Popular run and gun indie video game Cuphead also offers a stunning offline co-op experience that you can enjoy with a friend on your Xbox One. And rightly so, this intense co-op zombie horde survival would never go out of fashion. Armed with a new Xbox One and looking for some local multiplayer action? Cuphead mixes delightful hand drawn comic graphics and retro band music to give this indie game a nostalgic feel to it. Overcooked. The LEGO Harry Potter collection offers a wealth of characters to play as in the Harry Potter series, as you reenact scenes from all of the Harry Potter movies. Diablo III is the classic dungeon crawler RPG that fantasy fans rejoice. Since the Coronavirus took over the world earlier this year, inter-country travel has become a dream.
Couch co-op means you and your friend can play the game together on a single Xbox One and the same couch.

2 is another great indie title that you can enjoy with your friends without connecting to the internet. Overcooked! Those two games alone can give more replay value than you'd ever need and go up to four player split-screen. Out of the lot, the House Rules mode is one of my absolute favorites as it offers players five different sets of rules to play a game of football, including a survival mode, a no rules mode, a long range mode, a first to mode and a headers & volleys mode.

One of the best parts about Cuphead’s local co-op is that both the players control their individual characters on the same screen, which will definitely attract users who aren’t fans of split-screen local co-op games or don’t have a monitor large enough to take complete benefit of the split screen mode. The alien environment is all better and the classic FPS feeling can be relieved through the Master chief collection. An upgrade to L4D, L4D2 includes new melee weapons and more zombie classes to run the hell away from. Far Cry is best known for its immersive story, creative plot and a huge-huge interactive environment. This extensive title appeals to both younger and adult players alike and offers one of the best examples of a local co-op mode that I’ve seen. The game requires two to play in a completely immersive split-screen co-op. This action packed 3rd person shooter provides a split screen, a LAN or an online option for you to pick from to play with your friends. The revamped graphics for the older games now makes the game look better than ever. The Steam exclusive game sees players in a pre-historic world of dinosaurs, where, as the title suggests, an element of survival is added to the table. You have the arena, you have the ball, but the way to score is to use vehicles equipped with boosters to propel the ball into the goal – bearing in mind someone has to be near the goal to save the ball! You don’t always need the internet to enjoy multiplayer games because there are some of the best Xbox games out there that offer couch co-op for the Xbox One. I just bought call of duty ops 3 based on your rec, but it’s only 2 player split-screen, not 4. With Gamepass, the couch co-op experience is vastly expanded, with a whole host of games at your disposal. An impressive cooking simulator, Overcooked! When Vermintide first rolled out, players oogled over the number of enemy factions and the perfectly synced up co-op play. 2 supports both local and online co-op for up to four players and the game offers players a unique way to experience the co-op gameplay, requiring all players to collaborate and get the dishes ready in a stipulated period of time. You have entered an incorrect email address! Thank u. i have all of these games good job putting them here. You’re both equally responsible for every area of the ship, from transportation to using your shield and bringing up a map. Left 4 dead series is famous for its insane number of zombies and the emphasis on teamwork to get through them. The Borderlands franchise offers one of the best offline co-op experiences I’ve had the chance to play so far, giving players the opportunity to experience the game with up to 3 friends in local split screen. Ready to test your skills, and pilot a poor ship that’s getting attacked from all sides while managing all of its systems? With the added punch of the funny LEGO cutscenes and ability to have multiple players on one single screen, the game offers a tremendous value for money and is ideal for playing with younger children, or any self-described Potterhead. This is quite amazing as it means that when one of the players dies they can easily respawn once the living player is out of the combat zone, which is a little more difficult when playing the single player mode due to limited lives.

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