The female, when pregnant, carries the calf for 22 months and when parturition (birth) occurs other herd cows form a circle around the pregnant cow.

The elephant's stomach is cylindrical in shape and the middle of the organ is particularly glandular.

These included mastodons, mammoths and pygmy elephants believed to have died out in Southern Thailand in the early 1920’s. An elephant usually grows six sets of these molars in a life-time, the final set grows when it is about 40 years of age. 1 0 obj She assumes a squatting position while giving birth and the birth takes around 2 hours.

Elephants live in large groups called herds. It also serves along with the mucus to lubricate the tough vegetation eaten by the elephants, which even includes thorns and bark. The nearest current relative to elephants are the dugong and manatees, sometimes referred to as seacows, which belong to the sirenia order. Smallest mammals have faster heart beats than larger ones. By beating the ground violently with the trunk the elephant signals its anger or displeasure. It is 2 metres long and weighs around 140 kg. Because the elephant only digests and makes good use of 40% of its intake, the intestine is also instrumental in the formation or faeces and the efficient absorption of water. The life cycle of the elephant is remarkably similar to that of an average human being. They communicate in extremely low ranges and sounds can travel many kilometers. The life cycle of the elephant is remarkably similar to that of an average human being.

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We can all imagine situations when it could have been an invaluable asset. Mating continues promiscuously (with other herd males), for two days after which the most powerful bull drives off the others. Here at Animal Corner we have compiled some of the most comprehensive diagrams and descriptions of all aspects of Animal anatomies so you can understand the specie you know and love. They; Are weaned on milk between two – four years. In addition, this mouth is not able to open very wide either.

Considering the elephant's memory and insight, it is remarkable that it would choose not to harm the beast that has contributed so much to its slaughter and mistreatment. 4 0 obj ©Getty Images. Although the elephant will naturally be attracted to it’s mother other cows in the herd often take turns to look after the baby. Despite it’s huge size the elephant has an extraordinary sense of balance and extremely high tactile sense. Tusks are, in fact teeth (incisors) and are classified as ivory.

Although the elephant will naturally be attracted to it’s mother other cows in the herd often take turns to look after the baby.

Elephant, largest living land animal, characterized by its long trunk, columnar legs, and huge head with temporal glands and wide, flat ears. Males duel each other with the winner claiming steed rights for the whole herd. One of the first things a calf smells is the dung of the mother. The new-born enters this world at an incredible mass of 77-113 kg, with a height of about 91 cm at the shoulder, and unbelievably may consume 11.4 litres of milk a day. 3 0 obj The reason for this phenomena but may be attributed to their acute sense of smell and possible other unknown factors. The caecum is divided into many smaller sacs and the products of digestion are absorbed through its relatively thin walls. Trunks can hold six litres of water and are often used as a flexible shower hose pipe. The white elephant is said to belong to the god Indra. Life – Cycle. Copulation takes around 20 seconds with very little movement or noise. Molars (grinding teeth) are at least 30 cm, 1 ft long and weigh about 4 kg, 8.8 lbs. stream Milk tusks are fully grown at just 2 inches long and are shed before the calf reaches it’s second birthday. The range of elephants hearing is much superior than that of human beings. Comparable to all higher animals and can easily distinguish between unsuitable, suitable and favoured fodder. The mouth, where food begins its digestive process, is relatively small compared to the enormous animal itself. The poor eyesight is more than compensated by excellent hearing, sense of smell and tactile sense.

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