Transcript (Opening scene: Townsville background preparing for the 6th annual happiness carnival as a flashback) Mo Job: Princess Morbucks is tired of failing to come up with a good plot to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, so she hires Mojo Jojo to create a brilliant plan to strip the Powerpuff Girls of their powers. Cindy Morrow, Chris Savino & Genndy Tartakovsky. This two-disc release includes all 13 episodes from the third season in addition to two music videos and a promotional video for the series.

Includes "Monkey See, Doggie Do", "Mommy Fearest", "Telephonies", "Mime for a Change", and "The Bare Facts". One of Professor Utonium's failed experiments causes everyone in the city to switch bodies. 98,946 Pages. Unfortunately, she explodes at the end of the episode due to being unstable. Original copies of the DVD were infected with the FunLove computer virus and had to be recalled. List of The Powerpuff Girls (2016 TV series) episodes, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "From Hanna-barbera, 8 New Cartoons For Cable The Cartoon Network's New Stable Of Stars Includes Two Ducks, Two Bears, And Even Dino Of "Flintstones" Fame", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Insect Inside; Powerpuff Bluff", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Boogie Frights; Abra-Cadaver", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Telephonies / Tough Love", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Major Competition / Mr. Mojo's Rising", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Paste Makes Waste / Ice Sore", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Bubblevicious / The Bare Facts", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Cat Man Do / Impeach Fuzz", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Just Another Manic Mojo / Mime for a Change", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: The Rowdyruff Boys", "The Powerpuff Girls episode info: Uh Oh Dynamo", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Stuck Up, Up, and Away; Schoolhouse Rocked", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Collect Her / Supper Villain", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Birthday Bash / Too Pooped to Puff", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Beat Your Greens / Down n' Dirty", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Dream Scheme / You Snooze You Lose", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Slave the Day / Los Dos Mojos", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info A Very Special Blossom / Daylight Savings", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Mo Job / Pet Feud", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Imaginary Fiend / Cootie Gras", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever / Just Desserts", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Twisted Sister / Cover Up", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Speed Demon / Mojo Jonesin, "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Something's a Ms. / Slumbering with the Enemy", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Fallen Arches / The Mane Event", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Town and Out / Child Fearing", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Criss Cross Crisis", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Bubblevision / Bought and Scold", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Gettin' Twiggy With It / Cop Out", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Three Girls and a Monster / Monkey See, Doggy Two", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Jewel of the Aisle / Super Zeroes", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Candy is Dandy / Catastrophe", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Hot Air Buffoon; Ploys R Us", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info The Headsucker's Moxy / Equal Fights", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Powerprof", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Him Diddle Riddle", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Film Flam", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info All Chalked Up", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Get Back Jojo", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Members Only", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Nano of the North", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Stray Bullet", "The Powerpuff Girls: Episode Info Super Friends", "Nuthin' Special (2005) The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Episode Guide", "Octi-Gone (2005) The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Episode Guide", "Ringo Starr Voicing "Powerpuff Girls" Character, Starting Work on New CD", "The Girls Are Back In Townsville!

Helter Shelter: Bubbles' love for animals goes too far. The City of Frownsville Special Hai Larious' Birthday Surprise is an upcoming 2021 film.

