Among Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia similarly to Brunei and Indonesia, is a country known for its dense Muslim population. This latter result is not robust though. The findings showed that demographic differences do not affect the level of motivation of Muslim tourists. A su. The percentage and population of Muslims in each region and for the whole continent is, summarized at the end of each section.

• Australia: Based on census data (UN, UN56, UN73, UN83, UN88, UN93, AU), in 1947 out of 7,579,358 Australian inhabitants, there were 2,704 or 0.04% Muslims. the 2007 census. 924,642 out of which 2,970 or 0.32% were Muslims. Introduction and Methodology, The purpose of this manuscript is to present a reliable estimate in form of tables of the Muslim population and its percentage in each country in Africa.

to 298,968 in 2008, and that the entire population is Muslim [CIA]. Percentage values are based on the latest available census and reliable estimates. The presented data show that Asia has 69% of the world Muslim population while Africa has 27%. The presented data show that nearly 28% of the population of Asia is Muslim, a total of about 1.14 billion.

5,621,982 in 2005. The largest Asian groups in the US are Chinese, Indian, and Filipino origin. Muslims in Oceania Oceania consists of many island nations in the Pacific Ocean, the total population of which is 35 million. 5.48% in 1979, to 120,506 or 6.06% in 1989, then decreased to 102,983 or 4.35% in 2000. the total Taiwanese population of 22,300,929 enumerated in the 2000 census. This study has been inspired by the extensive work in this area by the author’s late. [CIA] states that 100% of the population is Muslim. mmary data for the whole continent and comparison, Corresponding author.

Percentage values are based on the latest available census and reliable estimates. It is however imperative to also understand travelers' needs in order to remain competitive in the market. which indicated that the total population was 76,323,173, out, This region consists of seven countries with a total population of about 1.57 billion, out of which 30% or, 477 million are Muslim. Thus, it makes sense to include them in an estimate that inquires about adherents of a certain religion in a country. West Virginia has the smallest relative population of Asian Americans, with a total of 19,937 making up 1.09% of the state’s total population. The corresponding ethnic Kazakh population, 36,729 or 4.34% in 1956, to 47,735 or 4.69% in 1963, to 62,812 or 5.29% in 1969, to 84,305 or. However, these claims tend to be based on emotions and wishful thinking and not on scientific facts.

The total population estimate, tion growth rate (APGR) are based on [CIA]. According to [CIA], the 1998 census indicated that 2.1% of the total population, is Muslim. travel motives, travel behavior and perceived travel barriers will be determined and tested against the attractiveness of packaged tours. More recent, population increased to1,022,207 in 1997, and 1,41, that both Gaza Strip and teh West Bank had a total population of 2,597,616, out of which 2,556,859. or 98.43% were Muslims. Pew Research Center (2011) estimated that 61.4 per cent of Malaysians were Muslim in 2010 and projected the number to increase to 64.5 per cent by 2030 while, ... As past research shows that societal threats, like terrorist attacks, can alter the endorsement of moral foundations (e.g., Van de Vyver et al., 2015), we aimed to examine whether a similar effect would be observed in Turkey, a country that is frequently targeted by terrorist attacks (Institute for Economics and Peace, 2017). In addition, only 3% of the world Muslim population reside in this continent. with the rest of the continents are presented in Section 7. father, Dr. Ali Kettani (1941 – 2001), to whom this manuscript is dedicated. The data show that Muslim population in Oceania, both in size and in percentage, remains very low. These censuses include Palestinians who are not Is, Israeli citizens, colonizers or settlers w, “there are about 120,000 Christians in the West Bank,” or about 5.11% of the population recorded in. The total population estimate for each country and the corresponding annual population growth rate (APGR) are based on (CIA).

There were mixed results for the other moral foundations. There has been a recent increase in immigration of more ethnic Asian groups such as the Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese people. The correspondi, increased from 4,508,779 or 93.62% in 1947, to 6,057,493 or 95.54% in 1957, to 6,057,493 or, 95.54% in 1965. З.Баярмаа, ("Population and housing census of Mangolia," National Statistical Office, Mongolia) June 2004. Although [DOS] estimates that 5% to, Table 2: Estimated Muslim population in Southeastern Asia re, to 2,253,900 in 1990, to 2,494,630 in 2000. To this end, we divided Africa into five regions; the data for each is included in a separate section. Furthermore, the motivation has a positive influence to Indonesian and Malaysian consumer's attitude. Although Islam has a deep history in Europe, the results of this paper reveal that the percentage of Muslims in the Europe is less than 7%. Their fast population growth in the United States shows that they will eventually be the largest immigrant group.

