1. 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Use Robin or Cyborg to magnet up a sphere platform that opens the door below. Use Brainiac to shrink the pipe on the upper left level near the magnetic pipe. He comes to have his own rogues gallery, such as the seductive shape-shifter Inque, the hypnotist Spellbinder, the bitter, deaf sound expert Shriek, the deadly assassin Curaré, the insane terrorist Mad Stan, the African hunter Stalker, a reincarnation of the Royal Flush Gang, and The Jokerz, a gang idolizing the Joker. I don't have information about controls on other platforms, sorry. Go across the bridge and make a platform for Flash to get rid of the yellow bug so you can have another silver object to destroy. Two are on the left, one is in the middle at the bottom of the area and two are on the right. There is a slim chance you can shrink another character and have them go in, but it is less trouble to get Atom. Level two requires you to step on red blocks sometimes but you can go over them quickly. Now go right and destroy the objects to make a Flash treadmill to power the elevator. A bit of button mashing takes care of Grundy, so go charge Robin up again for the next set of sparkles. Go right and magnetize the ball until it gets stuck. Filming & Production Use regular Robin to put a pole in the hole and come across. Duration of Episodes: Powers had Terry's father, Warren McGinnis, murdered after Warren discovered that Powers was in the process of developing a biological weapons program. Use Plastic Man inside the bubble, and you get this one as you emerge. Go pull that hook and then go get in the vehicle that comes out to suck up the goop and it also puts out fires if you drive over them. In that area, shatter the tube on the left and then dig. Bruce and Terry fend off the Jokerz side-by-side, but the exertion aggravates his heart condition. 3. Watch out on the third area, anything that flashes red will fall after you step on it. Shatter the glass with Batman and use Robin to activate the panel that will bring up a collection box. To the left of the building you shatter is a billboard on a building. This gets you a Gold Brick and a place for Batman to sense something. Created by: Try not to get squished and avoid the his bat breath (pun intended) until you see some pieces to assemble into a light. ", The supervillain Stalker was to have appeared in The Zeta Project episode "Taffy Time," but didn't make it. Hit all 4 locks with your shots and destroy the wood that falls down as well as the wood inside the doorframe. After you turn off the big beam, magnetize the mouth of the skull to open it up.

2. Four are in the area where you fight Cheetah. Smash the stuff on the left to make a collection machine for Robin and get his first suit, the Hazard Suit. Go right and sense a silver boulder for Cyborg to hit so the red monster goes away. 8. Use that to open the box and then see inside to click on the four spots and free the mjnikit. Once you get done fighting Joker's henchmen, Luthor comes out. 7.

8. Batman Beyond began airing on January 10, 1999 and ended its run on December 18, 2001 with 52 episodes. Fly over there and break down the door with his Giant Suit, then melt the gold.

Past the electric wall you cut down, destroy things to find a tech panel. However, knowing from personal experience that she cannot deter Terry anymore than she could have been deterred from being Batgirl, she relents, possibly also out of respect for her mentor and former lover, the original Batman. 3. 8. The other three are upstairs. Melt the gold on the bus to clear the way. Assemble them into an object to throw and throw it at Brainiac.

Flip the switch on the right to get pieces for a Plastic Man platform that gives you the Studs x 6 Red Brick. On the left side, Batmite is there. Melt the wall to the left for a minikit. Gotham City is now a futuristic megalopolis equipped with staggering high rises and hovering/flying vehicles. The second time, you will get the rest of the pieces needed to fix the battery. Fly up on level and use the electric terminal and then fly across to the other one. Batman Beyond (TV Series 1999–2001) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Go left to Batman and he will blow you to a new area and destroy some things for you so you can build a Tech panel. In the middle, there is a Plastic Man vent that leads to a minikit. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/BatmanBeyond. Destroy the silver at the bottom of the stairs with the Power Suit if you want, but the one you need to destroy is at the top. Born with a partial strand of the original Batman's DNA, Terry McGinnis was a reformed juvenile delinquent who stole the Batman suit to avenge the murder of his father. On the right, sense to get a Lantern spot. That opens up a puzzle. You can either throw it at the door or toss it at the bad guys and go break down the door. Manually target the four boats in the fountain just after the bridge and pull them apart to get a minikit. As you fall to Earth, slow down with B and look to the right. Use Batman to go into the electrified area and take the electricity then go up and destroy the silver and gold. X - Attack. There are five metal crystal formations to destroy. 6. You can see it sparkle. In Italy, destroy stuff to make a reflector and then hit him with something ranged when he zaps himself. Near there is a Poison Ivy spot that gets you inside the building to the right. Also you need to tap it quickly for strength based things. One is where you start, two are on the platform you fly to, and two are on floating balloons. Terry also appeared in Superman Adventures #64. In the area you go to to melt the plant roots, magnetize the roots to the left and fly up there. To the right of the Tech panel that aligns the planets you will find pieces for an electrical input panel. For the third heart, you need to deflect the beam to the gold she is on, use LS to move the beam once the platform is constructed.

To the left of the middle, there is a box that Brainiac can make really big for a minikit. While you are walking on the outside of the station, go all the way to the end toward the screen and rotate until you find a minikit.

You don't have anyone who can melt gold yet, so keep going down the stairs. Mutro Botha. The second one is past the fires, the third is up the ladder from the fires. If you fall, go left to the ladder and try again. There are five gold objects to melt. You get a token for Black Manta. Hold it down on special characters to change forms. I did not list the ones you should get for completing each level. Heat him up with Superman's vision until he brings up some henchmen and then do it twice more until he brings up a box you can make a Flash platform from. Put it out and then destroy the objects it was hiding. Do your best to stay out of their line of sight, if the bricks turn red you are close to one.

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