"Must Be Something I Ed" Additionally, during the fight Rolf and Ed say "That's My Horse" when attacking each other. Title Reference: However, as he and the group ascend the stairs and pass a painting of Edd's late Uncle, the painting appears to move and say ‘shush’ to The Eds,Jimmy,and Jonny, indicating their adventure may well have been something more than a dream after all.
In it, Eddy recreates Edtropolis, but Ed begins imagining that he is a monster, "Edzilla". [He hides behind Edd.

]Eddy: [to Edd] "Did you see that? As soon as Edzilla crosses the bridge, it falls to pieces behind him. "Ed-Zilla"

Ed then proceeds to trash the city until his dastardly nemesis, The Kankerator, shows up. Having saved their friends and believing their journey to be complete,The Eds,Jimmy,and Jonny return to the centre of the castle only to find one final enemy awaiting him – Edd's uncle himself. Of course, what Eddy's looking forward to doing is pulling a few big city scams. GO GO EDZILLA! After avoiding falling prey to transmogrified hunters and evil pumpkin farmers,Ed must fight his own little sister Sarah to save her from an eternity as 'The Vampiressessess'.After Sarah acts ungreatful towards Ed,he snaps at her causing her to push Ed into a river.The evil energy in the river turns Ed into a giant version of Edzilla prompting Edd,Jimmy,Eddy,and Jonny to defeat him and transform him back to his normal self.Having done this, the Eds,Jimmy,and Jonny moves into the river-dwelling and Arab quarters of the village before doing away with the fearsome 'Headless Kevin', who transforms back into Kevin.With over half the village now saved and purified, The Eds,Jonny,and Jimmy move into Madness Marsh, a treacherous region of the village which is home to its heavily armed hiking community.
Having achieved all this in such a short space of time, Eddy succumbs to another faint.He is awoken, once again, by Ed. Eddy asks what can be done, and Double Dee presents him, Ed, Jonny, and Jimmy with special ‘Power Gloves’ that takes evil from monsters and stores it in a backpack. The Kankerator in turn attacks with flying kisses and earthquaking rings. The Eds,Jimmy and Jonny go on their way to collect evil energy from the village and try to save the other kids from being monsters forever. His hopes are dashed, however, when he learns that rather than Tahiti or England, their destination is a 'stupid, old castle in the middle of nowhere'.

In a scene reminiscent of The Phantom of the Opera, Edd turns his uncle’s projectiles against him and finally lays his mad soul to rest. After destroying the buildings, another bridge lowers, and Edzilla crosses. [The Kankers are lying bruised in a cardboard box. Edzilla charges across the bridge and faces down his enemy as his escape route breaks behind him. However, the indecipherable voice that comes from the tanks when they fire sounds like Jimmy. Edzilla is quick to jump in and start destroying. Trivia. On the other side of it stands a horrible three-headed monster making kissy faces at Edzilla. On this second island are forty buildings. Edzilla has taken out almost half of this part of the city. ]Edd: [nonplussed] "He can be worrisome at times.

Once again, the bridge collapses behind Edzilla. Ed's an animal!" Previous able to advance to the forests around the village known as ‘Neverleave Forest’. This time, however, all the other kids are with him and seemingly unchanged. Edzilla gets back to the smashing. He hurls Chunky Puffs at his enemy to hurt her/them/it. Eddy exclaims that he has had the most amazing dream and describes his,Edd,Ed,Jimmy,and Jonny's adventure to all those present, who assure him it was indeed a dream. The rest of Edtropolis has fallen down. In addition, the castle’s energy has begun to permeate the nearby village, causing it to become twisted and evil. Having now gained access to the village’s more mountainous regions, The Eds,Jimmy,and Jonny battle through what is locally called ‘The Whatsamatterhorn’, defeating all manner of foes including a group of violent monks and they soon encounter 'The Were-Rolf' and 'Franken-Plank' and transform them back into Rolf and Plank. Double Dee reminds him that they had to accompany him on this journey to hear the reading of his uncle's will and that Eddy actually agreed to go while he wasn't paying attention, emphasising the value of friendship. Edzilla previously appeared in "The Day the Ed Stood Still".

This is the first appearance of The Kankerator. Ed: [mouth full] "I am a monster in a boy's body." The Eds,Jimmy and Jonny dispatch them in short order and comes to face the fearsome 'Nazzdusa' and initiates her transformation back into Nazz. Ed is still standing, though, trying to rend a piece of cardboard with his teeth. The sign that says "HOLLY-ED" is a parody of the famous. Eddy is delighted that he,the Eds and the Cul-de-sac gang are finally going on a vacation.

After smashing all seventeen buildings, a bridge lowers, letting Edzilla cross to the next part: an actual city. "Ed on Arrival"Bonus"Rebel Robot Ranch".

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