett, Pannell, Ness, Leger, Hoy, Freitas, Fong, Elizondo, Duval, Chun, Calvin, Beaudoin, Urbina, Stock, Rickard, Partin, Moe, Mcgrew, Mcclintock, Ledoux, Forsyth, Faison, Devries, Bertrand, Wasson, Tilton, Scarbrough, Pride, Oh, Leung, Larry, Irvine, Garber, Denning, Corral, Colley, Castleberry, Bowlin, Bogan, Beale, Baines, True, Trice, Rayburn, Parkinson, Pak, Nunes, Mcmillen, Leahy, Lea, Kimmel, Higgs, Fulmer, Carden, Bedford, Taggart, Spearman, Register, Prichard, Morrill, Koonce, Heinz, Hedges, Guenther, Grice, Findley, Earle, Dover, Creighton, Boothe, Bayer, Arreola, Vitale, Valles, See, Raney, Peter, Osgood, Lowell, Hanlon, Burley, Bounds, Worden, Weatherly, Vetter, Tanaka, Stiltner, Sell, Nevarez, Mosby, Montero, Melancon, Harter, Hamer, Goble, Gladden, Gist, Ginn, Akin, Zaragoza, Towns, Tarver, Sammons, Royster, Oreilly, Muir, Morehead, Luster, Kingsley, Kelso, Grisham, Glynn, Baumann, Alves, Yount, Tamayo, Tam, Paterson, Oates, Menendez, Longo, Hargis, Greenlee, Gillen, Desantis, Conover, Breedlove, Wayne, Sumpter, Scherer, Rupp, Reichert, Heredia, Fallon, Creel, Cohn, Clemmons, Casas, Bickford, Belton, Bach, Williford, Whitcomb, Tennant, Sutter, Stull, Sessions, Mccallum, Manson, Langlois, Keel, Keegan, Emanuel, Dangelo, Dancy, Damron, Clapp, Clanton, Bankston, Trinidad, Oliveira, Mintz, Mcinnis, Martens, Mabe, Laster, Jolley, Irish, Hildreth, Hefner, Glaser, Duckett, Demers, Brockman, Blais, Back, Alcorn, Agnew, Toliver, Tice, Song, Seeley, Najera, Musser, Mcfall, Laplante, Galvin, Fajardo, Doan, Coyne, Copley, Clawson, Cheung, Barone, Wynne, Woodley, Tremblay, Stoll, Sparrow, Sparkman, Schweitzer, Sasser, Samples, Roney, Ramon, Legg, Lai, Joe, Heim, Farias, Concepcion, Colwell, Christman, Bratcher, Alba, Winchester, Upshaw, Southerland, Sorrell, Shay, Sells, Mount, Mccloskey, Martindale, Luttrell, Loveless, Lovejoy, Linares, Latimer, Holly, Embry, Coombs, Bratton, Bostick, Boss, Venable, Tuggle, Toro, Staggs, Sandlin, Jefferies, Heckman, Griffis, Crayton, Clem, Button, Browder, Allan, Thorton, Sturgill, Sprouse, Royer, Rousseau, Ridenour, Pogue, Perales, Peeples, Metzler, Mesa, Mccutcheon, Mcbee, Jay, Hornsby, Heffner, Corrigan, Armijo, Vue, Romeo, Plante, Peyton, Paredes, Macklin, Hussey, Hodgson, Granados, Frias, Carman, Brent, Becnel, Batten, Almanza, Turney, Teal, Sturgeon, Meeker, Mcdaniels, Limon, Keeney, Kee, Hutto, Holguin, Gorham, Fishman, Fierro, Blanchette, Rodrigue, Reddy, Osburn, Oden, Lerma, Kirkwood, Keefer, Haugen, Hammett, Chalmers, Carlos, Brinkman, Baumgartner, Zhang, Valerio, Tellez, Steffen, Shumate, Sauls, Ripley, Kemper, Jacks, Guffey, Evers, Craddock, Carvalho, Blaylock, Banuelos, Balderas, Wooden, Wheaton, Turnbull, Shuman, Pointer, Mosier, Mccue, Ligon, Kozlowski, Johansen, Ingle, Herr, Briones, Southern, Snipes, Rickman, Pipkin, Peace, Pantoja, Orosco, Moniz, Lawless, Kunkel, Hibbard, Galarza, Enos, Bussey, Settle, Schott, Salcido, Perreault, Mcdougal, Mccool, Haight, Garris, Ferry, Easton, Conyers, Atherton, Wimberly, Utley, Stephen, Spellman, Smithson, Slagle, Skipper, Ritchey, Rand, Petit, Osullivan, Oaks, Nutt, Mcvay, Mccreary, Mayhew, Knoll, Jewett, Harwood, Hailey, Cardoza, Ashe, Arriaga, Andres, Zeller, Wirth, Whitmire, Stauffer, Spring, Rountree, Redden, Mccaffrey, Martz, Loving, Larose, Langdon, Humes, Gaskin, Faber, Doll, Devito, Cass, Almond, Wingfield, Wingate, Villareal, Tyner, Smothers, Severson, Reno, Pennell, Maupin, Leighton, Janssen, Hassell, Hallman, Halcomb, Folse, Fitzsimmons, Fahey, Cranford, Bolen, Battles, Battaglia, Wooldridge, Weed, Trask, Rosser, Regalado, Mcewen, Keefe, Fuqua, Echevarria, Domingo, Dang, Caro, Boynton, Andrus, Wild, Viera, Vanmeter, Taber, Spradlin, Seibert, Provost, Prentice, Oliphant, Laporte, Hwang, Hatchett, Hass, Greiner, Freedman, Covert, Chilton, Byars, Wiese, Venegas, Swank, Shrader, Roderick, Roberge, Mullis, Mortensen, Mccune, Marlowe, Kirchner, Keck, Isaacson, Hostetler, Halverson, Gunther, Griswold, Gerard, Fenner, Durden, Blackwood, Bertram, Ahrens, Sawyers, Savoy, Nabors, Mcswain, Mackay, Loy, Lavender, Lash, Labbe, Jessup, Hubert, Fullerton, Donnell, Cruse, Crittenden, Correia, Centeno, Caudle, Canady, Callender, Alarcon, Ahern, Winfrey, Tribble, Tom, Styles, Salley, Roden, Musgrove, Minnick, Fortenberry, Carrion, Bunting, Bethel, Batiste, Woo, Whited, Underhill, Stillwell, Silvia, Rauch, Pippin, Perrin, Messenger, Mancini, Lister, Kinard, Hartmann, Fleck, Broadway, Wilt, Treadway, Thornhill, Speed, Spalding, Sam, Rafferty, Pitre, Patino, Ordonez, Linkous, Kelleher, Homan, Holiday, Galbraith, Feeney, Dorris, Curtin, Coward, Camarillo, Buss, Bunnell, Bolt, Beeler, Autry, Alcala, Witte, Wentz, Stidham, Shively, Nunley, Meacham, Martins, Lemke, Lefebvre, Kaye, Hynes, Horowitz, Hoppe, Holcombe, Estrella, Dunne, Derr, Cochrane, Brittain, Bedard, Beauregard, Torrence, Strunk, Soria, Simonson, Shumaker, Scoggins, Packer, Oconner, Moriarty, Leroy, Kuntz, Ives, Hutcheson, Horan, Hales, Garmon, Fitts, Dell, Bohn, Atchison, Worth, Wisniewski, Will, Vanwinkle, Sturm, Sallee, Prosser, Moen, Lundberg, Kunz, Kohl, Keane, Jorgenson, Jaynes, Funderburk, Freed, Frame, Durr, Creamer, Cosgrove, Candelaria, Berlin, Batson, Vanhoose, Thomsen, Teeter, Sommer, Smyth, Sena, Redmon, Orellana, Maness, Lennon, Heflin, Goulet, Frick, Forney, Dollar, Bunker, Asbury, Aguiar, Talbott, Southard, Pleasant, Mowery, Mears, Lemmon, Krieger, Hickson, Gracia, Elston, Duong, Delgadillo, Dayton, Dasilva, Conaway, Catron, Bruton, Bradbury, Bordelon, Bivins, Bittner, Bergstrom, Beals, Abell, Whelan, Travers, Tejada, Pulley, Pino, Norfleet, Nealy, Maes, Loper, Held, Gerald, Gatewood, Frierson, Freund, Finnegan, Cupp, Covey, Catalano, Boehm, Bader, Yoon, Walston, Tenney, Sipes, Roller, Rawlins, Medlock, Mccaskill, Mccallister, Marcotte, Maclean, Hughey, Henke, Harwell, Gladney, Gilson, Dew, Chism, Caskey, Brandenburg, Baylor, Villasenor, Veal, Van, Thatcher, Stegall, Shore, Petrie, Nowlin, Navarrete, Muhammad, Lombard, Loftin, Lemaster, Kroll, Kovach, Kimbrell, Kidwell, Hershberger, Fulcher, Eng, Cantwell, Bustos, Boland, Bobbitt, Binkley, Wester, Weis, Verdin, Tong, Tiller, Sisco, Sharkey, Seymore, Rosenbaum, Rohr, Quinonez, Pinkston, Nation, Malley, Logue, Lessard, Lerner, Lebron, Krauss, Klinger, Halstead, Haller, Getz, Burrow, Brant, Alger, Victor, Shores, Scully, Pounds, Pfeifer, Perron, Nelms, Munn, Mcmaster, Mckenney, Manns, Knudson, Hutchens, Huskey, Goebel, Flagg, Cushman, Click, Castellano, Carder, Bumgarner, Blaine, Bible, Wampler, Spinks, Robson, Neel, Mcreynolds, Mathias, Maas, Loera, Kasper, Jose, Jenson, Florez, Coons, Buckingham, Brogan, Berryman, Wilmoth, Wilhite, Thrash, Shephard, Seidel, Schulze, Roldan, Pettis, Obryan, Maki, Mackie, Hatley, Frazer, Fiore, Falls, Chesser, Bui, Bottoms, Bisson, Benefield, Allman, Wilke, Trudeau, Timm, Shifflett, Rau, Mundy, Milliken, Mayers, Leake, Kohn, Huntington, Horsley, Hermann, Guerin, Fryer, Frizzell, Foret, Flemming, Fife, Criswell, Carbajal, Bozeman, Boisvert, Archie, Antonio, Angulo, Wallen, Tapp, Silvers, Ramsay, Oshea, Orta, Moll, Mckeever, Mcgehee, Luciano, Linville, Kiefer, Ketchum, Howerton, Groce, Gaylord, Gass, Fusco, Corbitt, Blythe, Betz, Bartels, Amaral, Aiello, Yoo, Weddle, Troy, Sun, Sperry, Seiler, Runyan, Raley, Overby, Osteen, Olds, Mckeown, Mauro, Matney, Lauer, Lattimore, Hindman, Hartwell, Fredrickson, Fredericks, Espino, Clegg, Carswell, Cambell, Burkholder, August, Woodbury, Welker, Totten, Thornburg, Theriault, Stitt, Stamm, Stackhouse, Simone, Scholl, Saxon, Rife, Razo, Quinlan, Pinkerton, Olivo, Nesmith, Nall, Mattos, Leak, Lafferty, Justus, Giron, Geer, Fielder, Eagle, Drayton, Dortch, Conners, Conger, Chau, Boatwright, Billiot, Barden, Armenta, Antoine, Tibbetts, Steadman, Slattery, Sides, Rinaldi, Raynor, Rayford, Pinckney, Pettigrew, Nickel, Milne, Matteson, Halsey, Gonsalves, Fellows, Durand, Desimone, Cowley, Cowles, Brill, Barham, Barela, Barba, Ashmore, Withrow, Valenti, Tejeda, Spriggs, Sayre, Salerno, Place, Peltier, Peel, Merriman, Matheson, Lowman, Lindstrom, Hyland, Homer, Ha, Giroux, Fries, Frasier, Earls, Dugas, Damon, Dabney, Collado, Briseno, Baxley, Andre, Word, Whyte, Wenger, Vanover, Vanburen, Thiel, Schindler, Schiller, Rigby, Pomeroy, Passmore, Marble, Manzo, Mahaffey, Lindgren, Laflamme, Greathouse, Fite, Ferrari, Calabrese, Bayne, Yamamoto, Wick, Townes, Thames, Steel, Reinhart, Peeler, Naranjo, Montez, Mcdade, Mast, Markley, Marchand, Leeper, Kong, Kellum, Hudgens, Hennessey, Hadden, Guess, Gainey, Coppola, Borrego, Bolling, Beane, Ault, Slaton, Poland, Pape, Null, Mulkey, Lightner, Langer, Hillard, Glasgow, Fabian, Ethridge, Enright, Derosa, Baskin, Alfred, Weinberg, Turman, Tinker, Somerville, Pardo, Noll, Lashley, Ingraham, Hiller, Hendon, Glaze, Flora, Cothran, Cooksey, Conte, Carrico, Apple, Abner, Wooley, Swope, Summerlin, Sturgis, Sturdivant, Stott, Spurgeon, Spillman, Speight, Roussel, Popp, Nutter, Mckeon, Mazza, Magnuson, Lanning, Kozak, Jankowski, Heyward, Forster, Corwin, Callaghan, Bays, Wortham, Usher, Theriot, Sayers, Sabo, Rupert, Poling, Nathan, Loya, Lieberman, Levi, Laroche, Labelle, Howes, Harr, Garay, Fogarty, Everson, Durkin, Dominquez, Chaves, Chambliss, Alfonso, Witcher, Wilber, Vieira, Vandiver, Terrill, Stoker, Schreiner, Nestor, Moorman, Liddell, Lew, Lawhorn, Krug, Irons, Hylton, Hollenbeck, Herrin, Hembree, Hair, Goolsby, Goodin, Gilmer, Foltz, Dinkins, Daughtry, Caban, Brim, Briley, Bilodeau, Bear, Wyant, Vergara, Tallent, Swearingen, Stroup, Sherry, Scribner, Roger, Quillen, Pitman, Monaco, Mccants, Maxfield, Martinson, Landon, Holtz, Flournoy, Brookins, Brody, Baumgardner, Angelo, Straub, Sills, Roybal, Roundtree, Oswalt, Money, Mcgriff, Mcdougall, Mccleary, Maggard, Gragg, Gooding, Godinez, Doolittle, Donato, Cowell, Cassell, Bracken, Appel, Ahmad, Zambrano, Reuter, Perea, Olive, Nakamura, Monaghan, Mickens, Mcclinton, Mcclary, Marler, Kish, Judkins, Gilbreath, Freese, Flanigan, Felts, Erdmann, Dodds, Chew, Brownell, Brazil, Boatright, Barreto, Slayton, Sandberg, Saldivar, Pettway, Odum, Narvaez, Moultrie, Montemayor, Merrell, Lees, Keyser, Hoke, Hardaway, Hannan, Gilbertson, Fogg, Dumont, Deberry, Coggins, Carrera, Buxton, Bucher, Broadnax, Beeson, Araujo, Appleton, Amundson, Aguayo, Ackley, Yocum, Worsham, Shivers, Shelly, Sanches, Sacco, Robey, Rhoden, Pender, Ochs, Mccurry, Madera, Luong, Luis, Knotts, Jackman, Heinrich, Hargrave, Gault, Forest, Comeaux, Chitwood, Child, Caraway, Boettcher, Bernhardt, Barrientos, Zink, Wickham, Whiteman, Thorp, Stillman, Settles, Schoonover, Roque, Riddell, Rey, Pilcher, Phifer, Novotny, Maple, Macleod, Hardee, Haase, Grider, Fredrick, Earnest, Doucette, Clausen, Christmas, Bevins, Beamon, Badillo, Tolley, Tindall, Soule, Snook, Sebastian, Seale, Pitcher, Pinkney, Pellegrino, Nowell, Nemeth, Nail, Mondragon, Mclane, Lundgren, Ingalls, Hudspeth, Hixson, Gearhart, Furlong, Downes, Dionne, Dibble, Deyoung, Cornejo, Camara, Brookshire, Boyette, Wolcott, Tracey, Surratt, Sellars, Segal, Salyer, Reeve, Rausch, Philips, Labonte, Haro, Gower, Freeland, Fawcett, Eads, Driggers, Donley, Collett, Cage, Bromley, Boatman, Ballinger, Baldridge, Volz, Trombley, Stonge, Silas, Shanahan, Rivard, Rhyne, Pedroza, Matias, Mallard, Jamieson, Hedgepeth, Hartnett, Estevez, Eskridge, Denman, Chiu, Chinn, Catlett, Carmack, Buie, Book, Bechtel, Beardsley, Bard, Ballou, Windsor, Ulmer, Storm, Skeen, Robledo, Rincon, Reitz, Piazza, Pearl, Munger, Moten, Mcmichael, Loftus, Ledet, Kersey, Groff, Fowlkes, Folk, Crumpton, Collette, Clouse, Bettis, Villagomez, Timmerman, Strom, Saul, Santoro, Roddy, Phillip, Penrod, Musselman, Macpherson, Leboeuf, Harless, Haddad, Guido, Golding, Fulkerson, Fannin, Dulaney, Dowdell, Deane, Cottle, Ceja, Cate, Bosley, Benge, Albritton, Voigt, Trowbridge, Soileau, Seely, Rome, Rohde, Pearsall, Paulk, Orth, Nason, Mota, Mcmullin, Marquardt, Madigan, Hoag, Gillum, Gayle, Gabbard, Fenwick, Fender, Eck, Danforth, Cushing, Cress, Creed, Cazares, Casanova, Bey, Bettencourt, Barringer, Baber, Stansberry, Schramm, Rutter, Rivero, Race, Oquendo, Necaise, Mouton, Montenegro, Miley, Mcgough, Marra, Macmillan, Lock, Lamontagne, Jasso, Jaime, Horst, Hetrick, Heilman, Gaytan, Gall, Fried, Fortney, Eden, Dingle, Desjardins, Dabbs, Burbank, Brigham, Breland, Beaman, Banner, Arriola, Yarborough, Wallin, Treat, Toscano, Stowers, Reiss, Pichardo, Orton, Mitchel, Michels, Mcnamee, Mccrory, Leatherman, Kell, Keister, Jerome, Horning, Hargett, Guay, Friday, Ferro, Deboer, Dagostino, Clemente, Christ, Carper, Bowler, Blanks, Beaudry, Willie, Towle, Tafoya, Stricklin, Strader, Soper, Sonnier, Sigmon, Schenk, Saddler, Rodman, Pedigo, Mendes, Lunn, Lohr, Lahr, Kingsbury, Jarman, Hume, Holliman, Hofmann, Haworth, Harrelson, Hambrick, Flick, Edmunds, Dacosta, Crossman, Colston, Chaplin, Carrell, Budd, Weiler, Waits, Viola, Valentino, Trantham, Tarr, Straight, Solorio, Roebuck, Powe, Plank, Pettus, Palm, Pagano, Mink, Luker, Leathers, Joslin, Hartzell, Gambrell, Fears, Deutsch, Cepeda, Carty, Caputo, Brewington, Bedell, Ballew, Applewhite, Warnock, Walz, Urena, Tudor, Reel, Pigg, Parton, Mickelson, Meagher, Mclellan, Mcculley, Mandel, Leech, Lavallee, Kraemer, Kling, Kipp, Kingston, Kehoe, Hochstetler, Harriman, Gregoire, Grabowski, Gosselin, Gammon, Fancher, Edens, Desai, Butt, Brannan, Armendariz, Woolsey, Whitehouse, Whetstone, Ussery, Towne, Tower, Testa, Tallman, Studer, Strait, Steinmetz, Sorrells, Sauceda, Rolfe, Rae, Paddock, Mitchem, Mcginn, Mccrea, Luck, Lovato, Ling, Hazen, Gilpin, Gaynor, Fike, Devoe, Delrio, Curiel, Burkhardt, Bristol, Bode, Backus, Alton, Zinn, Watanabe, Wachter, Vanpelt, Turnage, Shaner, Schroder, Sato, Riordan, Quimby, Portis, Natale, Mckoy, Mccown, Marker, Lucio, Kilmer, Karl, Hotchkiss, Hesse, Halbert, Gwinn, Godsey, Desmond, Delisle, Chrisman, Canter, Brook, Arbogast, Angell, Acree, Yancy, Woolley, Wesson, Weatherspoon, Trainor, Stockman, Spiller, Sipe, Rooks, Reavis, Propst, Porras, Neilson, Mullens, Loucks, Llewellyn, Lamont, Kumar, Koester, Klingensmith, Kirsch, Kester, Honaker, Hodson, Hennessy, Helmick, Garrity, Garibay, Fee, Drain, Casarez, Callis, Botello, Bay, Aycock, Avant, Angle, Wingard, Wayman, Tully, Theisen, Szymanski, Stansbury, Segovia, Rudy, Rainwater, Preece, Pirtle, Padron, Mincey, Mckelvey, Mathes, Marty, Larrabee, Kornegay, Klug, Judy, Ingersoll