They communicate with their fans through Facebook and Twitter and other social media. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Media convergence is the merging of mass communication outlets – print, television, radio, the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital media platforms. Theseventh film’s campaign included two  teaser postrs, revelaing the destruction of Hogwarts with no explaination or hint of how it happene, this drew a lot of attention and curiousity. ( Log Out /  J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, is a British author who lives in Scotland. Recently, due to the release of In addition, the release of the Harry Potter film was covered by news stations, local and national all around the world, and articles in both magazines and newspapers gave reviews on the movie. Disney is made up of five different divisions, including Walt Disney Studios (film studios, record labels), Media Networks (television channels), and Disney Interactive (video games, web-based media). Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was produced by Warner Brothers and Heyday Films, with additional international contributors. The books series the movies are derived from were print turned to a live action film. There was a T.V spot where the film was advertised again, this allowed it to get around to more popele. The fact that the films are based on the books which are already popular allows for WarnerBrothers to take advantage of this as they don’t need to do so much with the advertising. Due to the variety of cross media convergance and the pre-known story I hink that Warner Brothers took complete advantage of the ability to market he film and the campaign worked well.

Lastly, cultural convergence is especially relative to Harry Potter. Discussion in 'Media studies' started by oxy, Apr 24, 2013. The books first became popular in the United Kingdom, then crossed the Atlantic to America as it spread to the rest of the world. By offering the film with a wide range of viewer experiences, more companies assist in the making of the film, such as D-BOX technologies and IMAX Corporations. This site uses cookies. Filming took place at Leavesden Studios and Pinewood Studios, both located in England. Technological convergence is the combination of different types of media to create a digital media form, and is extremely prominent in the seventh Harry Potter film. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Media convergence is the joining of several distinct technologies into one.

Advertising for the movie came through many different forms like trailers before movies, Youtube videos, websites, newspaper advertisements, and commercials over the radio. Kindergarten, Special Educational Fortnite is the most viewed game on YouTube, and has also used streaming platforms like Twitch (owned by Amazon) to broadcast live competitions.

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