And if you really want to make it confusing, you can aim the body with the jab or with the cross. But, if you ever boxed (or had a street fight) you probably already know that it isn’t so easy to knock someone out. Boxing is much like dancing. Joe Frazier: Smokin’ Joe’s ferocious attack started with full attention to his opponent’s mid-section, his left hooks to the body softening his man up for the impending assault directed upstairs.

Required fields are marked *. Ideas for changing the rhythm: Fast, then power. If you are an orthodox boxer, try to land the body shot on the liver. I had a similar problem in the beginning. Rounds won’t just exhaust your body; they will exhaust your mind. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

Perfect Muay Thai Clinch – Best Hacks You Should Know, Martial Arts for Fitness: 5 Reasons Why It Works, Boxing Injuries? The newbies also rarely use their jabs. Head movement: If there isn’t a threat from counters you don’t need to move your head.

Footwork: Step with the jab so you can cover the distance for the long power hand uppercut. Feints: You can feint a right hand before you throw the uppercut (very similar to the Lead uppercut->Right cross combo). For example, let’s say you throw first two jabs fast, but with no power. Feints cause no damage whatsoever to the opponent, rather it’s a distraction ruse. Move your head with the punches while doing this combination.

And the best thing is that you can do that without leaving yourself exposed. Billy Petrolle: Tough and aggressive, “The Fargo Express” was famed for his two-fisted body hammerings, anchored by his potent left hook. *This is the list of the top 10 most effective combinations in boxing (for beginners): We will dive into every combination more thoroughly later in the article but before that, let’s first discuss what actually makes one punching combination effective: You need to understand that the boxing combinations aren’t rules. And it’s very simple – you just need to throw a jab to the head as a set up for the hook. Alexis Arguello: “The Explosive Thin Man” understood well the value of patiently digging hard blows to the midsection to wear the opponent down. 0 of 10.

That’s because when you see the treat, you are naturally flexing your neck muscles which deaden the punch. They are just a distraction for the hard ones. Now you know everything you need to know about mastering boxing combinations in your boxing training. Slip the punch to the direction of your lead hand. Consider implementing them in your next training sessions with a sparring partner and see how well they stand out. 12. Rhythm: You can throw the cross immediately after the jab or wait for a moment.

(If you are in orthodox stance slip to your left and to your right if you are a southpaw). What’s Your Take On These Boxing Combinations? It’s very simple yet effective.

When throwing the hook, you can even do it like a slap – with an open hand. Don’t worry about the power, make it tricky, not powerful.

To do that look at his face before you go to the body. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Password Calendar: Free Registration: Mark Forums Read: Page 1 … This is a list comprising of some of those moves you may hear about as you get into boxing, or you already know them by heart as I’m sure is the case with consummate boxing fans.

Head movement: Be ready to slip straight counter punches. You need to have combos which you’ll be able to throw in your sleep. Both feints can be really effective. Which makes the punch feels completely different. Painting by Damien Burton.

A common mistake is to drop your rear hand after the lead hook to load the uppercut. And the opposite – look at his body when you want to start the combination with a head punch. That means that in a fight, you can throw the same combination but with a different rhythm and land it every time. The problem is that, during a fight, your opponent will probably protect himself.

Honorable Mentions: Rocky Marciano, Eusebio Pedroza, Pernell Whitaker, Roberto Duran, James Toney, Joe Louis, Tony Canzoneri, Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Robinson, Nicolino Locche, Wilfredo Gomez, Ricky Hatton, Jack Dempsey, Mike Tyson, Gennady Golovkin, Carlos Zarate, Gerald McClellan, Frank Klaus, Kid Azteca, Brian Viloria, Ruben Olivares. You must really sell your supposed upcoming punch to distract your opponent, and this may leave you open. This is the same as mixing up your punches. Such combos are more dangerous because you can leave yourself open when doing them, but if you land them the impact will be greater.

