Band of Brothers (2001) State of Play10.

Scott Grimes, The Wire15. Season 5: 8/10Series Rating: 8.6/10, TV-MA

The... Black Mirror (Netflix, 2011) is a British television anthology series created by Charlie... 'Black Mirror' Easter Eggs And References You Totally Missed, All The Technology From 'Black Mirror,' Ranked From Terrifying To Useful. Miss Marple has been brought to life numerous times over the years, but the most recent version is probably the best-known. And in the immortal words of Frank Gallagher, that is the most vital necessity in this life.

By day, mild-mannered Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police.

Read what Welsh people think about the importance of 'Hinterland' here.

Nozomu Sasaki, Season 1: 8/10 |


Band of Brothers33.

Vote up the best British drama shows on Netflix! | Why do I have to do this!

Every time I apply for job, I’m reminded of a newly unemployed Donna’s indignant line, "Why can't I have a cool job?

Advertisement. 47 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Performing to a live audience, each episode used a different subject – from "toilet books" to "Islamophobia" – as a launchpad for excoriating, tangential tirades or bizarre non-sequiturs.

Hugh Dancy,

Stars: Animation, Drama, Sci-Fi.

Lena Headey, Season 1: 9/10 Of course there were disagreements. 44 min Coronation Street27.

When Gavin Shipman and Stacey West get talking on the phone at their respective jobs in Essex, England, and Barry Island, Wales, they fancy each other and decide to meet up. | The series is anchored by the tremendous performances of David Tennant and Olivia Coleman.

Desire, their compass. Adapted from Patrick Augustus' book series Baby Father, viewers were introduced to a group of 30-something guys pursuing their careers, navigating sexual politics and stepping into fatherhood in early-2000s London. In celebration of BBC America’s launch of its new Dramaville block on August 17 – beginning with the 1950s-set spy thriller The Hour – we asked readers to submit their choices for the Greatest British TV Drama of all-time.

Season 3: 9/10 30 Greatest Television Dramas of All Time. |

By Meghan O'Keefe @ megsokay Mar 10, 2016 at 11:00am 221 Shares. Kiefer Sutherland, And this, at last, is the gift of Chernobyl. There was no period restriction, but the dramas had to be series (or serials) rather than one-offs. — James Greig, 47. Frances Conroy, Season 3: 9/10 809, This story has been shared 767 times.

| Why The Sopranos is the best TV drama of all time, Made in America, loved over the world: Sopranos named best TV drama ever, None of your favourites on our list? Crime, Drama, Mystery.

Updated March 5th, 2020 by Kayleena Pierce-Bohen: With the release of Autumn de Wilde's Emma, the newest adaptation of Jane Austen's popular social satire, period dramas have never been more accessible.

Read our editor's letter here to find out how we decided what ranked where, click here to read all of the articles from this series, and keep on reading to see what you came for.

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Granted, it was the first time a British television drama had cast four black actors in lead roles, but what set it apart from SATC was its exploration of universal themes from points of view often ignored by the mainstream. [Watch Inspector Morse on Netflix], Second only to Poirot in universal popularity and acclaim is Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. She’s not a tough cop or action hero. The Best Vampire TV Shows of All Time, Ranked, TV Shows We've Already Seen (And Loved) As Both Movies And Books.

Crime, Drama, Thriller. Season 6: 8/10 [Watch Broadchurch on Netflix], Sherlock Holmes is one of the most filmed characters in history, but there’s one TV version of his adventures that stands tall above the rest.

Justin Gross, The same one they clung to, and risked their lives for! The Street45. She voted highly for The Sopranos, but said: "Just goes to show that you can twaddle on about the same old themes for six series and if you're a man it's profound and if you're a woman you're vacuous. Nobutoshi Canna,

Wendell Pierce, Season 1: 8/10

It was also aired in Welsh by broadcasters in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Slovenia, before being picked up by Netflix and served to US audiences. Phyllis Logan, Ron Livingston, Season 5: 9/10Series Rating: 8.7/10, TV-MA Allison Janney, Plenty of teeth kissing and Caribbean slang added to Babyfather's lighter moments and authenticity. | Season 5: 9/10 For every empathetically written Del Boy or Brian Potter, there are reductive caricatures and regrettable Little Britain catchphrases. The first season is available on Prime and season two debuts on PBS on March 27. How Do You Want Me?17.


Bit prosaic.

Drama, History, Thriller.


Stars: It cast him as a harried and persistent young journalist Eddie Dunford, trying to dig up dirt on a trail of murder and corruption linking real estate developers, the police and local councillors in 1970s Yorkshire. List RulesOnly shows currently streaming on Netflix. Olgierd Lukaszewicz, 44. ... not the greatest TV of all time. Season 2: 9/10

One of the best current sci-fi shows, Black Mirror is filled with Easter eggs you might have missed.

No! | Period drama is a personal favorite (as you may notice). Season 8: 5/10Series Rating: 8.2/10, TV-MA On the "Iron" episode, they show pigs manufacturing iron and claim they're hoping to organise a trade union. Season 3: 9/10Series Rating: 8.6/10, TV-PG | Only don’t overthink the show’s concept. | Everyone on telly's got one!" It's not the way they said it was, is it?

Yes, there was always the danger that the show could veer into smug superiority, but in the face of increasingly bland comedic offerings and insurgent right-wing tabloids, its confrontational approach almost always felt necessary. Jarl Kulle, Season 1: 9/10Series Rating: 8.9/10"Are you sad because you've grown old? Ewa Fröling,

The BBC never released Babyfather on DVD, but it has lived on in the minds of those who watched it.

| Linking the top four dramas, he says: "They are confidently and powerfully drawn worlds made by groups of committed programme-makers. Aleksander Bardini, lots believe it shouldn't have "pandered" to English-speaking audiences, and only been released in Welsh. Karen Strassman, Season 1: 10/10Series Rating: 9/10"For you, Doctor Tenma, all lives are created equal. Queer as Folk14. Maja Schöne, Season 1: 9/10 Oh God, all just empty words. 594 min So if you enjoyed that, I'd give Pulling a try. Season 4: 10/10 "I'm not surprised – rather like Jonathan Ross, it has outlived its ­usefulness," said Banks-Smith.

Season 5: 8/10 Season 2: 8/10

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