One thing I never understood is why Sidi and other major cycling shoe manufacturers are drilling the cleat holes so far forward, especially for anybody with larger feet. “When we see their footage, it’s a reminder of why we believe what we do is right – how our train works – and we don’t think we should change anything.”. “And, I’ve forgotten one that I used to know.”. | Ride Media Adam Hansen has a mid-foot cleat position. All the information is there, including all the smaller details like if phone numbers change… that sort of thing. “I believe I can get each shoe to a weight of around 55 grams or even less.”. As a board member of the CPA (Cyclistes Professionnels Associés) he holds a position of responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for his colleagues, amongst other things. That’s my job.”. There are also message options so if there is any need for communication between the relevant staff, it can be done in one location. I have mine pretty forward and still have a good deal of overlap... anymore and I think it might hit the street at times. His consistency is well-documented and there are many other things about Hansen that are interesting, some of which have been published by RIDE Media in the past, some are yet to be shared in future issues of our magazines. And he has a long, low stem and a forward leaning seatpost. But obviously we’re also going for stage wins with André Greipel and it’s going to be difficult. And sometimes I do ride a bit early – more for the safety of the other riders and to make sure we’re holding good position. “Yep. From cleat position to saddle height, Australian pro cyclist Adam Hansen – an innovative expert in cycling science who has finished 25 Grand Tours – discusses [...] Read full article: How to set up your bike like a Tour de F...→. I guess they’re giving away their secrets by broadcasting their footage. Le Tour 2021: route revealed – good news for Ewan and Dennis? I already have minor overlap on two bikes, enough to where I hit/brush the front wheel from time to time while trackstanding. Things get very repetitive now with my race program which is good – I know what I’m in for. Adam Hansen. He actually did that twice in one of the sprints. No, no, no… well, maybe. Thread starter MellowJohnny; Start date Sep 21, 2014; Sidebar Sidebar. Or, rather, do you ever get ‘cycling drain’ – when you just think, ‘I’d quite like to do something else for a bit…’? So what I want is to have long cranks, to move my cleats back to effectively extend that lever. Adam Hansen was on 38cm, and BTW if he was on 42/44 he would have had a much shorter stem. I was able to keep the same stiffness and reduce weight 40%, if my math is correct, and I use the honeycomb material throughout the whole sole and side. Help me understand - how does KOPS, which is about fore-aft seat position relate to cleat position? Everything’s the same… well, do you mean: ‘cycling professional’ or my other work?”, [Note: Hansen has many other projects beyond his cycling. “It’s not good for young guys to think, ‘Oh, the pros take their hands off the handlebars…’, “But yeah, we learn things about them by watching the footage.”. He has a curious cleat position, far further back than most riders. “We are all good at our own specific jobs and ours is really planned: it’s got to be the same every single time. And so, ladies and gentleman, here is a quick chat with RIDE’s new regular columnist: Mr Adam Hansen. For his part, Hansen has been doing his research. I've thought about it a few times but can't get past the toe overlap problem. But I agree - it looks HIDEOUS!!! This means he has a slightly protruding bone that rubs against the shoe causing discomfort. Le Tour Tech: Adam Hansen?s shoes, computers, mattresses and more | CyclingTips As Campy 11 chains don't follow the 12 1/16" rule, it's wise to change them at 132.60 mm max. I thought the reason for making his own shoes had to do with how his feet fused when he was young. “The Campagnolo system is really gradual and, from the start, you think they are not very powerful – that was my first reaction… but when you take a decent pull on the levers, then the power really comes. Yes I follow the guy a lot - I'm just surprised that no other rider is doing it. “Are we going to have a chat?” he asked.

Adam Hansen’s stem. Hard to get the cleat far enough back. ↳   For sale - Pictures are mandatory 22-3-13, ... ery-51545/. As Campy 11 chains don't follow the 12 1/16" rule, it's wise to change them at 132.60 mm max. Do you ever get tired? After each stage, a video will be edited, published on and available for team’s websites and broadcasters.”], After having viewed the Giant-Shimano footage, how different is the Lotto-Belisol train from a riders’ perspective?

I’ve got the same program, I do the same job. Beyond his Grand Tour record, Adam Hansen is an intriguing cyclist for many reasons. Adam Hansen. JavaScript is disabled. “It has fields for all the staff: the soigneurs, mechanics, directeurs sportif… so, when we get our programs, we don’t get just a basic email as happened in the past, we can log on and see the full calendar. He can go all day and is super smart about how he uses his energy, few top end efforts. Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts. By Invictus in forum General Cycling Discussion, By |3iker in forum General Cycling Discussion, By zandr in forum General Cycling Discussion, By Creakyknees in forum Racing, Training, Nutrition, Triathlons, By CC09 in forum General Cycling Discussion,, Adam Hansen: ?I enjoy the life direction I?ve taken?.? Before becoming a pro cyclist, Adam Hansen was a computer programmer. Le Tour Tech: Adam Hansen?s shoes, computers, mattresses and more | CyclingTips, Lactic acid myths, debunked -, Lactate and lactic acid - dispelling the myths |,,,, “Campagnolo gave me a disc brake bike in April to test and I have been training since then only on disc brakes,” Hansen told RIDE Media on 4 August. The Grand Tour record may have reached its limit but that doesn’t mean Hansen is laying about being idle. I do have a ‘new girlfriend’ – she is Belgian, she lives in Belgium, she rides for Lotto-Belisol, her name is Isabelle Beckers. smart for sure ... only one rider of his size that I know of that is riding 180mm cranks and is very aero and very efficient. Hansen attaches cleats to his Hanseeno shoes with Kevlar lacing instead of bolts to save around 55g. So KOPS does have something to do with where the cleat is placed.

On a recent training ride he ticked over 4,000 kilometres on a road bike equipped with disc brakes – and he likes what he’s tried.

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