Once you have the code it is time to head to Wonder tower. The gate you entered through will be locked, look into the area in front of you behind bars you will see a button that can be hit using a remote Batarang through a small gap, hitting this button will activate a cut scene with Killer Croc. Approach Clayface and retrieve the vial to unlock: Time for the final cut scene, credits and lovely singing by Joker. Once all the pads are gone you will then need to attack the boss straight up. Use the Mine Disruptor (if you completed the side mission Remote Hideaway) to disable the mines. On entering Wonder City you will be jumped by 3 assassins, dispatch them, destroy the breakable surface on the floor and charge the gate open, on entering the next room you will unlock: Walk towards a large door at the end of the room to activate a cut scene, and then scan one of the mechanical guardians. 2 - Explosive Gel on a wall and lure him behind the wall to hit him with the rubble.

This Watch Dogs Legion – Decide Skye Larsens Fate – Kill Or Upload guide breaks down the two different choices you can have, explaining…, Certain missions require you to take a photograph of something important. This will meld into your first Predator scenario. Be mindful that Clayface seems to spit clay an extra time when he reappears from his pool, so first time he will spit once, second time twice and then third and fourth time spit three times.

You may be eager to jump right in to the story mode and begin chipping away at the campaign, and if so well, good on ya mates! Hmm, no, it seemed like a good idea but it ended up sounding cheesy no matter what word I emphasize! P05C: The Museum, Penguin, and Mr. The is especially true when you are completing mixture moves -- like dodging and attacking, or moves in the combo system for dodging and defending -- and just this one tip for adjusting your approach in combat will becomes very valuable later on, so embrace it! Dispatch the first batch and then quickly whip up to the next floor as poisonous gas will gradually fill up the room. Once he is on the ground floor look for the button on the wall to activate the electricity and get him to walk near it, stunning him. Now enter detective mode to find a destructible wall, destroy this and it’s time for another frozen platform moment, avoid the turbine by using the Batclaw to pull yourself to the opposite wall, now duck under the door. Whilst down in the subway keep an eye out for Jokers teeth, required for Riddlers challenge. With that you should have obtained every achievement in the main game, if not check out the side missions section to finish up. I hope the guide has been of use to you all, thanks to all TA members who permitted use of their solutions/maps. Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide – Beating Deadshot – Beating Deadshot isn’t to hard but be warned he never misses according to himself. You'll then need to decrypt a signal. It is beneficial to do all the Riddler trophies and Riddles etc. Or click here to search for specific content. You can destroy it with Explosive Gel. Head to the main room where you will have to take out a number of goons. You will find yourself in the collapsed corridor, head through this into a security room, watch a cut scene and now your target is to pickpocket 3 Tyger guards without being seen or heard, this is just a case of watching the guards, take your time and when you are behind them press Y.

Head into the subway to continue following the track, you will be required to use the Line Launcher to move around successfully. Throw a remote Batarang through one of the gaps, aim for the electric coil opposite and more specifically the electricity.

If you cannot access them immediately don't fret, some are only accessible when you have specific gadgets.

After defeating all of the assassins he will again transform into a giant version of himself, however this time he will swing a giant sword at you as well as the blue blades and ninja stars you have to dodge, everything comes at you twice as fast as it did previously so take your charge shots as and when you can. Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide victim 2 – This one actually had me stomped for a few minutes but I finally found him isolated on a broken piece of highway. Once you deal with them head to the elevator in the centre, this will require you to hack the terminal to open the door and then once inside hack the terminal to get it moving. If you want to finish Hot and Cold now. At the end of this you will have a cut scene where Robin will pass you a new gadget, the Line Launcher.

This will very quickly become automatic and second-nature to you as you gain experience and you develop muscle memory for the attacks and defensive moves. You have to also complete all the side missions in both playthroughs (this includes the 16 political prisoners unfortunately) and unlock all the upgrades for Batman.

The game will rewind itself, this time follow the green line to save Batman, head back through the collapsed corridor and up the ladders.

// --> Finally, head back to the Torture Chamber and head towards the last room available. To be certain you are in the correct area the door you need to enter is surrounded by a large clown mask with multi-coloured wings with flashing lights and two dancing bears balancing on balls either side of the door, it's very creepy looking.

All you have to do is avoid his laser sight and get to him. BEFORE you approach him, whip out your Remote Batarang and throw it towards him to unlock: Find someone to play remote Batarang catch with. In the industrial estate and amusement mile there are Joker balloons scattered around that you need to pop, and throughout the map are a number of CCTV camera's, if you identify the Tyger CCTV control centre you can hack this near the end of the game and this will tag all of the locations of the cameras for that specific area. Upon entering the museum head to the armoury, you will face a number of Goons along the way. This automatically hands you the side mission, Heart of Ice, you also receive a new gadget, Freeze Blast. Show more . Upon hitting him the statues will spin faster just wait for the statues to slow down and repeat, during this phase just dodge the incoming attacks. Riddler Combat, Predator and Campaign challenges, © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Once he hits low health for the first time and is frozen to the ground, approach him and start punching him.

Batman: Arkham City reference in Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is now a case of spamming Y until directed to give him a beat down using X. Game Guide. After scanning the first guardian, the scan will be interrupted and you'll have to find several more guardians scattered around the area, use detective mode to track them down. Then I went right and around the two barriers. Let’s go. Look to the building across from the Courthouse entrance, a mysterious caped gentleman that can now be seen on the roof (click in the right thumbstick to zoom in if you can't see him). This fight is easy, just dodge the incoming missiles, beat Penguin up and get a cut scene with Mr Freeze to lead to the next part of the story. Counter the attack and this will open the entrance, proceed within.

You basically have to find the victims of Deadshot then find out where he shot from. Head back into the subway terminal and to the opposite side where it has a sign saying No Exit, there will be a Catwoman Riddler trophy on the ceiling and below this is a roller shutter to be opened using the Electrical Charge, go ahead and fight 3 goons, and head to the Subway Station where there are a number of goons to fight, kill them and move on. Grapple up to the next area to find Harley tied and gagged, un-gag her by pressing A and she will start the side mission, Hot and Cold. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Use the reverse Batarang by holding RB and releasing and upon successfully getting his blood you will unlock: You now have to make your way to Mr Freeze in the GCPD building, but before doing so you have to make your way out of the subway. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. You will carry over all gadgets and improvements.

That may sound a bit confusing since, after all, this is a video game, so no matter what the good intentions were for the people who coded it, at the end of the day you still only get to be the Batman to the extent that they programed the experience. All credit goes to the original author for the above link. Upon entering this area you will be up against Penguin who will be periodically shooting you with Mr Freeze's gun, make your way around the perimeter of the room (stopping when necessary to avoid blasts from the gun) and get to the walkway where the boss is.

There will be an open steam vent, freeze this and move forward, repeat this again with another steam vent. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to open the shutters. To obtain the last achievement, you need to have collected all of the Riddlers trophies, riddles, and misc. Finally you have to also get 72 gold medals in the ranked challenges and 108 medals in the campaign challenges.

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