That’s because the knockouts are really cool and they are the thing that makes boxing the most popular combat sport in the world. They can help you trick your opponent or telegraph your intentions. Start off with a jab, followed by a right uppercut and left hook, and then finish it with a right hand. That’s the fastest way you can increase your fight IQ and box smarter. And next time end it with a powerful lead hook – 1-2-3. If your combinations are fluid and immaculate, your opponent will have a hard time dodging of blocking them. Avoid doing this, because that leaves your exposed for left hooks.

Because every body shot you land, slows your opponent down, and makes him gas out more quickly. What I can recommend to increase you fight IQ is to spar a lot, to watch a lot of boxing matches and also a lot of breakdowns for different matches and fighters (there are tons of great boxing breakdown videos on YouTube).

The purpose of this is to confuse your opponent with the different angles from where you punching. You slightly lean in towards your opponent, setting the trap, and then draw your head back rapidly to evade the thrown punch and then counter it with a straight. That will get you in a great position for a powerful lead hook. In boxing, kicking isn’t legal but still, we can apply the same concept here also. 3.

Their body is wide open for a strong lead hook. That’s the punch that will knock the other boxer out so make sure you throw it with all your power. Even though this combination is not special in any way, it can do a great deal of damage to your opponent. The only disadvantage of this combination is that it starts with an uppercut which can leave you open for straight punches because you need to lower your lead hand to load the uppercut.

Dramatic instances where a paralyzing left hook to the liver or a crushing right to the ribs produces a KO aside, much of the time an effective body attack is overlooked, even by ringside judges.

That way you can block his vision and distract his attention, and of course, land the bigger punches after that. What I mean by that is to alternate between fast combos and hard ones. Micky Ward: “Irish” Mickey Ward’s signature punch was an extremely effective left hook to the liver, a weapon that earned him more than a few clean knockouts. That usually happens when you are trying to build huge momentum and you are loading the shot too much. I also like this combo, because when using it, even if the opponent blocks the straight shots you can throw the hook around his guard and catch him. Yet another combination that will force your opponent to the canvas and end the match. Boxing Forum > Boxing Forums > Boxing History: Best combination punchers User Name Remember Me? This is the type of knockout that we are going to discuss in this article, not the TKO. (These combinations are complete as is, no need to pick a starter or ender for these.) Trading off power for speed, can help you penetrate the more defensive opponents. Follow it up with a rear hook to the body, Immediately after the body shot throw a lead hook to the head, Finish the combination with a power hand hook. Head movement: If you are shorter than your opponent, duck your head and move it under his left arm after you throw the cross. To prevent that from happening you need to use rhythm manipulation – to change your rhythm unexpectedly. Also, the shots that you see coming have a smaller impact than the unexpected ones. A boxing enthusiast who is always eager to learn something new about boxing and share it! Similar to 1-2, start your combo by throwing two quick jabs and then finish it with a right cross. The lead uppercut should be the hardest lead uppercut you can possibly throw. You have to be in good range and have the right power and speed to successfully pull it off though. © 2020 Best Punching Bag Reviews 2020. Feints: Only faking the first jab can be effective here. After the other boxer feels that you aren’t committing with your punches, he may loosen his guard.

So this combination can be really effective, but you need to be careful when doing it. The Bronx Bull attacks Cerdan’s mid-section. But there are 2 places where the impact of the blow can be much bigger. All you need to do is to use a jab instead of a lead hook. Is a matter of precise timing. Feints: If you are too close to your opponent you can just fake the jab and quickly land the hook. All you need to do is to spring up and then release the punch. Mix up the type of punches and the area it is targeting. When you step into that ring, you need to be prepared physically as well as mentally.

But the second jab needs to land. 6.

We are going to talk about which are the best ones for newbies, how to throw them properly and in which situations to use them.

If you are serious about the art of pugilism, a boxing trainer is highly recommended as you learn the basics and improve your technique as time flies. Never enter into the range of your opponent without being prepared. But that can’t be further from the truth. And the right power and conviction of the jab is a necessity as well, as you would definitely want to score a hit before clinching on to your opponents, or the whole move becomes redundant.

Never aim at the top of your opponent’s forehead. The Klitschko brothers use this maneuver a lot and Andre Ward is another recent exponent of such move. After the body shot your rival may lower his guard a little bit or duck his head.

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