They're Brick, Boomer, and Butch: The Rowdyruff Boys, male equivalents. The City Of Frownsville: The Friendship Day Musical is an upcoming 2022 musical film. Story structure set up like a Rocky and Bullwinkle episode. The robber disguises himself as the character Lucky Captain Rabbit King, but his 'costumed attempts' meet with failure. When the Amoeba Boys fail at being real bad guys, The Powerpuff Girls teach them how to be bad by robbing a bank. Mojo Jojo kidnaps an opera singer, a flamboyant mathematician, and a somehow famous badger. However, when the gang exploits her infatuation and lures Blossom and Bubbles into danger, Buttercup quickly comes to her sisters' rescue and shows the boys the real meaning of the word "crush.". When something seems amiss, the Powerpuff Girls investigate and find out that Ms. Bellum is Sedusa in disguise, whom they must defeat and get back the real Ms. Bellum. Also includes a 16-page booklet of character biographies, interviews, stickers, and games. Blossom Bubbles Buttercup Professor Utonium Talking White Dog Mayor of Townsville M's Bellum Barker Bliss Lou Gubrious Hai Larious SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Star Squidward Tentacles Mr Krabs Professor Utonium wants to spend quality time with the Powerpuff Girls. But when the Giant Fish Balloon Monster outmatches the Powerpuff Girls, the Professor forces the Girls to use Dynamo, and Townsville is soon in the middle of a huge showdown between the Dynamo and the Giant Fish Balloon Monster. A Documentary: A filmmaker makes a documentary on the Powerpuff Girls, but can't get a good clip of them. The episode aired on January 19, 2009, and is included as a bonus feature on the 10th anniversary DVD box set. However, when Princess is denied the opportunity to join the Girls because of her spoiled, bratty behavior, they make a very snobbish new enemy, intent on destroying them. "Just Another Manic Mojo / Mime for a Change". Includes "Mo Job", "Something's a Ms.", "Cootie Gras", "Hot Air Buffoon", "Super Zeroes", "Power Lunch", "Three Girls & a Monster", "Helter Shelter", and a music video. Contents . Includes "Monkey See, Doggie Do/Mommy Fearest", "Insect Inside/Powerpuff Bluff", "Octi Evil/Geshundfight", "Buttercrush/Fuzzy Logic", "Boogie Frights/Abracadaver", "Telephonies/Tough Love", "Major Competition/Mr. Speed Demon: A race home from school finds the Girls breaking the speed of light and traveling to an alternate future, where the day they had traveled to the future meant they mysteriously disappeared from history, leaving the world for 50 years with their absence, as well as everything and everyone in the clutches of their most evil enemy—Him. Candy Is Dandy: The girls get a reward for saving the day: candy, which they quickly grow an addiction to.

It was released again on October 17, 2018, as a 20th anniversary edition. This two-disc release includes all 13 episodes from the first season as well as the original pilot, an interview with McCracken, the. It is the only episode in which "rhyming" like a poem plays a major role in the story. After defeating a monster, the girls return home for some well-deserved sleep, but are unaware of the evil that lurks above them as it turns out that Him has used the girls' own fears against them. Silent Treatment: At the silent movie theater the girls reluctantly attend, a silent film star captures the Professor. Boogie Frights: Bubbles must face her fear of the Boogie Man, after he blocks out the sun and allow his monster friends to party all the time. ", "The Powerpuff Girls - Dance Pantsed And More!

To mark the 10th anniversary of the show in 2009, the complete series DVD box set containing all the seasons, the Christmas TV movie, and "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence and Ingenuity. Mojo's Rising", and "Paste Makes Waste/Ice Sore".

The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever: On a rainy day, because there isn't a crime to be found in the city, the Girls make their own crime fighting adventure inside their home using the power of their imagination. On the other hand, Bubbles uses her "sugar" personality, by asking the monster to leave, which surprisingly ends up working well. Bubblevicious: Bubbles is tired of people dismissing her as more sugar than spice, especially the Professor and her sisters, who treat her like a baby.

The four work together to protect Townsville, but Bullet finally decides to return to the woods to protect the animals. The Girls are able to defeat their most detested side dish with help from other kids in town. When the carnival comes to Townsville, everyone is as happy as humanly possible. Following its instruction, Bubbles provokes a fight between her sisters that prompts the Professor to issue a time-out until the girls can make amends and make squid-meat out of the giant, Him-controlled Octi.

When a giant potty mouth monster comes to attack, the Professor tells the girls what the "word" means and the girls teach the potty mouth a lesson. Monstra-City: When the Mayor finds the deed to Monster Isle, the monsters move to Townsville causing havoc between monsters and humans. The first "complete series" is a twelve-disc release that includes everything in the Region 1 "10th Anniversary Collection" except for the poster. When regular fighting does not work against the Boys, the Girls have to use their feminine wiles to seal a victory. Nuthin' Special: Buttercup tries to figure out her special ability, jealous of Bubbles' many languages and Blossom's ice breath. Burglar Alarmed: The girls realize that the Professor is tired after preparing for his dissertation tomorrow, so when a burglar new to Townsville tries to rob them, the girls try to stop him without waking up the Professor. Seed No Evil: A frozen caveman at the museum thaws out and goes out to steal the seeds of Townsville, which makes the Mayor his top target. (DVD, 2015) for sale online", "Powerpuff Girls, The – The Complete Season 1 (2 Disc Set)", "The Powerpuff Girls Season 2 (2 Disc Set)", "The Powerpuff Girls Season 3 (2 Disc Set)", "Powerpuff Girls Classic Collection Limited Edition", "Powerpuff Girls Classic 20th Anniversary Edition (Limited Edition)",–04), Lists of American children's animated television series episodes, Articles with dead external links from November 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from May 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from December 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Begins with the same opening sequence as the series, except that.

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