Whether you can answer it or not, Unexplained will have you pondering the question. Written, directed and produced by John Ballentine Using a variety of sources, including interviews with kids, Elise takes a look not just at the possible origin stories for the legend, but the cultural norms behind the theories, the science behind the rituals, and the reasons why no slumber party is complete till someone tries to summon Bloody Mary. Robert Cudmore

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Please check out the websites of some of our friends who volunteered their time and remarkable voice talents. Music by Kevin Hartnell http://overlookhotelrecords.com/ Follow us on Facebook @CampfireRadioTheater and Twitter @CampfireRadio He plumbs the depths of emotional misery and menace until we’re no longer sure if we should be rooting for our hero or not. Our festival is jampacked with three full-days of theatre put on by some crazy talented theatre makers, all for the goal of bringing people together and sharing theatre.
Complete with music, sound effects, and unabashed drama, The Horror of Dolores Roach has the spirit of a classic radio drama, but with a fresh, modern flair. Follow us on Facebook @CampfireRadioTheater and Twitter @CampfireRadio, The old house charmed Courtney and Landon from the start. Follow us on Facebook @CampfireRadioTheater and Twitter @CampfireRadio, A young girl and her father continue to flee an insidious cult obsessed with harnessing the uncanny ability she displays for communicating with the dead. Follow us on Facebook @CampfireRadioTheater and Twitter @CampfireRadio, Investigating the disappearance of a colleague, BBC journalist Albert Titus lands the scoop of a lifetime in the Scottish coastal village of Redmayne as he unravels a terrifying mystery perhaps tied to a sinister cannibal clan of legend.

The Strange and Unusual Podcast Tanja Milojevic Peter Lorre had another one of those amazing voices for radio, one that could never be mistaken for anyone else. ... « Older episodes. A young man battling schizophrenic demons from his past, hears a sinister new voice in his earbuds with murderous intentions. Owen Bevan Cast

Warning: Contains explicit language and frightening situations. The podcast has excellent sound production and puts you right in the middle of the story. Kevin Hartnell Adapted for audio by Jerry Stearns Haunted by disembodied voices and recollections of a shadowy afterlife, Cerina is desperate to escape the ghoulish confines of the city morgue.
Another great horror actor, Vincent Price made his ultimate radio mark with what some call the most frightening radio show of all time. And Lil goes on a quest to Apethorpe Hall, which many believe to be haunted by the noblewoman who lived there over 400 years ago.

Cast Julie Hoverson Great Northern Audio Follow us on Facebook @CampfireRadioTheater and Twitter @CampfireRadio, A spiritual medium recalls harrowing experiences as a young girl traveling cross-country with her trucker father pursued by a mysterious cult. Episode 1/All the Gory Details. Press J to jump to the feed.

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