Our results are summarized in tables and a superscript number is put by a country name representing the source of the percentages. Given a, ates Nuclear Regulatory Commission under grant, nd South Ossetia, Changing Religious Balance in Bot, , ("Population and housing census of Mangolia," National Statis. The corresponding individual.

All figure content in this area was uploaded by Houssain Kettani, All content in this area was uploaded by Houssain Kettani, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Sa. Bureau of Statistics, Palestinian National Authority, January 2009. California has the highest Asian American population with a total of over 6,431,020 Asian Americans. [UN] "Demographic Yearbook Special Census Topics, Volume 2b -Ethnocultural characteristics, Table 6 -Population

Muslims remain well under represented in Oceania, although there are substantial minorities in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. According to [DOS], Muslims make up 56% of the total population.

The, corresponding Muslim population increased from 64,958,221 or 85.88% in 1951, to 82,556,634 or, 88.09% in 1961, to 81,450,057 or 96.67% in 1981, to 126,009,286, UN79, UN81, UN], the total population increased from 6,657,339 in 1946, to 10,582,064, 12,689,897 in 1971, to 14,846,750 in 1981, to 16,864,687 in 2001.

itories with a total population of about 218 million, of politics and territorial claims, the following de, d West Bank had independent entries since they are run, the West Bank exclude Israeli citizens as they were, the corresponding individual data for each country in this, Based on census data [UN56, UN63, UN71, UN83, UN, UN09, CIA], the total population, Based on census data [UN56, UN63, UN], th, e total population increased from 450,114 in, According to the 2006 census [DOS], the total population was 265,100, and, The 1967 census [UN71] indicated that the, strip had a total population of 356,269 out of, census data [UN, PS] indicate that the total, N09], the total population increased from, Based on census data [UN63, UN88, UN, UN09], the total population increased from. According to [DOS], Muslims make up 96% of the total population. This data is summarized to be a reference for other studies and discussions related to Muslim population. An estimate for the Muslims demographics in the Year 2020 is also given based on these growth rates. The corresponding Muslim, population increased from 436,556 or 6.56% in 1946, to 724,043 or 6.84% i. October 10, 2019. The total Australian. According to [DOS], Muslims make up 91% of the total population. The corresponding Muslim population in, 791,817 or 4.12% in 1948, to 1,317,475 or 4.86% in 1960, to 1,584,963 or 4.32% in 1970, to, 2,769,643 or 4.57% in 1990, to 3,862,409 or 5.06% in 2000. These numbers are expected to increase by the Year 2020 to 1. addition, while the World population annual growth rate is estimated at 1.203%, the co, the World Muslim population is 1.643%.

This is about 16.43% of California’s total population. This is expected to increase by over one percentage point each decade, reaching one out of four by 2020 and one out of three by 2075. The total is 214,375,487 (88.2%) Muslim population in 2010 and is expected to increase to 240,011,944 Muslim population in 2020 [9]. The country of Russia was included in Europe as most of its population lives in the European side of the country, although most of its territory is in Asia. Official censuses were considered in this study to be the most reliable; although official censuses are usually challenged by minorities, whether Muslims or not, claiming that their number is underestimated for various reasons. percentage and number of, The purpose of this manuscript is to present a reliable estimate of the Muslim population and its percentage in each country throughout the world. [BT] "Bhutanese community profile," the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Commonwealth of Australia, Implications and directions for future research are also discussed.

from 1,596,745 or 93.58% in 1961, to 2,036,407 or 95.47% in 1979. from 206,473 in 1957, to 439,687 in 1965, to 944,781 in 1975, to 1,242,708 in 1980, to 2,213,403 in, Table 6: Estimated Muslim population in Western Asia re, 2005. It is however imperative to also understand travelers' needs in order to remain competitive in the market. A large part of this population resides in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and San Diego. An estimate for the Muslims demographics in the Year 2020 is also given based on these growth rates.

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