, Hecht, Germain, Eggers, Dykstra, Denis, Deering, Decoteau, Deason, Dearing, Cofield, Carrigan, Brush, Bonham, Bahr, Aucoin, Appleby, Almonte, Yager, Womble, Wimmer, Weimer, Vanderpool, Stancil, Sprinkle, Romine, Remington, Pfaff, Peckham, Olivera, Meraz, Maze, Lathrop, Koehn, Jonas, Hazelton, Halvorson, Hallock, Haddock, Ducharme, Dehaven, Colton, Caruthers, Brehm, Bosworth, Bost, Blow, Bias, Beeman, Basile, Bane, Aikens, Zachary, Wold, Walther, Tabb, Suber, Strawn, Stocks, Stocker, Shirey, Schlosser, Salvador, Riedel, Rembert, Reimer, Pyles, Pickle, Peele, Merriweather, Letourneau, Latta, Kidder, Hixon, Hillis, Hight, Herbst, Henriquez, Haygood, Hamill, Gabel, Fritts, Eubank, Duty, Dawes, Correll, Coffee, Cha, Bushey, Buchholz, Brotherton, Bridge, Botts, Barnwell, Auger, Atchley, Westphal, Veilleux, Ulloa, Truman, Stutzman, Shriver, Ryals, Prior, Pilkington, Newport, Moyers, Miracle, Marrs, Mangrum, Maddux, Lockard, Laing, Kuhl, Harney, Hammock, Hamlett, Felker, Doerr, Depriest, Carrasquillo, Carothers, Bogle, Blood, Bischoff, Bergen, Albanese, Wyckoff, Vermillion, Vansickle, Thibault, Tetreault, Stickney, Shoemake, Ruggiero, Rawson, Racine, Philpot, Paschal, Mcelhaney, Mathison, Legrand, Lapierre, Kwan, Kremer, Jiles, Hilbert, Geyer, Faircloth, Ehlers, Egbert, Desrosiers, Dalrymple, Cotten, Cashman, Cadena, Breeding, Boardman, Alcaraz, Ahn, Wyrick, Therrien, Tankersley, Strickler, Puryear, Plourde, Pattison, Pardue, Milan, Mcginty, Mcevoy, Landreth, Kuhns, Koon, Hewett, Giddens, Everette, Emerick, Eades, Deangelis, Cosme, Ceballos, Birdsong, Benham, Bemis, Armour, Anguiano, Angeles, Welborn, Tsosie, Storms, Shoup, Sessoms, Samaniego, Rood, Rojo, Rhinehart, Raby, Northcutt, Myer, Munguia, Morehouse, More, Mcdevitt, Mateo, Mallett, Lozada, Lemoine, Kuehn, Hallett, Grim, Gillard, Gaylor, Garman, Gallaher, Feaster, Faris, Darrow, Dardar, Coney, Carreon, Byron, Braithwaite, Boylan, Boyett, Born, Bixler, Bigham, Benford, Barragan, Barnum, Zuber, Wyche, Westcott, Vining, Stoltzfus, Simonds, Shupe, Sabin, Ruble, Rittenhouse, Richman, Perrone, Mulholland, Millan, Meister, Mathew, Lomeli, Kite, Jemison, Hulett, Holler, Hickerson, Herold, Hazelwood, Griffen, Gause, Forde, Eisenberg, Dilworth, Charron, Chaisson, Brodie, Bristow, Breunig, Brace, Boutwell, Bentz, Belk, Bayless, Batchelder, Baran, Baeza, Zimmermann, Weathersby, Volk, Toole, Theis, Tedesco, Shine, Searle, Schenck, Satterwhite, Sandy, Ruelas, Royce, Rankins, Partida, Nesbit, Morel, Menchaca, Levasseur, Kaylor, Johnstone, Hulse, Hollar, Hersey, Harrigan, Harbison, Guyer, Gish, Giese, Gerlach, Geller, Geisler, Falcone, Ernest, Elwell, Doucet, Deese, Darr, Corder, Chafin, Byler, Bussell, Burdett, Brasher, Bowe, Bellinger, Bastian, Barner, Alleyne, Wilborn, Weil, Wegner, Wales, Tatro, Spitzer, Smithers, Schoen, Resendez, Pete, Parisi, Overman, Obrian, Mudd, Moy, Mclaren, Mahler, Maggio, Lindner, Lalonde, Lacasse, Laboy, Killion, Kahl, Jessen, Jamerson, Houk, Henshaw, Gustin, Groom, Graber, Durst, Duenas, Davey, Cundiff, Conlon, Colunga, Coakley, Chiles, Capers, Buell, Bricker, Bissonnette, Birmingham, Bartz, Bagby, Zayas, Volpe, Treece, Toombs, Thom, Terrazas, Swinney, Skiles, Silveira, Shouse, Senn, Rambo, Ramage, Nez, Moua, Marlin, Malik, Langham, Kyles, Holston, Hoagland, Herd, Hector, Feller, Emory, Denison, Corliss, Carraway, Burford, Bickel, Ambriz, Abercrombie, Yamada, Winner, Weidner, Waddle, Verduzco, Thurmond, Swindle, Schrock, Sanabria, Rosenberger, Probst, Peabody, Olinger, Neighbors, Nazario, Mccafferty, Mcbroom, Mcabee, Mazur, Matherne, Mapes, Leverett, Killingsworth, Heisler, Griego, Grande, Gosnell, Frankel, Franke, Ferrante, Fenn, Elmer, Ehrlich, Christopherso, Chick, Chasse, Chancellor, Caton, Brunelle, Bly, Bloomfield, Babbitt, Azevedo, Abramson, Ables, Abeyta, Youmans, Wozniak, Wainwright, Summer, Stowell, Smitherman, Sites, Samuelson, Runge, Rule, Rothman, Rosenfeld, Quan, Peake, Oxford, Owings, Olmos, Munro, Moreira, Leatherwood, Larkins, Krantz, Kovacs, Kizer, Kindred, Karnes, Jaffe, Hubbell, Hosey, Hauck, Harold, Goodell, Favors, Erdman, Dvorak, Doane, Cureton, Cofer, Buehler, Bierman, Berndt, Banta, Annis, Abram, Abdullah, Warwick, Waltz, Turcotte, Trinh, Torrey, Stith, Seger, Sachs, Quesada, Pinder, Peppers, Pascual, Paschall, Parkhurst, Ozuna, Oster, Nicholls, Mortimer, Lheureux, Lavalley, Kimura, Jablonski, Haun, Gourley, Gilligan, Fix, Derby, Croy, Cotto, Cargill, Burwell, Burgett, Buckman, Brett, Booher, Adorno, Wrenn, Whittemore, Urias, Szabo, Sayles, Saiz, Rutland, Rael, Plant, Pharr, Penney, Pelkey, Ogrady, Nickell, Musick, Moats, Mather, Massa, Laurent, Kirschner, Kieffer, Kellar, Hendershot, Gott, Godoy, Gadson, Furtado, Fiedler, Erskine, Edison, Dutcher, Dever, Daggett, Chevalier, Chao, Brake, Ballesteros, Amerson, Alejandro, Wingo, Waldon, Trott, Spikes, Silvey, Showers, Schlegel, Rue, Ritz, Pepin, Pelayo, Parsley, Palermo, Moorehead, Mchale, Lett, Kocher, Kilburn, Iglesias, Humble, Hulbert, Huckaby, Hix, Haven, Hartford, Hardiman, Gurney, Grigg, Grasso, Goings, Fillmore, Farber, Depew, Dandrea, Dame, Cowen, Covarrubias, Cory, Burrus, Bracy, Ardoin, Thompkins, Suzuki, Standley, Russel, Radcliffe, Pohl, Persaud, Percy, Parenteau, Pabon, Newson, Newhouse, Napolitano, Mulcahy, Maya, Malave, Keim, Hooten, Hernandes, Heffernan, Hearne, Greenleaf, Glick, Fuhrman, Fetter, Faria, Dishman, Dickenson, Crites, Criss, Clapper, Chenault, Castor, Casto, Bugg, Bove, Bonney, Blessing, Ard, Anderton, Allgood, Alderson, Woodman, Wisdom, Warrick, Toomey, Tooley, Tarrant, Summerville, Stebbins, Sokol, Sink, Searles, Schutz, Schumann, Scheer, Remillard, Raper, Proulx, Palmore, Monroy, Miguel, Messier, Melo, Melanson, Mashburn, Manzano, Lussier, Lovely, Lien, Jenks, Huneycutt, Hartwig, Grimsley, Fulk, Fielding, Fidler, Engstrom, Eldred, Dantzler, Crandell, Ching, Calder, Brumley, Breton, Brann, Bramlett, Boykins, Bianco, Bancroft, Almaraz, Alcantar, Whitmer, Whitener, Welton, Vineyard, Su, Rahn, Paquin, Mizell, Mix, Mcmillin, Mckean, Marston, Maciel, Lundquist, Louie, Liggins, Lampkin, Kranz, Koski, Kirkham, Jiminez, Hazzard, Harrod, Graziano, Grammer, Gendron, Garrido, Fordham, Englert, Elwood, Dryden, Demoss, Deluna, Crabb, Comeau, Claudio, Brummett, Blume, Benally, Wessel, Vanbuskirk, Thorson, Stumpf, Stockwell, Rocco, Reams, Radtke, Rackley, Pelton, Niemi, Newland, Nelsen, Morrissette, Miramontes, Mcginley, Mccluskey, Marley, Marchant, Luevano, Lampe, Lail, Jeffcoat, Infante, Hu, Hinman, Gaona, Erb, Eady, Desmarais, Decosta, Dansby, Cisco, Choe, Breckenridge, Bostwick, Borg, Bianchi, Beer, Alberts, Adrian, Wilkie, Whorton, Vargo, Tait, Sylvia, Soucy, Schuman, Ousley, Mumford, Lum, Lippert, Leath, Lavergne, Laliberte, Kirksey, Kenner, Johnsen, Izzo, Hiles, Gullett, Greenwell, Gaspar, Galbreath, Gaitan, Ericson, Duck, Delapaz, Croom, Cottingham, Clift, Bushnell, Boozer, Bice, Bernardo, Beason, Arrowood, Waring, Voorhees, Truax, Shreve, Shockey, Schatz, Sandifer, Rubino, Rozier, Roseberry, Roll, Player, Pieper, Peden, Nester, Nave, Murphey, Malinowski, Macgregor, Liang, Lafrance, Kunkle, Kirkman, Jorge, Hipp, Hasty, Haddix, Gervais, Gerdes, Garfield, Gamache, Fouts, Fitzwater, Dillingham, Deming, Deanda, Cedeno, Cannady, Burson, Bouldin, Arceneaux, Woodhouse, Whitford, Wescott, Welty, Weigel, Torgerson, Toms, Surber, Sunderland, Sterner, Setzer, Salvatore, Riojas, Pumphrey, Puga, Pedro, Patch, Metts, Mcgarry, Mccandless, Magill, Lupo, Loveland, Llamas, Leclerc, Koons, Kahler, Huss, Holbert, Heintz, Haupt, Grimmett, Gaskill, Flower, Ellingson, Dorr, Dingess, Deweese, Desilva, Crossley, Cordeiro, Converse, Conde, Cheeks, Caldera, Cairns, Burmeister, Burkhalter, Brawner, Bott, Youngs, Vierra, Valladares, Tiffany, Shrum, Shropshire, Sevilla, Rusk, Roof, Rodarte, Pedraza, Nino, Montana, Merino, Mcminn, Markle, Mapp, Lucia, Lajoie, Koerner, Kittrell, Kato, Hyder, Hollifield, Heiser, Hazlett, Greenwald, Fant, Eldredge, Dreher, Delafuente, Cravens, Claypool, Beecher, Aronson, Alanis, Worthen, Wojcik, Winger, Whitacre, Wellington, Valverde, Valdivia, Troupe, Thrower, Swindell, Suttles, Suh, Stroman, Spires, Slate, Shealy, Sarver, Sartin, Sadowski, Rondeau, Rolon, Rick, Rex, Rascon, Priddy, Pine, Paulino, Nolte, Munroe, Molloy, Mellon, Mciver, Lykins, Loggins, Lillie, Lenoir, Klotz, Kempf, Jone, Hupp, Hollowell, Hollander, Haynie, Hassan, Harkness, Harker, Gottlieb, Frith, Eddins, Driskell, Doggett, Densmore, Charette, Cassady, Carrol, Byrum, Burcham, Buggs, Benn, Whitted, Warrington, Vandusen, Vaillancourt, Steger, Spell, Siebert, Scofield, Quirk, Purser, Plumb, Orcutt, Northern, Nordstrom, Mosely, Michalski, Mcphail, Mcdavid, Mccraw, Martini, Marchese, Mannino, Leo, Lefevre, Largent, Lanza, Kress, Isham, Hunsaker, Hoch, Hildebrandt, Guarino, Grijalva, Graybill, Fick, Ewell, Ewald, Deangelo, Cusick, Crumley, Coston, Cathcart, Carruthers, Bullington, Brian, Bowes, Blain, Blackford, Barboza, Yingling, Woodland, Wert, Weiland, Varga, Silverstein, Sievers, Shuster, Shumway, Scudder, Runnels, Rumsey, Renfroe, Provencher, Polley, Mohler, Middlebrooks, Kutz, Koster, Korn, Grow, Groth, Glidden, Fazio, Deen, Corn, Copper, Chipman, Chenoweth, Champlin, Cedillo, Carrero, Carmody, Buckles, Brien, Boutin, Bosch, Bill, Berkowitz, Altamirano, Wilfong, Wiegand, Waites, Truesdale, Toussaint, Tobey, Tedder, Steelman, Sirois, Schnell, Robichaud, Ridge, Richburg, Pray, Plumley, Pizarro, Piercy, Ortego, Oberg, Neace, Music, Mickey, Mertz, Mcnew, Matta, Lawyer, Lapp, Lair, Kibler, Jessie, Howlett, Hollister, Hofer, Hatten, Hagler, Germany, Falgoust, Engelhardt, Eberle, Eastwood, Dombrowski, Dinsmore, Daye, Cool, Casares, Capone, Braud, Balch, Autrey, Wendel, Tyndall, Toy, Strobel, Stoltz, Spinelli, Serrato, Rochester, Reber, Real, Rathbone, Palomino, Noah, Nickels, Mayle, Mathers, Mach, Loeffler, Littrell, Levinson, Leong, Lemire, Lejeune, Lazo, Lasley, Koller, Kennard, Jester, Hoelscher, Hintz, Hagerman, Greaves, Fore, Eudy, Engler, Corrales, Cordes, Brunet, Bidwell, Bennet, Bare, Tyrrell, Tharpe, Swinton, Stribling, Steven, Southworth, Sisneros, Shane, Savoie, Samons, Ruvalcaba, Roscoe, Ries, Ramer, Omara, Mosqueda, Millar, Mcpeak, Macomber, Luckey, Litton, Lehr, Lavin, Hubbs, Hoard, Hibbs, Hagans, Futrell, Exum, Evenson, Dicks, Culler, Chou, Carbaugh, Callen, Brashear, Bloomer, Blakeney, Bigler, Addington, Woodford, Witter, Unruh, Tolentino, Sumrall, Stgermain, Smock, Sherer, Salem, Rochelle, Rayner, Pooler, Oquinn, Nero, Milano, Mcglothlin, Mars, Linden, Kowal, Kerrigan, Ibrahim, Harvell, Hanrahan, Goodall, Geist, Fussell, Fung, Ferebee, Federico, Eley, Eggert, Dorsett, Dingman, Destefano, Colucci, Clemmer, Caesar, Burnell, Brumbaugh, Boddie, Berryhill, Avelar, Alcantara, Abbey, Winder, Winchell, Vandenberg, Trotman, Thurber, Thibeault, Stlouis, Stilwell, Sperling, Shattuck, Sarmiento, Ruppert, Rumph, Renaud, Randazzo, Rademacher, Quiles, Pearman, Palomo, Mercurio, Lowrey, Lindeman, Lawlor, Larosa, Lander, Labrecque, Kimber, Hovis, Holifield, Henninger, Hawkes, Hartfield, Hann, Hague, Genovese, Garrick, Fudge, Frink, Eddings, Dinh, Dear, Cutter, Cribbs, Constant, Calvillo, Bunton, Brodeur, Bolding, Blanding, Agosto, Zahn, Wiener, Trussell, Tew, Tello, Teixeira, Stephan, Speck, Sharma, Shanklin, Sealy, Scanlan, Santamaria, Roundy, Robichaux, Ringer, Rigney, Prevost, Polson, Philip, Pass, Nord, Moxley, Mohammed, Medford, Mccaslin, Mcardle, Macarthur, Lewin, Lasher, Ketcham, Keiser, Heine, Hackworth, Grose, Grizzle, Grass, Gillman, Gartner, Garth, Frazee, Fleury, Fast, Edson, Edmonson, Derry, Deck, Cronk, Conant, Burress, Burgin, Broom, Brockington, Bolick, Boger, Birchfield, Billington, Baily, Bahena, Armbruster, Anson, Yoho, Wilcher, Tinney, Timberlake, Thoma, Thielen, Sutphin, Stultz, Sikora, Serra, Schulman, Scheffler, Santillan, Robin, Rego, Preciado, Pinkham, Monday, Mickle, Luu, Lomas, Lizotte, Lent, Lenard, Kellerman, Keil, Juan, Johanson, Hernadez, Hartsfield, Hang, Haber, Gorski, Farkas, Eberhardt, Duquette, Delano, Cropper, Cozart, Cockerham, Chamblee, Cartagena, Cahoon, Buzzell, Brister, Brewton, Blackshear, Benfield, Aston, Ashburn, Arruda, Wetmore, Weise, Vaccaro, Tucci, Sudduth, Stromberg, Stoops, Showalter, Shears, Runion, Rowden, Rosenblum, Riffle, Renfrow, Peres, Obryant, Nicolas, Leftwich, Lark, Landeros, Kistler, Killough, Kerley, Kastner, Hoggard, Hartung, Guertin, Govan, Gatling, Gailey, Fullmer, Fulford, Flatt, Esquibel, Endicott, Edmiston, Edelstein, Dufresne, Dressler, Dickman, Chee, Busse, Bonnett, Bogart, Berard, Barrington, Arena, Anton, Yoshida, Velarde, Veach, Vanhouten, Vachon, Tolson, Tolman, Tennyson, Stites, Soler, Shutt, Ruggles, Rhone, Pegues, Ong, Neese, Muro, Moncrief, Mefford, Mcphee, Mcmorris, Mceachern, Mcclurg, Mansour, Mai, Mader, Leija, Lecompte, Lafountain, Labrie, Jaquez, Heald, Hash, Hartle, Gainer, Frisby, Farina, Eidson, Edgerton, Dyke, Durrett, Duhon, Cuomo, Cobos, Cervantez, Bybee, Brockway, Borowski, Binion, Beery, Arguello, Amaro, Acton, Yuen, Winton, Wigfall, Weekley, Vidrine, Vannoy, Tardiff, Shoop, Shilling, Schick, Sand, Safford, Prendergast, Pilgrim, Pellerin, Osuna, Nissen, Nalley, Moritz, Moller, Messner, Messick, Merry, Merrifield, Mcguinness, Matherly, Marcano, Mahone, Lemos, Lebrun, Jara, Hoffer, Hewlett, Herren, Hecker, Haws, Haug, Hack, Gwin, Gober, Gilliard, Fredette, Favela, Echeverria, Downer, Donofrio, Desrochers, Dee, Crozier, Corson, Clyde, Bechtold, Argueta, Aparicio, Zamudio, Willette, Westover, Westerman, Utter, Troyer, Thies, Tapley, Slavin, Shirk, Sandler, Roop, Rimmer, Raymer, Range, Radcliff, Otten, Moorer, Millet, Mckibben, Mccutchen, Mcavoy, Mcadoo, Mayorga, Mastin, Martineau, Marek, Madore, Leflore, Kroeger, Kennon, Jimerson, Javier, Hostetter, Hornback, Hendley, Hance, Guardado, Granado, Gowen, Goodale, Flinn, Fleetwood, Fitz, Durkee, Duprey, Dipietro, Dilley, Clyburn, Brawley, Beckley, Arana, Weatherby, Vollmer, Victoria, Vestal, Tunnell, Trigg, Tingle, Takahashi, Sweatt, Storer, Snapp, Shiver, Rooker, Red, Rathbun, Poisson, Perrine, Perri, Pastor, Parmer, Parke, Pare, Papa, Palmieri, Nottingham, Midkiff, Mecham, Mccomas, Mcalpine, Lovelady, Lillard, Lally, Knopp, Kile, Kiger, Haile, Gupta, Goldsberry, Gilreath, Fulks, Friesen, Franzen, Flack, Findlay, Ferland, Dreyer, Dore, Dennard, Deckard, Debose, Crim, Coulombe, Cork, Chancey, Cantor, Branton, Bissell, Barns, Woolard, Witham, Wasserman, Waldo, Spiegel, Shoffner, Scholz, Ruch, Rossman, Ready, Petry, Palacio, Paez, Neary, Mortenson, Millsap, Miele, Mick, Menke, Mckim, Mcanally, Martines, Manor, Malcom, Lemley, Larochelle, Klaus, Klatt, Kaufmann, Kapp, Helmer, Hedge, Halloran, Glisson, Frechette, Fontana, Enoch, Eagan, Drum, Distefano, Danley, Creekmore, Chartier, Chaffee, Carillo, Burg, Bolinger, Berkley, Benz, Basso, Bash, Barrier, Zelaya, Woodring, Witkowski, Wilmot, Wilkens, Wieland, Virgil, Verdugo, Urquhart, Tsai, Timms, Swiger, Swaim, Sussman, Scarlett, Pires, Molnar, Mcatee, Maurice, Lowder, Loos, Linker, Landes, Kingery, Keeley, Hufford, Higa, Hendren, Hammack, Hamann, Gillam, Gerhardt, Fell, Eugene, Edelman, Eby, Delk, Deans, Curl, Constantine, Cleaver, Claar, Casiano, Carruth, Carlyle, Bump, Brophy, Bolanos, Bibbs, Bessette, Beggs, Baugher, Bartel, Averill, Andresen, Amin, Alden, Adames, Wildman, Via, Valente, Turnbow, Tse, Swink, Sublett, Stroh, Stringfellow, Ridgway, Pugliese, Poteat, Pang, Ohare, Neubauer, Murchison, Mohamed, Mingo, Lucky, Lemmons, Kwon, Kellam, Kean, Jarmon, Hyden, Hudak, Hollinger, Henkel, Hemingway, Hasson, Hansel, Halter, Haire, Goodnight, Ginsberg, Gillispie, Fogel, Flory, Etter, Elledge, Eckman, Deas, Currin, Crafton, Coomer, Colter, Claxton, Bulter, Braddock, Bowyer, Blizzard, Binns, Bing, Bellows, Baskerville, Barros, Ansley, Woolf, Wight, Waldman, Wadley, Tull, Trull, Tesch, Struck, Stouffer, Stadler, Slay, Shubert, Sedillo, Santacruz, Reinke, Raleigh, Poynter, Neri, Neale, Natividad, Mowry, Moralez, Monger, Mitchum, Merryman, Manion, Macdougall, Lux, Litchfield, Ley, Levitt, Lepage, Lasalle, Laine, Khoury, Kavanagh, Karns, Ivie, Huebner, Hodgkins, Halpin, Garica, Eversole, Dutra, Dunagan, Duffey, Dillman, Dillion, Deville, Dearborn, Damato, Courson, Coulson, Burdine, Bryce, Bousquet, Bonin, Bish, Atencio, Westbrooks, Wages, Vaca, Tye, Toner, Tomas, Tillis, Swett, Surface, Struble, Stanfill, Son, Solorzano, Slusher, Sipple, Sim, Silvas, Shults, Schexnayder, Saez, Rodas, Rager, Pulver, Plaza, Penton, Paniagua, Meneses, Mcfarlin, Mcauley, Matz, Maloy, Magruder, Lohman, Landa, Lacombe, Jaimes, Hom, Holzer, Holst, Heil, Hackler, Grundy, Gregor, Gilkey, Farnham, Durfee, Dunton, Dunston, Duda, Dews, Dana, Craver, Corriveau, Conwell, Colella, Chambless, Bremer, Boutte, Bourassa, Blaisdell, Backman, Babineaux, Audette, Alleman, Towner, Taveras, Tarango, Sullins, Suiter, Stallard, Solberg, Schlueter, Poulos, Pimental, Owsley, Olivier, Okelley, Nations, Moffatt, Metcalfe, Meekins, Medellin, Mcglynn, Mccowan, Marriott, Marable, Lennox, Lamoureux, Koss, Kerby, Karp, Jason, Isenberg, Howze, Hockenberry, Highsmith, Harbour, Hallmark, Gusman, Greeley, Giddings, Gaudet, Gallup, Fleenor, Eicher, Edington, Dimaggio, Dement, Demello, Decastro, Cruise, Bushman, Brundage, Brooker, Brooke, Bourg, Board, Blackstock, Bergmann, Beaton, Banister, Argo, Appling, Wortman, Watterson, Villalpando, Tillotson, Tighe, Sundberg, Sternberg, Stamey, Speaks, Shipe, Seeger, Scarberry, Sattler, Sain, Rothstein, Poteet, Plowman, Pettiford, Penland, Peach, Partain, Pankey, Oyler, Ogletree, Ogburn, Moton, Million, Merkel, Mask, Markus, Lucier, Lazarus, Lavelle, Lakey, Kratz, Kinser, Kershaw, Josephson, Jesse, Imhoff, Ibanez, Hendry, Hammon, Frisbie, Friedrich, Frawley, Fraga, Forester, Eskew, Emmert, Drennan, Doyon, Dominick, Dandridge, Cumming, Cawley, Carvajal, Bracey, Belisle, Batey, Ahner, Wysocki, Weiser, Veliz, Tincher, Sherlock, Santo, Sansone, Sankey, Sandstrom, Sale, Rohrer, Risner, Pridemore, Pfeffer, Persinger, Peery, Oubre, Orange, Nowicki, Musgrave, Murdoch, Mullinax, Mccary, Mathieu, Livengood, Leonardo, Kyser, Klink, Kimes, Kellner, Kavanaugh, Kasten, Imes, Hoey, Hinshaw, Halley, Hake, Gurule, Grube, Grillo, Geter, Gatto, Garver, Garretson, Farwell, Eiland, Dunford, Decarlo, Corso, Core, Colman, Collard, Cleghorn, Chasteen, Cavender, Carlile, Calvo, Byerly, Brogdon, Broadwater, Breault, Bono, Bergin, Behr, Ballenger, Amick, Yan, Vice, Tamez, Stiffler, Steinke, Simmon, Shankle, Schaller, Salmons, Sackett, Saad, Rideout, Reader, Ratcliffe, Rao, Ranson, Randell, Plascencia, Petterson, Olszewski, Olney, Olguin, Nilsson, Nevels, Morelli, Montiel, Monge, Michell, Michaelson, Mertens, Mcchesney, Mcalpin, Mathewson, Lower, Loudermilk, Lineberry, Liggett, Lamp, Kinlaw, Kight, Just, Jost, Hereford, Hardeman, Halpern, Halliday, Hafer, Gaul, Friel, Freitag, Frances, Forsberg, Evangelista, Doering, Dicarlo, Dendy, Delp, Deguzman, Dameron, Curtiss, Cousin, Cosper, Charley, Cauthen, Cao, Camper, Bradberry, Bouton, Bonnell, Bixby, Bieber, Beveridge, Belle, Bedwell, Barhorst, Bannon, Baltazar, Baier, Ayotte, Attaway, Arenas, Alex, Abrego, Watford, Valley, Turgeon, Tunstall, Thaxton, Thai, Tenorio, Stotts, Sthilaire, Spiker, Shedd, Seng