"Kevin: "Oops. ]Kevin: "Not too shabby, huh Nazz? "Dork. Whoa! Let's get these animals back to Rolf so we can collect our loot. "I'm mutating!

Boing! Eddy: [shoving Ed out of the way] "Get in line. Humiliating each other?!? ]Edd: "Eddy, Ed is showing strange symptoms. "[The kids look on, bored, now knowing they've seen this one before. [The kids walk away. Rolf obliges, and the Eds (well, Ed and Edd; Eddy doesn't really do any work.) "Sarah: "Ew, look!" "Ed: "X marks the spot, Double D! ]Jimmy: "Hurry, Sarah!

But I did everything it said in the comic book. ]Edd: "This allergenic containment center should take care of you, Ed. ]Ed: "Me? "Edd: "There is no X, Ed! ]Ed: "What is wrong with me, Doctor Surgeon Edd? "Sarah: "This is the same as the last one! ]Jimmy: "Hey, guys! They see the possum, now as a hunk of meat, and all but Jonny turn back. Say bye-bye, scourge from the beyond. "[More black birds flutter down near the Eds. You make him stop!

]Edd: "But why? "Eddy: "How stupid can you–" [Ed grabs Eddy in his teeth.] "Now, eat your mattress.

"Edd: "Not to worry! [She grabs Ed.]

Missed out on how to scrub a bowl? Higher, Double D."Ed: "Ah– ah–"Eddy: [grabbing Ed's shoelace] "I got him I got him! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

[counting the bunnies] "I'm stumped. Ed is holding him back.] "Kevin: "Better keep it away from Jonny, or he'll eat it. [The chair closes on him.

"[The placard has been changed as well; the raccoon is still easily visible and can be reconstructed with a little imagination. "Ed: [nervous] "We need Double D for this part! Rolf will pick the cotton and accept this challenge!" "Edd: "Eddy, could you please fill the talcum powder dispenser? There's a twist. "Bunnies are so furry and so soft. [Rolf looks on questioningly.] Off you go!

]Edd: [not realizing Eddy is gone] "I can't hold you much longer, Eddy! "Ed: "Oh, come on, Eddy! "[Rolf comes along and takes his quarter out of Eddy's pocket. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. "[Ed laughs, and the bunnies scamper away. "Ed: "Jimmy? So Ed and Double-D summon Rolf, who claims is quite familiar with 'bell talking'. "Eddy: "Just flip it over, Ed. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? WE'RE TRYING TO WATCH TV HERE! "Edd: "We'll have to treat him immediately, Eddy.

[He pushes the ship into his belly.] [He wrenches the dirt away.] ]Ed: "Oh look, it's a bun!" ]Ed: "You're late, Eddy! "[Jimmy hurtles down the lawn, wailing. Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show; Video Games. [standing in the middle of the garage] "We're about to make contact! "[Eddy lies on the ground, annoyed by his defeat. "Edd: [in a hazmat suit] "Greetings, and welcome to Mutant Land. It was the stupid raccoon. "Jonny: "No! [Ed lowers the toy and looks at Edd. "Eddy: "I've been concerned about Ed since the first day I met him. "Ed: [his entire body ballooning] "Aah! "Pull up your feet!" Ed and Eddy begin to eat.] Say bye-bye, scourge from the beyond. It hits Ed and flies out the window. "Nazz: "Get real, Jimmy. ", Eddy: [holding an ice bag] "This ice bag should do it. ]Ed: "Whoops. "Sarah: "Jimmy! ED, SAVE US! "Edd: "Oh, please. On his chest he carries a teapot. Let's go, Jimmy." [Edd smirks at Eddy.

https://ed.fandom.com/wiki/Once_Bitten,_Twice_Ed/Script?oldid=227301. One more try." The scam is something called "Fridge Land. "[Ed reads the comic, absorbed.

Outside, the kids are congregated. [Sarah leaps on him and begins the thrashing.] Eddy: [his voice sounding as though it came from a speaker] "Paging Doctor Double D. Emergency.Paging the Head of Surgery, with all the top degrees. Come quick!"

", Rock: "Hey you!" [He pulls out a gigantic clam from under his shirt.]

A mailbox told you to come here?" "Jimmy: "You believe me, don't you? ], Barrel: "Hey, you!" ]Edd: [hauling Eddy upright] "You know what they say, Eddy. Say it!"

Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures; Ed, Edd n Eddy: Scam of the Century ]Jonny: "Go fish? [Eddy stops laughing as a dazed Ed heads upstairs backwards.] [Sarah looks behind her.] SPEAK TO ME! Or at least it will be, after we tweak it some more. "Nazz: "This is stupid. ]Voiceover: "Then flush on down to Bathroom World! "Eddy: "Nice scam! Directed by Danny Antonucci. ]Edd: "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Eddy.

Edit. Quick! [Jonny looks at the modified possum.]

How about, 'Bob! Oh, look!

"Eddy: "Ed's Pet Boutique is open for business! ]Ed: "I flipped it, Eddy!" ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/Once_Bitten,_Twice_Ed?oldid=16060. "Edd: "Oh, please.

"Eddy: "Stick to the script."

[Eddy clamps their mouths shut. "]Eddy: [costumed as a bottle of milk] "Welcome to Fridge Land! [Nazz leaves.] Rolf will pick the cotton and accept this challenge!" Edd: [behind a screen] "Say it! ]Jonny: "Holy cow, Plank, look at the size of that alien! ]Ed: "It is the curse of Evil Tim! "[The scene changes, showing first the path and then the scam. "Eddy: "That's it! "Ready or not, here I come! "Jonny: "I'm on it, Teddy!

Obey my commands! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. "Edd: "They won't know what hit 'em. "[Jonny turns around when he sees the fly. ]Ed: "I marked the spot with an X, Double D. Let's move 'em out! "Edd: [decked out in full doctor regalia] "That was good, Eddy. ]Rolf: "Greenhorn Ed-boy has fallen harder than Nano's arches, yes? "Eddy: "That you can dupe anyone at anytime with the right bait. "Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole." ]Jonny: "Holy cow, Plank! ", Jimmy: "I gotcha, you little scamp! ], [The Eds are sitting on a couch in front of a TV. "[Various parts of Ed's body begin to swell. "Eddy: "Go away!" "Edd: [unable to control his machine] "I seem to have forgotten to calculate the cubic sheet velocity through circular extention. Once Bitten, Twice Ed. [balancing on Edd] "Here I come, butterball!

[The kids continue to leave.] ]Eddy: "Quit fooling around, Double–whoa!" "Edd & Eddy: ED!!!!!! "Tree: "My name's Teddy Treebark. "[Ed is hooked up to a complex data-gathering machine. Check it–" [Rolf's foot meets Eddy's behind, and Eddy shoots up into the air. "Eddy: [into the transmitter] "Hey, get me a sandwich, I'm starved. "Eddy: "So what? "Teddy Treebark: "Just bring your friends down to the woods. "You heard me right! Edd: "It's a meeting of spies, Eddy!" First it's his foot, then his nose, then his other foot. "Ed: "I shall obey, master!"

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