Tier lists are most commonly made for fighting games that are played at a high competitive level.

Young Ben is basically Ben Tennyson but without the combo potential as his normal attacks are too slow to follow up. Him is a somewhat average character that has average power, and nice range. There is a hazard that activates underneath the center platform when attacked. This is the only mode in the game that lets you turn off the random items and assist characters. Similar to Samurai Jack, Numbuh One has the biggest combo potential in the game, equipped with a great recovery and many few zoning options that keep the opponent busy. Scotsman is a decent character who has powerful attacks and good range. The hazard will not return again. To compensate for range his side signature is used to close in and utilizes side signature gravity rules.

His recovery is also easily exploitable.

He arguably has one of the best PTEs in the game, similar to Vilgax, Billy & Mandy, and Samurai Jack. She has great combos and speed, but is held back tremendously by her lack of knockback power, usually K.O.ing opponents at 300% on Final Boss. Although his PTE K.O's at much later percentages, it's his side signature that makes him strong, being the only command grab attack in the game. Samurai Jack's combo potential and dominating play style make him a potential high tier pick. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The legality of this stage can be questioned heavily as the ceiling allows for characters to reach higher than normal percents and create inconsistencies in K.O.ing opponents. They have one of the strongest PTEs in the game, which can be used to deny certain characters recovery as an edge guard. Bubbles is an overall underwhelming character.

Buttercup(The Powerpuff Girls) 1. Mac & Bloo(Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) 1. This tier list was formed on 10/10/2020 on the Punch Time Network Discord by Amaterachu1, Boybonik, and SillyBobby (https://discord.gg/AK7jxzq). Either a drone will spawn and chase the player, or Truffles will be behind the door and close it, spawning a cupcake, or rarely a cake. The camera doesn't zoom out too well on this stage. Chowder lacks range but his multiple jumps and signatures help him combat this. Flapjack is a weak character. He also has the greatest use of the left flicking tech, with side special, which can be used as a mind game option.

These are as Follows Johnny Bravo barges in on his motorcycle, hitting the opponent, and flexes his muscles. Mojo Jojo is a supervillain and main antagonist of Professor Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls. Jumping is the easiest way to avoid them, however once the opponent is close would be the time Johnny lands a strong up signature attack. Samurai Jack 2 is a wide stage with a large main body, a floating platform in the center of the stage, and one elevated platform on the right side of the stage, creating a wall. The legality of this stage can be questioned as the blast lines are extremely close both horizontally and vertically, making matches very quick especially with characters who deal high knockback such as. Bubbles(The Powerpuff Girls) 1. Assist characters (also known as character assists) are called to the stage when a player grabs the Assist Cube. The game was released in June 2011 in North America, and in April 2012 in Europe. They rely mostly on neutral signature and up signature to K.O. He is a jack of all trades, and an impressive one at that.

This is a basic overview of the rest of the cast in no given order, and a brief reason on why they are strong or may struggle in a competitive environment. A meteor may enter the moon base causing a low gravity segment. Final Boss is usually the go to stage for competitive, sometimes being the only legal stage at all. … 1. Tier List.

There are two control panels both to the right and left which can be destroyed. Flapjack(The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack) 1. Dexter(Dexter's Laboratory) 1. Tier List; Cheats; Characters Ben 10 (Old) Ben 10 is known for shapeshifting into 10+ different monsters. All characters below are in both the original Punch Time Explosion, and the XL version. Buttercup is a popular high tier choice for many players. In this game, he transforms into one monster per special and turns back into his generic human form at the end of each move. Blossom(The Powerpuff Girls) 1. The most basic way to land this is to use his neutral signature at a distance. Grim's range and power combined with a great edgeguarding tool make him a near unstoppable force. Ben and his aliens are mostly centered around punishing the opponent for using a wrong move. He can rack up damage quick and as a result can get his PTE very fast. Tier List; Cheats; Characters Mojo Jojo. This is a very basic overview of the most popular high tier picks and how or why they are considered strong or viable in a competitive environment. Even if the opponent decides to shield through the projectiles, Johnny can either grab once they are close or try to land an up signature.

Once again there are many different opinions on which stage should and shouldn't be banned. Ben Tennyson is a decent character. His up knockout however is his strongest move and is a good K.O. The blast lines on this stage are pretty much Final Boss flipped around, creating a short vertical blast line (around 130% to K.O.) If Bloo is hit, both characters will be knocked away from Mac's position.) power, but her aerial mobility and speedy attacks save her from being an complete train wreck. In gaming, a tier list is a list that ranks all characters in a game based on the strength of their fighting abilities, as well as their potential to win matches under tournament conditions, assuming players are of equal skill. Kevin is a decent character who has high power. Although this hurtbox will go away after being attacked multiple times.

