He is also the first one to tell Maddie that Chimney had survived, and Maddie is overjoyed. Maddie reçoit un appel semblant provenir d'un fantôme…. He tends to act without thinking about the possible consequences which often lands him in hot water but his intentions always stem from a place of goodness. Alias

This was certainly something we wondered through most of the closing seconds, as Bobby apparently decided that he and Athena should go ahead and get married. Buck telling the paramedics that he's on blood thinners. 9-1-1 sur M6 : que vaut la nouvelle série spectaculaire de Ryan Murphy . Aisha Hinds played the role of Henrietta “Hen” Wilson, firefighters, and paramedic in season 2 of 911. Les gens qui regardent la série se sentent bien avec cette équipe de pompiers et aimeraient bien faire partie de ce groupe.

By Buck continues to be there for Eddie in "Christmas Spirit" when Eddie mentions how Christopher is disappointed that they won't be able to spend Christmas together since Buck, Eddie and the rest of the 118 are scheduled to work on Christmas day. (as Francis Xavier McCarthy).

Buck enjoys spending time with Christopher and is constantly in awe of how independent Christopher is because he doesn't let his disability slow him down or prevent him from doing anything he sets his mind to. In "Fallout," Buck invites Eddie and Christopher to his apartment for a night of pizza and video games. On sait qu'on est entre de bonnes mains et on leur fait totalement confiance. Confrontés à ces températures élevées, les esprits s'échauffent aussi. That all made sense to me. Bobby throws that book away and finally goes on a date — and holy God, it’s Athena! That's what makes the show special, otherwise it's just another drama. Nous essayons de réaliser autant de cascades que possible, oui. He’s attached so much of his identity to it and because of that, he’s scared to imagine what his life could be without it. Ultimately, a bomb scare was one of the real focal points of the finale tonight — but, beyond that, we also had the status of Buck. it was very sweet but we did leave this season without a real major cliffhanger to keep us talking all summer. Hen and Chimney are the only ones who openly welcome him back and Hen tells him that while Buck does have friends at the firehouse, they are following Bobby's lead and Bobby is not yet ready to forgive and accept Buck's methods of returning to his job. Recrutement |

They often banter with and make good-natured fun of each other in a way that siblings usually do but they also support each other when it really matters. Buck is relieved, and he rides with Maddie in the ambulance to the hospital. Buck finds her, and the two embrace. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Maddie urges him to wait to have the surgery as it may have a large impact on his health, on the rest of his life but Buck stubbornly decides to proceed with it as "being a firefighter is his life" and he wants to get back to work as soon as possible. With Ali, what was important — at least in this episode, which was about “this life we choose” — was to have someone who doesn’t choose that life, who’s outside of that and seeing it from a different point of view. But I did laugh at the messages on her live stream about how Buck and Eddie make a cute couple. 9–1–1 is an American procedural television series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear for the Fox Broadcasting Company.The series follows the lives of Los Angeles first responders: police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and dispatchers.. Chacun des comédiens a évidemment une doublure cascade, et en général notre doublure réalise en premier la cascade puis nous dit si c'est quelque chose que l'on peut réaliser nous-même ensuite ou s'il vaut mieux que l'on laisse les professionnels gérer la séquence en question. In "Rage" Buck moves forward with the lawsuit and subjects the 118 to an arbitration hearing whereby Mackey airs extremely personal information about each member in order to get his point about Buck's wrongful termination across. This is why he’s decided to undergo another surgery, even if he probably shouldn’t be running that risk right now. Following the aftermath of the tsunami, the 118 attends a fire-drill at a high-rise building where they are greeted by Buck who has embraced a new, light duty role as a fire marshall/inspector. However, Bobby's refusal to let Buck return to work and the events of the lawsuit places a strain on their relationship.

I wanted to go out on a hopeful note. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. When Eddie joins the 118 in "Under Pressure," Buck immediately acts coldly towards him because he feels threatened by Eddie's presence as well as how quickly and seamlessly he becomes a part of the team. Mackey gives Buck some "big news" later on which is that the city wants to settle on the lawsuit by offering Buck millions of dollars.

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