Cardinal Gerhard Müller to Raymond Arroyo’s query, “The great mistake was to bring the idols into the Church [Maria del Traspontina], not to put them out [throw them into the Tiber], because according to the Law of God Himself – the First Commandment – idolism [idolatry] is a grave sin and not to mix them with the Christian liturgy.”.

“The defence of the land”, the text reads, “has no other purpose than the defence of life”, and is based on the evangelical principle of the defence of human dignity. Stephen Rossetti at Catholic Exorcism “Liturgical Mysticism is the Crowning of…, We truly love others when we desire their good, i.e. The issue of women deacons “is not within scope of the Synod for the Amazon”, said the Cardinal. It was convened to address two principal topics, both mentioned its title, Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology. Today is the Feast of St. John Damascene. The protagonists of the care for, and the protection and defence of the peoples are the Amazonian communities themselves. The author cites Q 6:141, 152; 16:60-1; and 17:31-33 (see also Q 81:3). One of my favorite quotes, and a cry from the heart of St. Pius X, as well as a cry from my own heart is the following: Or perhaps Christ our Savior is saddened by the idolatry that clearly took place, and by the placing of idols in one of His Church building, and by the prayer to Pachamama that the Italian bishops included in a prayer booklet, and by the failure of His Vicar to stop the evil in its tracks. Who would have recoiled in horror at the idolatry, and who did not have to have spokesmen issuing a constant stream of apologies and explanations for confusing statements. The Amazonian people, in fact, with their "ancient scent" - which provides a contrast between the desperation that one breathes on the continent, with their values of reciprocity, solidarity, and sense of community - offer teachings of life and an integrated vision of reality capable of understanding that all of creation is connected; and guaranteeing, therefore, a sustainable management. Do you think that when this Pope was elected most of us started hunting for something to complain about? Lay participation, both in consultation and in decision making in the life and mission of the Church, the Document explains, must be strengthened and expanded, beginning promoting and conferring ministries “for men and women in an equitable way”. In pagan ceremonies such as the ‘Pago a la Tierra’ – which closely resembles the event held in the Vatican gardens identified by a shaman’s grandson as a pagan ritual – sacrificing to spirits is the point of the whole thing. Also, a great article to consider is one which Joanne Baker writes on Homiletic and Pastoral Review. Referring to the final document, the Cardinal focused on the word “conversion”, saying it responds to the title of the Synod itself: “New paths for the Church and for Integral Ecology”. Very well.

The promotion, training, and support of permanent deacons is described as urgent. The text notes that they often end up in prison, or committing suicide. “However, since it is not the answer that is desirable to the conservative right, therefore his answer is picked apart and torn apart and the love he wishes to show to the good people of the Amazon is stomped on.”. “They translated the suffering that we experience and witness, into data, hypothesis and proposals”, he said. The Holy Father said the recovered images may appear at the synod’s closing Mass on Sunday. He treats the Church and Catholics with contempt. I assume that the Pope was not worshiping the idol, but it is quite clear that the others were. The responsibility for the community, it specifies, would remain with the pastor. Your email address will not be published.

The Amazon will prosper “if trees keep standing and water keeps flowing”, he said, and this will mean hope for the Amazon “and for us all”. (Saint Pius X, November 18, 1912, Allocution Vi ringrazio to priests on the 50th anniversary of the Apostolic Union). The hope is that by recognizing “the wounds caused by human beings” to the territory, models of development based on justice and solidarity might be sought. Francis says Pachamama is not exhibited with idolatrous intent. In this area, valid assistance can come from the ecclesial base communities, which are "a gift of God to the local Churches of the Amazon." Thank you for your generosity! It is important, then, to pass from a "visiting" pastoral ministry to a pastoral ministry that is permanently present. Conversion: this is the common thread running through the final document of the Pan-Amazon Synod. As they mark this anniversary, the Diocese of Kabgayi recently hosted the ordination to […], “Pope Francis also reported that the statues had been recovered from the river, are not damaged,”. Without conversion there are no new paths, said Cardinal Czerny. Please support our journalism by donating today. At the conclusion of the Document, the Synod Fathers invoke the protection of the Virgin of the Amazon, Mother of the Amazon, venerated under various titles throughout the region. It becomes necessary, then, to defend the rights of all so that everyone has equal access to the benefits the city has to offer on the basis of the principles of sustainability, democracy, and social justice.

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