, Seabolt, Scalf, Salyers, Ruhl, Rowlett, Robinett, Pfister, Perlman, Pepe, Parkman, Paradise, Olin, Nunnally, Norvell, Napper, Modlin, Mckellar, Mcclean, Mascarenas, Manchester, Leibowitz, Ledezma, Kuhlman, Kobayashi, Hunley, Holmquist, Hinkley, Hazard, Hartsell, Gribble, Gravely, Fifield, Eliason, Doctor, Doak, Crossland, Cover, Clair, Carleton, Butters, Bridgeman, Bojorquez, Boggess, Banker, Auten, Woosley, Wine, Whiteley, Wexler, Twomey, Tullis, Townley, To, Standridge, Stamp, Springs, Santoyo, Rueda, Riendeau, Revell, Pless, Ottinger, Nigro, Nickles, Mulvey, Menefee, Mcshane, Mcloughlin, Mckinzie, Marrow, Markey, Mariano, Lockridge, Lipsey, Knisley, Knepper, Kitts, Kiel, Jinks, Hathcock, Godin, Gallego, Fikes, Fecteau, Estabrook, Ellinger, Dustin, Dunlop, Dudek, Diego, Countryman, Chauvin, Chatham, Bullins, Brownfield, Boughton, Bloodworth, Bibb, Baucom, Barbieri, Aubin, Armitage, Alessi, Absher, Abbate, Zito, Woolery, Wiggs, Wacker, Violette, Tynes, Tolle, Telles, Tarter, Swarey, Strode, Stockdale, Stella, Stalnaker, Spina, Schiff, Saari, Risley, Reading, Rameriz, Rakes, Pettaway, Penner, Paulus, Palladino, Omeara, Montelongo, Melnick, Mehta, Mcgary, Mccourt, Mccollough, Marchetti, Manzanares, Lowther, Leiva, Lauderdale, Lafontaine, Kowalczyk, Knighton, Joubert, Jaworski, Ide, Huth, Hurdle, Hung, Housley, Hackman, Gulick, Gordy, Gilstrap, Gehrke, Gebhart, Gaudette, Foxworth, Finger, Essex, Endres, Dunkle, Clare, Cimino, Cardinal, Caddell, Brauer, Braley, Bodine, Blackmore, Belden, Backer, Ayer, Andress, Alva, Wisner, Walk, Vuong, Valliere, Twigg, Tso, Tavarez, Strahan, Steib, Staub, Sowder, Shoulders, Seiber, Schutt, Scharf, Schade, Rodriques, Risinger, Renshaw, Rath, Rahman, Presnell, Pillow, Piatt, Pasquale, Nieman, Nicol, Nevins, Milford, Mcilwain, Mcgaha, Mccully, Mccomb, Maye, Massengale, Macedo, Lines, Lesher, Leland, Kearse, Jauregui, Husted, Hudnall, Holmberg, Hertel, Hershey, Hardie, Glidewell, Frausto, Fassett, Dash, Dalessandro, Dahlgren, Corum, Constantino, Conlin, Colquitt, Colombo, Claycomb, Carley, Cardin, Cancel, Buller, Boring, Boney, Bocanegra, Blazer, Biggers, Benedetto, Araiza, Andino, Albin, Zorn, Werth, Weisman, Walley, Vanegas, Ulibarri, Towers, Towe, Tedford, Teasley, Suttle, Steffens, Stcyr, Squire, Smythe, Singley, Sifuentes, Shuck, Session, Schram, Sass, Rieger, Ridenhour, Rickert, Richerson, Rayborn, Rabe, Raab, Pendley, Pastore, Ordway, Moynihan, Mellott, Mckissick, Mcgann, Mccready, Mauney, Marrufo, List, Lenhart, Lazar, Lafave, Keele, Kautz, Jardine, Jahnke, Jacobo, Hord, Hardcastle, Hageman, Griffey, Giglio, Gehring, Fortson, Duque, Duplessis, Donner, Dicken, Derosier, Deitz, Dalessio, Cyrus, Cram, Chi, Center, Castleman, Candelario, Callison, Caceres, Bozarth, Biles, Bejarano, Beech, Bashaw, Avina, Armentrout, Angus, Alverez, Acord, Zack, Waterhouse, Vereen, Vanlandingham, Uhl, Strawser, Shotwell, Severance, Seltzer, Schoonmaker, Schock, Schaub, Schaffner, Roeder, Rodrigez, Riffe, Rhine, Rasberry, Rancourt, Railey, Quade, Pursley, Prouty, Perdomo, Oxley, Osterman, Nickens, Murphree, Mounts, Monte, Merida, Maus, Mattern, Masse, Martinelli, Mangan, Lutes, Ludwick, Loney, Laureano, Lasater, Knighten, Kissinger, Kimsey, Kessinger, Honea, Hollingshead, Hockett, Heyer, Heron, Gurrola, Gove, Glasscock, Gillett, Galan, Featherstone, Eckhardt, Duron, Dunson, Dasher, Culbreth, Cowden, Cowans, Claypoole, Churchwell, Chabot, Caviness, Cater, Caston, Callan, Byington, Burkey, Boden, Beckford, Atwater, Arms, Archambault, Alvey, Alsup, Yon, Whisenant, Weese, Voyles, Verret, Tsang, Tessier, Sweitzer, Sherwin, Shaughnessy, Revis, Remy, Prine, Philpott, Peavy, Paynter, Parmenter, Ovalle, Offutt, Nightingale, Newlin, Nakano, Myatt, Muth, Mohan, Mcmillon, Mccarley, Mccaleb, Maxson, Marinelli, Maley, Macy, Liston, Letendre, Kain, Huntsman, Hirst, Hagerty, Gulledge, Greenway, Grajeda, Gorton, Goines, Gittens, Frederickson, Fanelli, Embree, Eichelberger, Dunkin, Dull, Dixson, Dillow, Defelice, Chumley, Burleigh, Borkowski, Binette, Biggerstaff, Berglund, Beller, Audet, Arbuckle, Allain, Alfano, Zander, Youngman, Wittman, Weintraub, Vanzant, Vaden, Twitty, Trader, Toon, Till, Stollings, Standifer, Spinner, Sines, Shope, Scalise, Saville, Romans, Posada, Pisano, Otte, Nolasco, Napoli, Mier, Merkle, Mendiola, Melcher, Mejias, Mcmurry, Mccalla, Markowitz, Marine, Manis, Mallette, Macfarlane, Lough, Looper, Landin, Kittle, Kinsella, Kinnard, Hobart, Herald, Helman, Hellman, Hartsock, Halford, Hage, Gordan, Glasser, Gayton, Gattis, Gastelum, Gaspard, Frisch, Force, Fitzhugh, Eckstein, Eberly, Dowden, Despain, Crumpler, Crotty, Cornelison, Collin, Colin, Chouinard, Chamness, Catlin, Cann, Bumgardner, Budde, Branum, Bradfield Death Records.

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