I still get residuals from it, even though I never did the role." X Join the mailing list. He could see the passionate, ironical mouth saying the words: 'It reads better than it lives.'".

It has been covered by. – Diamonds are Forever was the last James Bond movie to officially use the character of Ernst Stavro Blofeld until Spectre was released in 2015.

Although he lost the part to Sean Connery, Gavin received his full salary for the role. The last lines read: "For Bond, it was just the end of another adventure.

These were inside jokes referring to Sir. Trivia: During screentests Jill St. John was initially cast as Plenty O'Toole, but director Guy Hamilton was so impressed with her performance he decided to cast her in the role of Tiffany Case, thus making St. John the first American Bond girl.

According to the CD soundtrack sleeve notes, the title song debuted on the U.K. charts on January 15, 1972, and it peaked at the number thirty-eight spot. In this movie, Plenty O'Toole tries and fails to sleep with James Bond, only to end up losing her clothes and being thrown out of a window wearing nothing but her underwear and high heels for her trouble.

The soundtrack album debuted on the U.S. charts on January 8, 1972, and went to number seventy-four.

In addition, United Artists agreed to fund the production of two movies of Connery's choice. Published in 1956, Diamonds Are Forever was Flemings fourth Bond book.

– Despite the bulk of Diamonds are Forever being set Las Vegas, the name ‘Las Vegas’ is never spoken during the movie – even in the casino scenes! ... More questions & answers from Diamonds Are Forever.

The entertainer appeared as himself in a cameo that was deleted from the film's final release.

It is only briefly set in other locations, such as Amsterdam, during the early part of the movie.

This movie is the fourth most watched movie to be broadcast on British television when it was shown on ITV on March 15, 1981.

Chosen answer: Blofeld and Spectre has enough diamonds for the laser he is building to hold the Earth hostage.

He donated the entire amount to his charity, the Scottish Education Trust. A few minutes later, her necklace can be seen on a table in Bond's bedroom. The scene where Tiffany Case discovers Plenty O'Toole dead in the swimming pool was filmed at the house of, When we see Miss Moneypenny for the only time in this film, she is wearing a hat.

Scenes explaining how Plenty was killed in Tiffany's pool were shot, but deleted from the final cut. Check out the best casino bonuses here. ", The title song has been extensively covered, or sampled. In one scene where a car turns over, you can see one of the wheels that had broken off the buggy rolling in the foreground. She played a Vegas showgirl. It was the seventh movie to feature, Blofeld's quote, "Humility is the worst form of conceit", was from French writer, "The Flying Palacios" at Circus Circus were originally to be called "The Flying Broccolis", but producer, The Moon Buggy was inspired by the actual N.A.S.A.

These characters were not in the novel, but were made up for this movie.

The outdoor elevator scenes were shot at the (now demolished) Landmark casino. He also played Commander Carter, a U.S. navy submarine commander in The Spy Who Loved Me. The chase in the car park in Vegas was actually the film studio's car park. The best trivia for Diamonds Are Forever (1971). – The original storyline had Goldfinger actor Gert Fröbe returning as Auric Goldfinger’s twin, seeking revenge for his brother’s death. There, an operator assured Bond that no such message has been received. | The spin-off cartoon series James Bond, Jr. (1991) featured a character named "IQ", said to be Q's grandson. Trivia: Musician Paul Williams was originally cast as Mr. Wint, but they couldn't agree on how much he should be paid. Although Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd are Blofeld's henchmen, they never share a scene with Blofeld in the whole film. Jill St. John, who played Tiffany Case, married Robert Wagner in 1990. Before being cast as Mr. Kidd, Putter Smith was a jazz musician with no previous acting experience.

Tiffany Case's lack of experience with weapons and fighting saves both Bond's life and her own in the final scene.

What the producers failed to take into account was that after twenty-four hours, and under all the hot lights, mashed potatoes emit an almost unbearable smell.

Felix Leiter's first appearance since Thunderball (1965).

Trivia: In this movie, one of the White technicians in the desert space lab is Shane Rimmer, the later captain of the USS Wayne sub in "The Spy Who Loved Me", and seen in "You Only Live Twice" as a NASA radio controller. The Ernst Stavro Blofeld villain character returns to the official film franchise in. "I was the only one they tested and I was told I had it when, all of a sudden, they gave it to (Lana Wood)!

Six days after the filming Apollo 15 was launched, which was the first "J" mission to use the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

This quiz has 25 questions about the things I found the most memorable.

During the filming of the scene where Plenty O'Toole is shown drowned in the pool. A deleted scene shows how Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd killed Shady Tree, with a water pistol that turns out to be real. – The bubbling mud pool in the pre-titles sequence was actually made from Smash instant mash potato with food coloring. According to the book "James Bond: A Celebration" (1987) by, The first line of the short story read: "With its two fighting claws held forward like a wrestler's arms, the big pandinus scorpion emerged with a dry rustle from the finger-sized hole under the rook." Contact me | Privacy policy | Join the mailing list | Links.

Trivia: American actor John Gavin was signed to play James Bond in this film. But when he finally opens the hatch, there's absolutely no mechanism attached.

The distinctive Landmark Hotel can be seen briefly in the background of the Las Vegas gas station scene.

The brand of wine served at the end of the movie was a Mouton Rothschild '55, a claret. Trivia: During one take of the fight sequence between Peter Franks and James Bond in the glass elevator, Joe Robinson (Peter Franks) accidentally pulled off Sean Connery's hair-piece.

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