I love artwork. [20] Lucca explains that Kid is Schala's clone, sent to the modern age to take part in Project Kid. The ambiguous ending leaves the events of the characters' lives following the game up to interpretation. "[7], In 2001, Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed the company's staff wanted to develop a new game and were discussing script ideas. [3][9][52] Electronic Gaming Monthly gave Chrono Cross a Gold Award, scoring it 10/10/9.5 in their three reviewer format; the first review declared the game to be "a masterpiece, plain and simple". Battles are turn-based, allowing the player unlimited time to select an action from the available menu. To prevent Serge from obtaining the Frozen Flame, FATE destroys the Dead Sea. It was added on 12/3/2019 and has been played 1674 times. The game begins with Serge located in El Nido, a tropical archipelago inhabited by ancient natives, mainland colonists, and beings called Demi-humans.

"[8] Kato described the finished story as "ole' boy-meets-girl type of story" with sometimes-shocking twists. [32] The game world's fusion of high technology and ethnic, tribal atmospheres proved challenging at first.

(I won't say the 'best' Chrono, but) If you can't accept that, then I'm sorry to say this but I guess your Chrono and my Chrono have taken totally different paths. [27], When creating a series, one method is to carry over a basic system, improving upon it as the series progresses, but our stance has been to create a completely new and different world from the ground up, and to restructure the former style. No.915 Pt.2. At Fort Dragonia, with the use of a Dragonian artifact called the Dragon Tear, Lynx switches bodies with Serge.

There is um... some way to play it. プレイステーション - クロノ・クロス. [3], The Element system of Chrono Cross handles all magic, consumable items, and character-specific abilities. On a New Game+, players can access twelve endings. Director Masato Kato personally commissioned Mitsuda's involvement, citing a need for the "Chrono sound". This is mainly due to the transition in platform generation from the SNES to the PS. Find out why. Continuing to the beach where the split in dimensions had occurred, Serge finds apparitions of Crono, Marle, and Lucca once more. Chrono Cross (クロノ・クロス, Kurono Kurosu) is a 1999 role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console.It is set in the same world as Chrono Trigger, which was released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Like Chrono Trigger, characters can combine certain Techs to make more powerful Double or Triple Techs. FATE, locked out of the Frozen Flame again, knew that Serge would one day cross to Another world and prepared to apprehend him. Although Kato was interested in a new title, the project had not been greenlighted. As the game progresses, the grid expands, allowing more Elements to be equipped and higher tiers to be accessed. ... EA Sports' arcade football game leads Sony's monthly sales chart; NBA Jam, Mortal Kombat collection, Infamous: Festival of Blood, and Sonic CD round out top five. You will also like. Instructions: Download save and place where your Chrono Trigger PC save files are (defaulted to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Chrono Trigger). [7], Full production began on Chrono Cross in mid-1998.

[21][22] Serge uses a Time Egg—given to him by Belthasar—to enter the Darkness Beyond Time and vanquish the Time Devourer, separating Schala from Lavos and restores the dimensions to one. Upon its release in Japan in 1999 and North America in 2000, Chrono Cross received critical acclaim, earning a perfect 10.0 score from GameSpot. [13] The introduction of a temporally foreign object in history caused the planet to pull in a counterbalance from a different dimension. Is anyone intimately familiar with Chrono Cross's battle system, provide tips. Serge continues to the top of Terra Tower and defeats the Dragon God. And as usual, I didn't heed to the surrounding complaints, but this time, there was a pretty tough struggle. Serge slips into an alternate dimension in which he drowned on the beach ten years prior, and meets the thief, "Kid". [27][28] Kato envisioned a "Southeast Asian feel, mixed with the foreign tastes and the tones of countries such as Greece"; Mitsuda centered his work around old world cultural influences, including Mediterranean, Fado, Celtic, and percussive African music. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The method I mentioned above, about improving upon a basic system, has inefficiencies, in that it's impossible to maximize the console's performance as the console continues to make improvements in leaps and bounds.

