Tracks from this album were later reused by Winner for Death Wish III.

The opening credits bear Page's signature guitar tone, along with the heavy reverb-laden drum sound that he used with Led Zeppelin. He is potrayed by actor Thomas F. Duffy. [6] Winner recalled that De Laurentiis was having second thoughts about letting someone else produce the sequel and offered to hire him to do the film for his own production company. [6], Among the final revisions of the script was a change in location. All tracks are written by Jimmy Page, except where indicated below.. 1999 Compact disc edition

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De film is een vervolg op Death Wish (1974). They take Carol with them and PunkCut rapes her. The company still ended 1982 with losses of $52.7 million. Death Wish II was released in CD format in 1999, but all CD versions of the album are now out of print. Death Wish 2. He follows them to an abandoned park, where a major arms and drug deal is underway. He usually wore a blue jacket and a pair of slacks which he sagged to show some of his boxer shorts and his prominent 15-inch erection. (Death Wish 2) 15. Paul beat Jiver and found out he chased after the wrong guy. In Japan a vinyl LP was released that featured rare outtakes from the Sol sessions. He is seen to ignore most thieves, drug dealers, and one violent pimp. After the funeral, Paul takes a handgun kept hidden in his closet.

Theatrical rights in the United States and Canada were purchased by Filmways.

Paul follows the trio on a bus to an abandoned park, where a drug deal goes down. Lt. Mankewicz asks for help identifying the muggers. The L.A. police hear about these murders, as does New York's. The film's soundtrack was released in February 1982. His two later albums with The Firm were released on Atlantic and Outrider was on Geffen Records. The films follow the character Paul Kersey, portrayed by Charles Bronson in the original series, and Bruce Willis in the 2018 remake. Tijdens een uitstapje van Paul en zijn dochter Carol breken dezelfde vijf kerels die Paul beroofd hebben binnen in zijn huis. It was released on February 20, 1982. Then Paul follows Jiver's blood trail into an abandoned warehouse and kills him. “I first met Jimmy on Tolworth Broadway, holding a bag of exotic fish...”, Last edited on 11 September 2020, at 07:35,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 September 2020, at 07:35. Unlike the original, in which he hunts down every criminal he encounters, Kersey only pursues his family's attackers. Besides – rape doesn't date! Here the look of LA is what's different. Later when the gang broke into Paul's house Jiver raped Rosario the maid first. "Death Wish II Movie Review & Film Summary", "1982 5th Hastings Bad Cinema Society Stinkers Awards", Melody Santangello as Mary, tourist's wife. The visit allows Paul to steal a doctor's ID card. NYPD Detective Frank Ochoa suspects it may be Paul again and is sent to assist with the case. It has since earned further money at home and abroad through release for the video market. Lt. Ochoa breaks into Geri’s apartment and tells her about Paul's past and present vigilante sprees. ✪ Death Wish II (1982) - Break In Scene (2/12) | Movieclips, ✪ Death Wish II (1982) - You Believe in Jesus? His boss Elliott Cass invites him to a party, and when Paul is asked if he's free, he answers: "What else would I be doing?". Ondertussen zoekt Mankiewicz contact op met Frank Ochoa, de politieagent die destijds op zoek ging naar Paul in New York. (Death …

A sniper scouts Paul and attempts to kill him, but Ochoa warns Paul and fatally shoots the sniper. The sequel makes a complete breakaway from the Brian Garfield novels Death Wish and Death Sentence, redefining the Paul Kersey character. The soundtrack features Dave Mattacks from Fairport Convention, former Pretty Things keyboards player Gordon Edwards, and veteran singer Chris Farlowe, who also later appeared on Page's 1988 solo album Outrider. The plot of all the films involves vigilantism and what justice really is. My editing staff said this is bloody dangerous! The company had recently acquired American International Pictures, known for its exploitation films, and the film would fit right in with their library of genre films.

Ook Ochoa wordt dodelijk geraakt.

