All he could do was watch for cues others took for granted, put those cues together to form a picture of her emotions. And a blood vow places you at risk—should Neha judge that you have broken it, she can ask for an execution.” He shook his head. Such a thing would be nothing to an angel of Jason’s strength, but she did not like seeing his body abused in even so small a way. “Don’t ask me to talk you out of vampirism. “What changed?”, “Age, time, life.” A shake of her head. “I take your help because you are the stronger,” she said, raw emotion in every word, “but I won’t hide behind your wings. Yet the man who touched Honor, who claimed her lips in a kiss of possession, had a tenderness about him that was as dangerous as it was gentle.

Born with a malformed wing that meant solo flight was out of her grasp, she’d suffered anguish such as Jason couldn’t imagine.

“She’s very intelligent. With only their relentless hunt for a violent, intelligent killer to unite them, Jason and Mahiya embark on a quest that leads to a centuries-old nightmare… and to the dark storm of an unexpected passion that threatens to drench them both in blood. The sticky dampness that had dripped through the floorboards above, it covered him, the taste of it thick and ripe in the air.

Even the women were not welcome—he believed they sought to lure her away with their tales of the Refuge.”. “Only a fool would attempt to contain or direct a storm. “Jason told you to watch over me.” It did something to her to know that Jason cared enough about her to have asked another of the Seven to keep her in his sights. I don’t want you to squander the power of that beautiful heart on a man who will not value such a gift.”, “I understand him, Vanhi.” Never would she forget the terrible sorrow she’d tasted in his tale of Nene and her Yavi, until it hurt her to imagine the cause. That party was composed of hunters, all certainly with a weapon or two hidden beneath the sleek, elegant clothes they wore for the wedding. The vampire with her green eyes and skin of deep bronze had the appearance of a stunning woman in her thirties, but the manner and ways of a grandmother. Elena’s wing shimmered lightly over his as she stretched a little, and he didn’t shift away to break the fleeting contact. She didn’t know how it happened, but her pants were stripped from her seconds later, and she found herself lying on her back on the bed with Jason between her legs, the heavy denim of his jeans rubbing against her skin as he devoured her mouth.

“Jason, I’m sorry I scared you, son. Afterward, he soaped her body in the shower and helped her dry her hair. “Venom.”. He didn’t force her to move, didn’t attempt to turn and take her into his arms—as if he understood she just needed to lean on his strength a little until the world stopped spinning. “Nivriti is too confident for an angel about to go into battle against one of the Cadre.” He looked out over the fort, tracking Nivriti’s army.

A smile lazy with charm, his eyes hidden from view by mirrored sunglasses that reflected her own face back at her. “Impossible as it seems, I do not believe we have ever met.”, Mahiya’s fascinated gaze lingered on Venom’s eyes as he lifted his head and released her hand. “To give and never receive?”, Her smile grew impossibly more luminous.

His answer was no surprise, not when she’d felt the midnight flame of him more than once. Her skin flushed and she ducked her head, before walking to the vanity and slipping off the bangles of jade green glass leavened with gold he’d bought for her from the same shop where she’d purchased several sets of new clothing, having come to New York with nothing but what she wore. “I intend to.”, His hand on her breast, squeezing a fraction too softly. “I heard your voice.”, It took intense concentration not to reach out, part her soft lips with his own, taste a smile that was a kiss against his senses. She knew Jason had been surprised at the discovery of how soon the assault would begin, but it did make a brutal kind of sense—Neha was hurting from Eris’s loss, vulnerable. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. She’d purloined an old crossbow from the guard several decades ago, on the rationale that unlike swordplay or hand-to-hand combat, it was something she could teach herself. Dmitri ensured Honor was comfortable in the four-poster bed she’d made up with sheets of crisp white speckled with tiny blue forget-me-nots. Jason said nothing to that—silence was often a better weapon than words. And if I will not share these secrets with you, who will?”.

With Michaela in accord with Raphael for the moment, and no one aware of where Dmitri and Honor planned to honeymoon, it was a safe enough location. All of it indicates that an event that has not happened in twenty-five thousand years is about to occur again.

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