[45], Chrono Cross shipped 850,000 units in Japan and 650,000 abroad.

[8][27] Kato anticipated and rebuffed this discontent before the game's release, wondering what the Chrono title meant to these fans and whether his messages ever "really got through to them". [34] To streamline translation for all 45 playable characters, Honeywood created his own version of the accent generator which needed to be more robust than the simple verbal tics of the Japanese cast. Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu rates Square's latest title Chrono Cross.

Serge learns that the time research facility Chronopolis created El Nido thousands of years ago after a catastrophic experimental failure drew it to the past. [8] He hoped El Nido would still impart a sense of grand scale, and the development team pushed hardware limitations in creating the game's world. [29] He continued refining event data during the final stages of development while the rest of the team undertook debugging and quality control work. Therefore, in regards to game development, our goal has always been to "express the game utilizing the maximum performance of the console at that time." [28] To avoid the burden of writing unique, accented dialogue for several characters, team member Kiyoshi Yoshii coded a system that produces accents by modifying basic text for certain characters. The player must often search for items or places found exclusively in one world. Players advance the game by controlling the protagonist Serge through the game's world, primarily by foot and boat.

Like Chrono Trigger, the game features no random encounters; enemies are openly visible on field maps or lie in wait to ambush the party.

... Xbox Series X, or PC … If all the player's characters fall in battle, the game ends and must be restored from a previously saved chapter—except for specific storyline-related battles that allow the player to lose.

But in my view, the whole point in making Chrono Cross was to make a new Chrono with the best available skills and technologies of today.

[24] Though it borrows from Radical Dreamers in its exposition, Chrono Cross is not a remake of Radical Dreamers, but a larger effort to fulfill that game's purpose; the plots of the games are irreconcilable. [24] To resolve continuity issues and acknowledge Radical Dreamers, the developers of Chrono Cross suggested the game happened in a parallel dimension. Take a look at some freshly captured screenshots of the amazing Chrono Cross, a new RPG from Square.

Red (fire/magma) opposes Blue (water/ice), Green (wind/flora) opposes Yellow (earth/lightning), and White (light/cosmos) opposes Black (darkness/gravity). [3] Each character and enemy has an innate color, enhancing the power of using same-color Elements while also making them weak against elements of the opposite color.

Much of the population of either world have counterparts in the other; some party members can even visit their other versions. Download; Chrono Cross: Magus Unmasked . Stamina slowly recovers when the character defends or when other characters perform actions in battle.

Through use of the New Game+ feature, players can ultimately obtain all characters on one save file. That's why I believe that Cross is Cross, and NOT Trigger 2.

FATE then terraformed an archipelago, erased the memories of most Chronopolis's staff, and sent them to inhabit and populate its new paradise. [27] Square's managers selected a team, appointed Hiromichi Tanaka producer, and asked Kato to direct and develop a new Chrono game in the spirit of Radical Dreamers. Schala, the princess of the Kingdom of Zeal, had long ago accidentally fallen to a place known as the Darkness Beyond Time and began merging with Lavos, the chief antagonist of Chrono Trigger. [54] Square then registered a trademark for Chrono Break worldwide, causing speculation concerning a new sequel. SquareSoft's epic RPG will be re-released, with a cool new extra. [63] At E3 2009, SE Senior Vice President Shinji Hashimoto remarked, "If people want a sequel, they should buy more! We also said things like 'we need at least one powerful mom', 'no way we're gonna go without a twisted brat', and so on so forth.

[29] Kato and Tanaka decided to produce an indirect sequel. By signing up, you agree to the our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy.

[8] The event team sometimes struggled to mesh their work on the plot due to the complexity of the parallel worlds concept. [28] The Chrono Cross team decided against integrating heavy use of time travel into the game, as they thought it would be "rehashing and cranking up the volume of the last game". [23], Chrono Cross employs story arcs, characters, and themes from Radical Dreamers, a Satellaview side story to Chrono Trigger released in Japan.