Page used a Roland guitar synthesizer on a number of the tracks. In Beverly Hills, instead of talking about other people's failed movies – thank God, something has stopped them at last – they talk about their muggings. Page used a Roland guitar synthesizer on a number of the tracks. The gang finds Paul's home address in his wallet and later breaks into his house. In the story, architect Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) moves to Los Angeles with his daughter (Robin Sherwood). The gang splits up when Paul chases them; he goes to pursue Jiver, whom he corners in an alley but lets the hood go after Jiver tells Paul that he does not have the wallet.

They go to pick up Paul's daughter Carol from the hospital. Er volgt een hevig vuurgevecht waarin Paul drie mensen vermoordt. (Death Wish 2) 12. Same track listing and order as the vinyl release. Citing the lethargic tone of the acting and directing, the lack of plot, the lifeless dialogue, and the weak action sequences, he concluded, "while the first film convinced me of Bronson's need for vengeance, this one is just a series of dumb killings. The next evening, he observes and follows Stomper into an abandoned building as a drug deal is about to be made. He gets tazed but with no effect due to an influence of PCP. It was subsequently purchased by Orion Pictures. Filmways decided to postpone release until February 1982 to face a weaker competition for an audience. De politie heeft de man gearresteerd en heeft besloten dat hij ontoerekeningsvatbaar is. In the sequel, he is after five specific criminals who are responsible for the death of his daughter. It's spread to towns where it was not a problem before. Kersey's last words before killing Jiver were "Good Bye". Paul kills the getaway driver and weapons dealer, who's car plummets off a cliff and explodes. 28)" by Frédéric Chopin. Paul slaagt er op het nippertje in om hem te vermoorden, maar wordt wel ontdekt. Geri heads to do an interview with a senator while Carol and Paul go on a boat ride. Jimmy rang the doorbell, and I thought if the wind blew he'd fall over. Paul learns about the death of his daughter. Rosario tries to call police, but the members of the gang kill her. Paramount Pictures purchased the television broadcast rights for the domestic market. When Paul arrives home with his daughter, he is beaten unconscious. Fearing that Paul, when caught, will reveal that the cops let him go instead of prosecuting, the NYPD sends Lt. Ochoa to make sure that does not happen. He is potrayed by actor Stuart K. Robinson. Paul Kersey is no hero. Everything hit the button totally! Ochoa is mortally wounded by Nirvana, and Paul shots Cutter in the head and another dealer and wounds Punkcut. Nirvana (real name Charles Wilson) runs when he sees the police approaching.

Death Wish Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. They gag and restrain Rosario, Paul's housekeeper. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Winner later explained: I'd lived next door to Jimmy for many years.

They go to pick up Paul's daughter, Carol, from the mental hospital. Jiver is a member of Nirvana's Gang and antagonist in Death Wish 2. Jiver is wounded, but he and a fourth mugger get away. Tried and found criminally insane, he is sent to a mental institution. After his daughter is murdered at the hands of several gang members, Kersey once again chooses to become a vigilante. A poll for HBO noted Death Wish II to be higher in demand by paying viewers than Chariots of Fire (1981). [6] Winner tried to keep the mood on the set lighthearted. Portrayed By. "We think our story is a better film story", said Golan. (Led Zeppelin manager) Peter Grant and I made arrangements for Jimmy to do the Death Wish II score, for which he wasn't actually paid, because Grant wanted to restore Jimmy back to creativity. Page was given a deadline of a few weeks to write and record the album at his personal studio The Sol and to travel on location to Los Angeles with Winner for songwriting themes. In Japan a vinyl LP was released that featured rare outtakes from the Sol sessions. De film is een vervolg op Death Wish (1974). It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology.

I don't want you anywhere near me, I'm going to do it all on my own."

Geri confronts Paul but he denies it, ascribing the tale to Lt. Ochoa's imagination. Death Wish II is a soundtrack album by Jimmy Page, released by Swan Song Records on 15 February 1982, to accompany the film Death Wish II. Architect Paul Kersey once again becomes a vigilante when he tries to find the five street punks who murdered his daughter and housekeeper, this time on the dark streets of Los Angeles. Directed by Michael Winner.

4 … Paul learns from one of Geri's colleagues that the police are preparing a tactical unit to capture Nirvana.

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