Try your best to include these high-intensity boxing footwork drills and exercises into your training regime because your boxing can massively improve from this extra work if it is done on a regular basis… All drills and exercises can be completed by a complete beginner or seasoned professional because there are easy versions and harder versions.

‘Doubling up’ on punches is very common in boxing. Basically you use the first shot as the ‘pathfinder’ and you deliver the bang with the second shot. They sharpen the body, focus the mind and also help the muscles adapt a little bit faster. This video head movement tutorial includes: As when blocking or parrying, small movements are key for effective boxing head movement, allowing for faster recovery and making you less vulnerable to feinting setups.When slipping, Shane emphasizes how we only need to move our heads enough to clear the fist or glove - make them miss by a hair, not a mile - and warns that over-rotating will slow your counter shot. I have been using this site and information for about a year, excellent fundamentals and coaching. I am talking about boxing drills such as heavy bag work, shadowboxing, jumping rope etc. Also great that funding has been secured to enable him to maintain the work rate.

really good explaining stuff ..very great boxing site. So now we know what we need, we’re gonna take a look at some boxing HIIT workouts will that will cover each and every essential element of becoming a well rounded, supremely conditioned boxer. Best regards, Doc. Hi Fran Range is an incredibly important aspect of boxing and therefore is a vital component within the MyBoxingCoach training regime.

Boxing Heavy Bag Workout and MMA Heavy Bag Workout . If we refer back to the previous video, we can apply Johnny's boxing head movement patterns to navigate James' frame chart. This combination again is based upon a diversionary attack up the middle channel (into the solar plexus) with the uppercut to the body. Beyond exposing yourself to different teaching perspectives, you'll also get a glimpse of the different styles that live outside your gym. It's very likely that you are overemphasizing the weight shift. The opponent’s response to the first shot not only causes an opening for the second shot, but by the opponent shifting weight toward that second shot it’s power will be increased. This is the most strenuous of all of the combinations covered here. In terms of how you can best use the information contained in this article, I would consider the following: Remember, great boxing combinations are built upon excellent technique. Great stuff as always, Fran. The kids are fully engaged and there sure are a lot of them.

If you google Boxupcrime there is a short video about it which you may find interesting. Glad the videos help. When I say ‘bridge shot’ I mean that if you used Right Hook (Body)-Left Hook (Head)-Right Uppercut (Head) you would find a ‘flow’ that is more efficient. However, well worth the effort . Boxing head movement should never take you off balance, as this leaves you vulnerable to follow-up punches and unable to counter. Great stuff Fran,really enjoying your videos well done mate ! But of course, that structure only really deals with conditioning and endurance. percentage we Boxing - Beginner Problems with Head Movement. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Chances are though, you will be missing out o some great progress being made. This head movement tutorial focuses on head movement patterns, which he breaks down into two main categories: Head movement patterns are like "combinations" for boxing defense, moving you through different head slots in a single effort. Russ James breaks down Vasyl Lomanchenko's head movement in a pro/amateur film study that covers: One of the keys to effective boxing head movement is knowing your head position at all times.

Lacking different gears to shift through, they explode from a dead stop every time they want to make themselves harder to hit, putting tremendous wear on their engines.

Thanks 1) HEAD SLOTS || Lomachenko || Part 1: Frames + Head Movement, KEY CONCEPT: Changing gears with boxing head movement patterns. Do one round of sparring using only the jab. I have been boxing on and off for 15 years.

Speed of delivery is key in order to minimise the risk of you taking incoming as deliver your shots. So, I would not want you to restrict your thinking on boxing combinations by thinking punching alone. Previous post: Learning From Famous Boxers of Any Era and Understanding Knockout Power. I would love to hear your thoughts/observations below. Boxing HIIT Workouts. So, speed with the left hook is vital. At a very simple level we would have 3 minute rounds in week one, and would build speed and anaerobic capacity in the final week with high-intensity 1 minute rounds. Krause drops knowledge as usual, covering: Krause highlights how the guard must change in relation to where the opponent is as the head moves. By striking with the body shot first, the opponent’s defensive focus is switched to that area and in some instances away from the head area. After working through this article, you will be able to: No gimmicks. Shane also shares a handy coaching cue for beginners: think compression between opposite shoulder and knee. Is the “Canelo Alvarez Conditioning Problem” Real? Thanks once again for all the advice subscribing the was one of the best things I have done. Bran also hosts the Warrior Punch Podcast. In boxing we tend to aim for macro cycles and micro cycles, all dependent upon when the next fight is scheduled. 5 minutes shadow boxing Rest as little as possible. OK, in terms of how we are going to work here the following should be noted: Point 4 above is particularly important. In addition to giving me an extra layer of defense, this new hand position gives me a counterbalance for better stability and recovery. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. In their most simple form, boxing combinations consist of punches alone. Cycle 1 – strength Makes a difference, Thanks. Cook's from-the-knees head movement drill will teach you how to move your head subtly, so you can be elusive and stay ready to fire at all times. Boxing is a physically demanding activity. I found this site by searching for something else; I’m looking for a way to analyze pro boxers – their categorical styles and sub-styles (swarmer, puncher, brawler etc.

I often refer to this as ‘channel shift’ as you are changing the channel of attack. Shane has been releasing great training content for boxing, MMA, and self-defense for some time, and these head movement drills are great for beginners. In my opinion, the fastest way to improve your head movement is to study as many different sources as you can, even if you have a great trainer. Any advice would be much appreciated. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. These movements can easily be combined; so, for example, you can draw punches out of your opponent with circular head feints, then "shift gears" to cut a sharp angular slip and set up a whopping power shot.Once you get comfortable with different head movement patterns, you'll be able to pick the right tool for the job every time, and both your energy efficiency and defensive success will go through the roof. the long cylinder), remember that you can still use uppercuts. Happy New Year Frans, Mike Tyson Killer Workout Routine (FREE PDF) Written by The Editorial Team, in Boxing,Workouts.

How would you reccomend goimg about categorising periodisation training for boxing? Here is the link that you need, there’s a good number of them within the analysis category! If each shot within the combination is thrown with technical precision then the entire combination will work. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Not only is this exhausting, but it makes counter punches harder to get off, forcing you to slam on the brakes and reverse momentum every time you try to punch. Its aim is get black kids off the street and gang culture in East London and give them a positive outlet in boxing. But, in the first instance we prepare at the start of the boxing ‘season’ (roughly October to May, but this varies) and we start with endurance (heavily focused on aerobic fitness), then strength and finally speed (with the latter two focused on anaerobic fitness). I look forward to hearing about your progress, keep me informed , hi Fran Using the same hand for the two shots makes it more of a physical challenge to deploy. Firstly, I want to start with my definition of a boxing combination: Boxing Combination (adjective) – A series of boxing skills deployed in quick succession and without a pause and containing at least two punches. As mentioned above, you can just put on your gloves and go all out on the bag until you drop. Using good technique will make you fitter and better! Cycle 4 – speed. It's …

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you are an MMA fighter you can do the boxing drills as well if you want to focus on your boxing. Of course, you won't always adjust your hands in this way; there are pros and cons to every technical decision you make.

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