We received 25,798 calls and answered 68% within 20 seconds and 97.5% within one minute The findings include total expenses claimed, number of expenses claimed, money spent on staff, salaries, other employment earnings and donations. 7. Expenses for which MPs may claim include: Accommodation: Payable only to non-London area MPs to cover expenses incurred for overnight accommodation necessary for the performance of an MP's parliamentary duties. This averages out as a £123 loss in claimable expenses for each person, each year. Reviews were subsequently carried out into the allowances system and the newly created Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority became responsible for a new expenses scheme which came into effect on 7th May 2010. Exclusive business use can have personal purposes too, and this has resulted in some expenses cases going to court. It can put people’s health at serious risk, when our services are already under pressure. We researched 15 of the top current cabinet and shadow cabinet ministers’ expenses, income and donations (Dec 2018 – Nov 2019). Just Matt Hancock and Grant Shapps earned less than Boris Johnson in the Conservative party ministers who were researched. In particular, Office Cost Allowances were abolished and replaced by a fundamentally new system of separate allowances. The majority of that was spent on staffing costs, which were responsible for £140,296 of the amount claimed. At GoSimpleTax, we have experienced a wide range of strange expenses claims over the years, which prompted us to conduct some research into UK expenses statistics. The average cost of expenses claimed in 2018 works out as £150,340 for every UK MP who claimed. £19,266 was claimed for office costs, £28,118 for accommodation and £4,284 for travel.

Members of Parliament must not exploit the system for personal financial advantage, nor to confer an undue advantage on a political organisation. They may also claim for travel costs, either their own or others’, “which are in support of the MP’s parliamentary functions”.
We will have saved £320k (10%) on staffing costs. Furious at the newspaper... As the investigation enters its third week, Britain's political leaders take very different approaches... 10 years on, Britain's political landscape is transformed. The highest MP expenses figure for 2018-19 was more than £100,000 by a Birmingham MP, The Scottish National Party (SNP) is the highest expense-claiming political party, followed by The Green Party, 3. It is a contributory pension with the contribution rates set at 13.75%, 9.75% and 7.75% respectively, with effect from 1 April 2012.

Labour ministers also spend more on paid staff support, an average of £148,424 per minister (compared to Conservative’s £144,467). The same set of research also found that around 60% of people did not file any expenses, (so it’s no wonder that so much isn’t claimed) giving the following as reasons: So, of the population who can claim on expenses, it’s estimated around 60% did not. 1. Business costs and expenses claimed for by each MP(IPSA website) We cannot see any reasonable way in which the tweet could have come up with its figures. This includes journeys between the constituency and Westminster, travel within the constituency, extended UK travel and journeys to the EU, all subject to specific limitations and conditions set out by IPSA. Average claim per MP in 2017 - 2018 DUP

However, as the information for the end of the 2018-19 financial year isn’t yet published, the figures should mostly even out. 2016/17: 9 out of the 10 top claimers belonged to the SNP, 2018/19: 8 out of the 10 lowest claiming MPs were in the Conservative Party, 2010/11: 6 out of the 10 lowest claiming MPs were Conservatives, 2016/17: travel and subsistence claims were at £5.3m, reducing to £3.07m in 2018/19, Travel – first class (£355,978.17) and economy (£392,852.68), Spousal accompaniment on international flights, Helicopter travel to work ($6,500) – rejected, Hotel bill and flight changes ($10,000) – rejected, Separate hotel room for root vegetables ($85) – rejected, Boarding for pet snake ($30 per day) – approved, Buying Business Travel, the Barclays Study: https://buyingbusinesstravel.com/news/1729218-uk-workers-miss-out-%C2%A3962m-unclaimed-expenses/, Certify, The Craziest Expenses Survey: The Best of 2013-2018: https://www.certify.com/, ICAS, Revealed: the weirdest expense claims sent to HMRC, March 2019: https://www.icas.com/education-and-qualifications/weird-expense-claims-sent-to-hmrc-student-blog, MPs Expenses, 2018-2019: https://www.mpsexpenses.info/#!/all/2018, The Telegraph, MPs’ expenses: 20 most bizarre claims: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/, Taxation, The ‘kneed’ for an expense: https://www.taxation.co.uk/articles/2010-05-19-259881-kneed-expense, Whitefield Tax, Nothing exotic about this dancer’s tax return: https://www.whitefieldtax.co.uk/nothing-exotic-about-this-dancers-tax-return/.

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