3DS - Punch Time Explosion - Captain Knuckles, 3DS - Punch Time Explosion - Billy & Mandy, https://punchtimeexplosion.fandom.com/wiki/Tier_list?oldid=5722, A fairly flat stage with floating platforms extending slightly near the end of the ledge (similar to Kalos Pokemon League in Smash Bros.

Captain Planet is a decent character that has many strong moves. Punch Time Explosion Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The doors to these two buildings can be interacted with the grab button. The vertical blast line extends quite far above the street (around 300% to K.O.

While he lacks range compared to other characters on this list, he has many tools that help him close in on opponents. Dexter comes with many gadgets and mind game like tactics that help him simply toy around with his opponents. As a result this may affect certain characters such as K'nuckles' neutral signature as the background counts as a hurtbox. Mojo Jojo is a heavy zoning character that has multiple projectiles, high mobility, and powerful close range attacks that make him mostly a hit and run character. He has arguably the worst PTE in the game as it has tremendous start up and is easy to avoid. series.) Captain K'nuckles is notable for his high speed and power and multiple gimping and anti-air/edge guard options. This PTE essentially powers them up and increases damage by 1.5x making most moves provide 4 power cubes and generate PTE even faster than before. Ben Tennyson(Ben 10: Alien Force) 1. There is one large body to the stage, and a center floating platform above it. However they have trouble comboing, as their moves are slightly too slow to follow up with anything. His attacks can be too slow and have weak knockback to begin with. In addition to this projectile, he has an insanely powerful Side Special that can potentially combo enemies up to about 100% with minimal effort. Vilgax's mastery of spacing and extreme damage output are all he needs to put up a fight. He relies mostly on his alien attacks to perform. Monkey is a below average character. Hoss Delgado is an underwhelming character with good range and power, but is held back tremendously by his slow speed.

The largest one is solid and can't be passed through, likely because it was the previous main body before the street and buildings were added as evidenced by the otherwise close horizontal blast lines. The ruleset used for this tier list is 3 stocks, no items/assists, and Final Boss as the only legal stage. The most commonly claimed S tier to the general playerbase. Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion is a 2011 crossover fighting video game developed by Papaya Studio and published by Crave Games, for the Nintendo 3DS.It features characters from various Cartoon Network animated series battling against one another. Toiletnator is a below average character. There are two buildings of which have platforms attached to. He is a quick character with fair damage, which only gets increased by 1.5x after use of his PTE. The position of these platforms may vary as there is a switch located to the right of the main body that moves these platforms. Her lack of range options and power compared to other high tiers makes her placement with them highly questionable. Whether it is a starter or counterpick varies. He is mostly held back by his range. but longer horizontal blast lines (around 200% to K.O.). He is constantly plotting to take over the world and/or destroy The Powerpuff Girls. He has the best horizontal recovery in the game due to an oversight that allows him to use side signature multiple times. There is no official ruleset put in place. Mojo Jojo is a ranged specialist/projectile spammer, having arguably the best projectile in the game. Most common stages are listed below.

This is a relatively large stage compared to others, however the horizontal blast line is extremely close. There is one main short body, and multiple platforms. He is held back slightly by speed and held back by lack of range. She also has fairly great combo potential even without ice breath. opponents otherwise. Tier List (XL) Edit. Generally this was created by adding the placement of a character from each respective player's list (Ex: Grim is 1st, Grim is 2nd, 1+2=3) then using the tiermaker website to find out the average tier each character was placed (S, A, B, C...) and then applying the total number that was used when adding to reorganize the list. Many of his attacks have low knockback power. However, the most common is to use custom game and set a 3 stock match with no items or assists. Chowder is another decent character. ), but for the floating platforms, seems average (around 200% to K.O.). He also comes equipped with arguably the best PTE in the game, which when used properly is essentially a free guaranteed KO. They can also be exploited easily (ex: Side signature has Mac throwing Bloo ahead, but Bloo will count as a hurtbox.

The famed Aku laser is one of the strongest edge guarding tools in the game and has many glitch techs that aid it, combined with his up special which has great power and the ability to cancel out incoming melee attacks, as well as having the best recovery in the game make Aku an undoubted force. Mac & Bloo are characters where they mostly must read the opponent and react accordingly. Father is a decent character. Punch Time Explosions are allowed as it is an unremoveable feature as well as adds new strategy to the game to prevent boring stale matches.

His neutral signature also blocks every attack in the game including projectiles (only exception is grab). This is due to her combo game being similar to Blossom's as well as having a projectile, therefore getting rid of the fear of approaching other characters if ever necessary. and horizontal blast line being further from the stage (around 150% to K.O. He'll mostly be zoning the opponent at low percents and trying to land his stronger attacks at higher percents. .

The platforms may also extend very far from the stage. Bubbles lacks K.O. Another note is his up signature, which has a larger hitbox than one may expect and deals considerable high knockback. He has high speed and power but is held back by range and mediocre air options/recovery. This can be used as an advantage (mostly for camping). option.

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