Whether their origin tale is true or not there is little doubt that the Arborians were severely affected by the struggle for survival after that long-ago conflict. When an Arboren is wounded they don't bleed regular blood, instead, they bleed a glowing green sap-like liquid that carries the magic that animates their wooden bodies, if they bleed out they simply freeze into place and if it is on the soil it will grow into a tree. Arborian women tend fields, harvest the forests, hunt and fish and forage. Yet because of the enslavement of most of their peoples by the Dunmer, they came to building small villages with mud huts. Although risotto may be the most common use for arborio, there are other dishes where creamy rice is an ideal ingredient. [15], When an Argonian dies, their soul travels into the Hist trees, thus they pass on their memories to each new generation. The isolated survivors of that long-forgotten war were driven out into the untamed wilderness. [11] Something deep within these individuals calls for them to undergo this change. In Black Marsh, it is customary to present a lover with an Argonian Wedding Band, which is crafted by the courting member. Arborians are generally well-liked when they leave their forests. Argonians also have some resistance to poison. Argonian (Arena) 2. War Wives must balance the number of children they bear, which bring status, with her accomplishments in battle, which bring status. https://www.epicpath.org/index.php?title=Arborian&oldid=147034, +2 to two different ability scores, -2 to one ability score, +2 one ability score, and +1 to three different ability scores, -2 to one ability score, +4 to one ability score, -2 to one other ability score.

The male Arborens can, at will, sprout the leaves of the tree; the females, however, sprout a flower of their choice, though once the flower is chosen they can only bloom that flower. [8] In extreme circumstances however, the Argonians, or rather "The Hist" can adapt to climates that are too cold for eggs, which allow a female Argonian to bear a child.

As a result, almost all War Wives will raid and patrol frequently and publicly. Such escort duty is considered a mark of honor, and it is hugely dishonorable for an Arborian Deathgroom to survive a battle in which a War Wife is slain. This cultural bias and the fact that there are often two to three times as many Deathgrooms as Warwives in roving bands led to the early confusion which led to the naming of the people as the Arborians (a male term) instead of the Arboreals (a female term). [3], The Dunmer of neighboring Morrowind have made a practice of raiding the region for slaves, and this is particularly practiced by members of House Telvanni. The social structure is a structured polygyny, as each blooded War Wife is allowed to sleep with whichever man suits her fancy (assuming he is unattached, or an accommodation can be reached) and any children produced are raised by the entire community. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. The natives fought and defeated the Daedra on their own turf, doing so with such success that the Dremora lieutenants actually closed their Gates themselves to prevent being overrun, an occurrence unheard of in the other provinces. This gives Argonians the ability to breathe underwater, which has proven to be an advantage in combat with other races, especially in the swamps of Black Marsh. It produces a special sap that gives Argonians visions and enlightenment to their souls. The Hist and spirit of the Argonian combine.

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