It’s basically me apologizing for making such a stupid ship-hating post such as this one, and I’d really like for people to read it before they try to discredit these reasons, simply because…well, it’s no longer necessary! during hogwarts/teenage characters versus adult characters? – J.K. Rowling.

Draco clearly respects her intelligence and brains on some level – though he will never admit it – whereas I am unsure as to why Ron even likes Hermione. This is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. I am so tired of people making Ron look like an idiot! Even if he does leave behind his racist views and ask for forgiveness, the past is still there.

It was made when I was young and biased, so I’m woefully underqualified for delivering such messages. And the war between DraMione and RoMione is gonna like the war between Prussia x Hungary and Austria x Hungary Be prepared for a LOT of reading! Special Episode - Author Chat w/ Juls Beth (aka lovesbitca8). My last reason is simply this: JK Rowling didn’t make it so. Also, there is a list of dramione stories at the end! Not a lover. I have no qualms about that but I do have differing opinions on what logic many Dramione fans have gone by. I want to hear your thoughts on Chapter 6 of Isolation, so please email me at or join the discussion in the Dramione Fanfiction Podcast Facebook group! The relationship was slowly developed from hatred and competition to something more. Ministry co-workers. My Harry Potter knowledge can’t be THAT off….

I have no right, really, to attack your ship, so I’m very sorry! While I don’t know if that’s really true–the source thing–I do wish to apologize for this post.
And everything that you talked about was, we have to remember, done when they were children–yes, children. Authors have to have a beta and every chapter is read and approved before being posted. Hermione has goals. I’m just going to say my opinions on the matter of what Beth argued with. I love Harry Potter, I really do.

Bleh. Those fanfictions were awesome tbh. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Your response was incredibly eloquent, wow. They change Hermione too. Yeesh. You can’t take an AU (alternative universe) fanfic and take it seriously. It’s a Pureblood fanatic. Draco, being someone brought up to think that Muggle-borns were of equal status to scum mucus, wouldn’t be about to fall in love with her. 2020 © Anchor FM Inc. All rights reserved. I am a hardcore dramione shipper too. I want to hear your thoughts on Chapter 5 of Isolation, so please email me at or join the discussion in the Dramione Fanfiction Podcast Facebook group! In the very first special episode of the Dramione Fanfiction podcast, I chat with Juls Beth (aka lovesbitca8) about her Rights & Wrongs series including The Right Thing To Do, All The Wrong Things, and The Auction! I agree so much ahsfbsdj. Thank you so much for writing this! Besides, the way Draco just seems to succumb to the fact that his “animal instincts” want Hermione is just so OOC. Discussion starts at 28:53. Back then I didn’t really understand the concept of “AUs” and “one bad apple doesn’t poison the whole load”, but now I know better! 2015 Edit: Please read this post! It makes me pissed off… Leave our cannon alone, for god sakes!
Even if he does fix himself up after the war, I don’t think he would be a good choice for her to be with, absolutely not better than Ron who stood by her all these years. I don’t go around writing about them all the time (my stories always have my own character in them, lol I’m selfish), but yes I think JK did well putting them together.

I want to hear your thoughts on Chapter 7 of Isolation, so please email me at or join the discussion in the Dramione Fanfiction Podcast Facebook group! Hah. Now, I do admit I’ve read some where Hermione hasn’t been changed, but it’s a partnership.

Yeah, I would echo the others recommending major staples: Isolation by Bex-Chan and Clean by Olivie Blake (although I’m partial to her later stuff, Clean is a classic). All of your points are invalid. They both have their ideals set firmly into their hearts; Hermione has equality (SPEW) and Draco has pureblood ideals.

Now, I admit I haven’t done much veela research on the subject, but the way JK Rowling put it, that’s not how a veela works… But I bet you guys are just using some other myth or legend created by someone for veela (therefore, it isn’t canon, but we’ll ignore that for now.)

Intro fanfics to Dramione. Thanks for your comment! Change ),,, Blaise: I don’t think he is all of those things. There are other factors to be considered. Because I know I definitely wouldn’t, but maybe that’s just me.

Thanks for reading! There’s a pattern. “Draco Malfoy had feelings for Hermione throughout the Series, ever since he laid eyes on her, however he was unable to show his feelings due to Hermione’s Muggle-Born heritage” And stop making Hermione look perfect, she is not Emma Watson, she is whiny, big headed, determined little Hermione Granger.

Feel free to not count this reason, but I feel that it is a good one.

The story is absolutely capturing - full of interesting and dangerous adventures. It’s a way for authors to find parallels within a time era or society and aply it to something beautiful. He is still the same smart yet jerkish and egotistical guy and sometimes, you have to change his character if you want Dramione to be a healthy relationship. But I don’t bash anyone who thinks otherwise or have different opinions. Your reasons make sense, especially the one about Hermione wanting to figure him out. Draco DOES match Hermione. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. But I am with you, 95% of dramione fan fictions are complete trash, filled with authors just living in their own fantasy that Draco secretly had a crush on Hermione all along; they’ll literally pick apart every little line in the books where Draco and Hermione are in the same sentence. Voldemort AU. Now I know better, though! Thinking of starting isolation and am wondering. It would at least take him ten years to begin treating Muggle-borns decently and by then—in, ahem. At that point, Draco is still much too prejudiced. (That’s the only thing for me that prevents Dramione from ever being feasible.)

What about Ron and Hermione?

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