per yr.). One of my famous asides follows: The parent species-Thuja occidentalis-is always and everywhere considered slow-growing.

There is even a weeping kind, T. occidentalis Pendula, but this requires staking. Is damage unlikely or should I start looking for a new house? Temperature.

A top pick for a great wind / privacy screen. This slow growth rate is the reason many homeowners choose to use different methods of planting and spacing these shrubs in their landscape. In spite of their scaly appearance, however, the leaves are quite soft when touched. Several cultivars develop unusual colors, such as "Rheingold," with golden orange foliage and a compact, 4-foot-tall habit. Another site confirms moderate growth rate; up to a foot a year once established. Oh, and the other part to the art of googling is knowing what terms to use. Emerald Green Arborvitae fare better in dry, cool climates. Growth Rate - Very Fast; Sun Conditions - Full Sun; Arbovitae Landscape Design Tips. Previously there was nothing planted around this patio, and the last 2 years I have whipped out a little bottle of Roundup spray to eliminate some grass growing between the paver bricks. Arborvitae plants are susceptible to several insect pests, especially bagworms, the larvae of a common moth that build loose bags to cover their bodies, attaching the bags to arborvitae twigs. Keep in mind, most of the named cultivars of this plant were selected for even greater foliar density and this speaks to a slower overall growth rate, or height increment anyway.

Normal growth rates for Emerald Green (Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd') are between 6" to 12" per year once established and tapering off as they reach about 12' to 15'. Nouriel Roubini is seeing signs that we are “entering bubble territory” in nearly a score of developed and emerging markets countries that he warns “looks like a slow-motion replay of the last housing-market train wreck.” In a Nov. 29 opinion piece appearing on Project Syndicate, the NYU professor and economist says the signs of “frothiness” include fast-rising home prices, high and rising price-to-income ratios and high levels of mortgage debt as a share of household debt. gailfergie, growing trees in containers acts as a natural dwarfing mechanism.

For example, in addition to wanting a plant of a particular color, you may want a plant that: In general, different arborvitae shrubs score pretty well on one or more of these criteria, but no type is exceptional on all three counts.

The rate at which it grows will depend on the species that is in question. The narrow, pyramid shape makes it a natural choice for windbreaks. The rootball is the size of my fist and has not grown since the day I brought it home. But gardeners usually approach plant selection with a wish list of plant characteristics. Photo by Dax Herbst - …

Luckily, there are types of arborvitae that can fit the bill. first/.. they are conifers .... not shrubs.. those words will matter in the future.. especially in regard to pruning ... second.. as noted.. arb really means little ... we need to know the second latin name.. as well as a cultivar name.. to be able to research the annual growth rate.. after establishment ... Dorota Dyman & Associates Real Estate Housing Bubble Warning From NYU. It requires almost no care when used as a hedge or screen. All varieties are versatile plants that make excellent additions to a home landscape plan, providing strong green focal points throughout the year. Sometimes five minutes of thought before googling can save you thirty minutes or more of reading and searching. Listed below are the most common varieties of arborvitaes that we offer . Ohio State University Extension: Arborvitae for the Home Landscape, Ohio Department of Natural Resources: Arborvitae (Thuja Occidentalis), Arbor Day Foundation: Arborvitae, American -- Thuja Occidentalis, North Dakota State University: American Arborvitae. It was just little spots of grass though, so maybe 40 shots from hips height. Last weekend, standing there looking at this patch, the tallest of all were the Thujas.

This is especially true of the various kinds of "globe arborvitae" (so named for their spherical shape or hassock shape), which include: Not all types of arborvitae are a plain, old green in color, either. I have a Record Buck Eureka lemon and it's a rooted cutting. The name arborvitae, is a Latin form of the French, "l'arbre de vie," which means, "tree of life." Excellent medium height option for privacy.

So let me know!

“With central banks…wary of using policy rates to fight bubbles,” Roubini’s biggest worry is that the standard tools applied by regulators—what he calls “macro-prudential” regulation and supervision of the financial system to address frothy housing markets—will prove “inadequate to control housing bubbles.” Roubini did not discuss the U.S. housing market, but two reports last week showed that the domestic market is certainly improving. Pyramidal Arborvitae-These Arborvitaes grow in a columnar shape. Great option for privacy screens. And single trees soften house corners. It is better to do a little trimming or shaping early and often than to wait and be forced to cut back too heavily. Protect them (especially over the winter) to avoid severe damage if you're in deer country. The larvae feed on the plant's foliage through spring and summer, potentially doing serious harm.

Her work has appeared in health, medical and scientific publications such as Endocrinology and Journal of Cell Biology.

I have never fertilized it, and I rarely ever even water it. Features tiny, scale-like leaves that are packed closely together in overlapping rows on branchlets, displaying in a flattened, fan-like spray. My other vote would be NOT to paint the wall. Even though Arborvitae trees are hardy and durable, you need to take care of them properly if you live in a region where there is snow during the winter season. The foliage is full, even down to the ground, so they provide full coverage to the landscape.

I planted them in pots to stand on each side of my doorway that faces south.

Otherwise, it can reach 10 to 15 feet tall x 5 to 7 feet wide.

Globe arborvitae will grow at a pretty slow rate, while techny arborvitae can grow at a rate of four feet per year once the plant has matured. P.S.If you know the cultivar name (example: 'Hetz Midget'), you really don't have to know the species name (the second latin name).

I started applying the Roundup pretty liberally from the little 24oz. If you're hoping to grow a tall hedge or privacy screen as quickly as possible, one option is to buy established Emerald Green arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis Smaragd) plants, which can reach 12 to 14 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide at maturity. When a runner starts, it hits the metal sheeting and turns UP (our of the soil), making it very easy to snip off with a pruning shears. per year.

I recently installed a nice little shade garden (hostas, ferns, coral bells, etc) to go with a row of arborvitae near my backyard patio. I'd be suprised to see more than about 18" per year even in ideal conditions. I would happily plant bamboo in front of the concrete wall, but would leave enough space between the wall and the bamboo to put in the metal sheeting and have space to walk between the sheeting and the fence so you have control over the bamboo as it grows.

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