Aaron Sorkin (who, rest assured, will make more than one appearance on this list) may draw criticisms for injecting too many of his own beliefs into his writing and veering into preachy-ness at times. This chilling, nuanced, and devastating monologue from, The staging of this monologue is brilliant. We’re talking about the classic “Bros before hoes” speech. | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | A Red Ampersand Company. The ceremony was unusual this year, to say the least: Jimmy Kimmel, the emcee, took the stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in front of rows of empty seats; winners accepted awards via video feeds from their homes and other remote locations around the world.

So to hear a character in a television show say exactly how she is feeling, with an unrelenting, unpleasant, devastating honesty, it reads to us as shocking.

While this monologue from the pilot certainly had the potential to lean that way, the writing is so sharp and the performance by Jeff Daniels is so impassioned, it’s impossible to not be swept up in it.

It's hard to choose the absolute best one, but one that sticks out in my mind is always when he gives the speech in the locker room during the Season 1 finale. The majority of monologues on this list are angry, vicious, and cruel. There’s a reason this fifty year old cartoon is still shown on television every Christmas.

It's crippling. Here are the 15 Greatest Monologues in TV History. Linus, the source of parental wisdom in the show, replies simply, “well, sure Charlie Brown.” He then takes the stage and tells the Bible story of the shepherds, ending with the line “goodwill toward Man.” He walks off the stage and quietly says, “That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.” Not such a bad message for a children’s cartoon. Taystee gives this heartbreaking speech to reporters after they show up because of Judy King. CLIP 10/03/20. These speeches can make us laugh, make us stand up and applaud, or even inspire us to take action. Midway through his cruel, pessimistic speech, he leans into the past, and waxes nostalgic for the America he remembers.

I want to go out and get a moonflower and try to grow it simply because of Jamie. Maybe it's because it hit super close to home for me, but this is a monologue that you can just feel and relate to so closely if high school was not such an easy time for you. Game-Breaking Injury: Occurs right before the final judging of the Dog Show when Cookie falls and injures her knee, requiring Gerry to take her place as Winky's handler. It’s too good to not mention!".

After getting dumped, an emotional Scott addresses the camera, explaining the philosophy behind the phrase “bros before hoes”.

O'Hara, perhaps best known for her collaborations with the elder Levy in mockumentaries like "Best in Show," thanked the father-and-son duo for giving her an opportunity to play the imperious family matriarch, Moira — "a woman of a certain age — my age — who fully gets to be her ridiculous self.". Pam’s assertion of confidence at the end of “Beach Games” is inspiring. In his pitch for a new Kodak camera, Draper gives us a telling glimpse at his philosophy regarding the past. and it sends her on a seven-minute spiel where she goes through a range of emotions and basically sums up the entire series.

It was so powerful and I get chills every time I watch it.".

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