As in Chrono Trigger, players who have completed the game may choose to start the game over using data from the previous session. Pg.13. Discovering that his new body prevents him from traveling across the dimensions, he sets out to regain his former body and learn more of the universal split that occurred ten years earlier, gaining a new band of allies along the way. [47] GameSpot awarded the game a perfect 10, one of only sixteen games in the 40,000 games listed on Gamespot to have been given the score, and its Console Game of the Year Award for 2000.

Strangely enough, Chrono Cross is also a pseudo-remake of a text adventure spin-off of Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, for an obscure Japanese SNES peripheral the Satellaview. "[27] Tanaka added, "Of course, the fans of the original are very important, but what innovation can come about when you're bound to the past? Our main objective for Chrono Cross was to share a little bit of the Chrono Trigger worldview, while creating a completely different game as a means of providing new entertainment to the player. Episode XLVII: Lynx and the Dinner with the Master of Hell's Kitchen, Episode XLVIII: ZOAH and the Clockwork Army of Porre, Episode XLIX: Lynx and the Dark Gentleman of the Hermit's Hideaway, Episode L: Fargo and the March of the Acacia Dragoons, Episode LI: The Melancholy of Harle the Jester, Episode LII (Part 1): Lynx and the Conference at the S.S. Invincible, Episode XLII (Part 2): The Ballad of Ziggy and the Neptunian Nymphs, Episode LIII: Lynx and the Black Nightmare of Marbule, Episode LIV: Karsh and the Secret of the Isle of the Damned, Episode LV: Lynx and the Kung Fu Waitress of Guldove, Episode LVI: Startling Tales From El Nido, Episode LVII: Lynx and the Shifting Sands of Earth Dragon Isle, Episode LVIII: Lynx and the Pint-Sized Dragon of Pyre Mountain, Episode LIX: Riddel and the Forbidden Island, Episode LX: Lynx and the Cursed Sword Masamune, Episode LXI: Lynx and the Land Time Forgot, Episode LXII: Zoah and the Riddle of the Criosphinx, Episode LXIII: Lynx and the Clash on Sky Dragon Isle, Episode LXIV: Lynx and the Grand Metamorphosis at Fort Dragonia, Episode LXV (Part 1): Serge and the Abominable Thing That Came From Hermit's Hideaway, Episode LXV (Part 2): Steve and the Pearly Gates, Episode LXVI: Serge and the Three Fates of the Sea of Eden, Episode LXVII: Serge and the Birth of the El Nido Archipelago, Episode LXVIII: Serge and the Laboratories of Tomorrow, Episode LXIX: Serge and the Challenge of FATE, Episode LXX: Kid and the Fate of Humanity, Episode LXXI: Collected Stories From Another El Nido, Episode LXXII: Collected Stores From El Nido, Episode LXXIII: Serge and the Orphan of the Flames, Episode LXXIV: Kid and the Lost Letter from the Laboratory, Episode LXXV: Starky and the Ship That Sailed the Skies, Episode LXXVI: Serge and the Ladders of Terra Tower, Episode LXXVII: Serge and the Sage of Reason, Episode LXXVIII: Serge and the Time Devourer of Terra Tower, Episode LXXX (Part 1): The Darkness Beyond Time, Overtime A: A Look at New Game Plus (Part 1) - The Fast-Forward Button, Overtime B: Separate Ways (Part 1) - Ze Hero, Overtime C: Separate Ways (Part 2) - The Magician, Overtime D: Separate Ways (Part 3) - The Ferryman and the Fairy, Overtime E: Separate Ways (Part 4) - The Brat, Overtime F: A Look at New Game Plus (Part 2) - The Mystical Knights, Overtime G: A Look at New Game Plus (Part 3) - The Reunion, Alternate Ending #1: The Programmer's Ending, Alternate Ending #2: General Kid Conquers the World, Alternate Ending #3: A Changing Job Market, Alternate Ending #4: Korcha Marries Macha.

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