Let … Particularly when people try to perform similar tasks at the same time, such as writing an email and talking on the phone, they compete to use the same part of the brain. What do you think happened to accountability within NASA when the challenge of putting a man on the moon was publicly announced? His focus was legendary. We believe all leaders facing this challenge should have this quote prominently displayed in their offices: We can’t overemphasize the importance of focusing on only one or two WIGs at once. • Is there a finish line for any of them? What You Should Know 1. It can be used as an educative tool as well as a visual aid. Every WIG at every level must contain a clearly measurable result, as well as the date by which that result must be achieved. Now newly expanded with more material. Schedule a 4DX planning session with your team. Narrow your focus to one or two wildly important goals and consistently invest the team’s time and energy into them. Rule #3: Senior leaders can veto, but not dictate.

To illustrate this problem, imagine the leadership team in a manufacturing plant having this conversation: “I’m telling you, quality is the most important thing and it should be our WIG!” says one person.

“Between our domestic and international operations we make over forty different phones.

Nothing is more counterintuitive for a leader than saying no to a good idea, and nothing is a bigger destroyer of focus than always saying yes. Ultimately, this is what enables your team to pursue the next WIG from a stronger foundation.

Then, you must approach that WIG with focus and diligence until it is delivered as promised, with excellence. It’s as though a switch exists in every team member’s head called “Game on!” If you can throw that switch, you have laid the foundation for extraordinary execution. “Successfully convert a portfolio to a life-cycle strategy?” How will we know if we’ve done that? Typically, however, goals lack this kind of clarity.

It is compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Current price is $16.98, Original price is $18.99. That doesn’t mean you abandon all your other important goals. Every week, we work with dozens of leadership teams across the world and, almost without exception, they acknowledge that they need greater focus. As Stephen R. Covey says, “You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage—pleasantly, smilingly, unapologetically—to say no to other things. Practicing Dicipline 1 means narrowing your focus to a few highly important goals so you can manageably achieve them in the midst of the whirlwind of the day job.Simply put, Discipline 1 is about applying more energy against fewer goals because, when it comes to setting goals, the law of diminishing returns is as real as the law of gravity. The entire set is available in different color themes as well, so that you can pick the one that suits your requirements. We say no to great ideas in order to keep the amount of things we focus on very small in number so that we can put enormous energy behind the ones we do choose. “Improving our ability to multitask actually hampers our ability to think deeply and creatively . This process will be covered in detail on page 94. In 1958, the fledgling National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had many very important goals like this one: “The expansion of human knowledge of phenomena in the atmosphere and space.” It sounded like many of the goals you hear in business today: “Become world class . So, what kind of results were these objectives driving for NASA? Execution starts with focus. The improvement of the usefulness, performance, speed, safety, and efficiency of aeronautical and space vehicles; 3. This book is a must read for any leader who wants to achieve that which is extraordinary in their company!

In the end, three critical battles were chosen: navigation, propulsion, and life support. Creating a culture of execution means embedding four basic disciplines into your organization. Consider the 1958 goals: • Are they clear and measurable? As we have partnered with FranklinCovey to apply the methodology and process globally throughout our organization, it has not only had a significant impact on our organization’s business results, but it has been transformational for me as a leader, both personally and professionally. Every time this happens, the whirlwind changes. To help the team find common ground, the new leader asked everyone to ponder the mission of the organization: “To promote self-reliance among the disabled and displaced.” With the company in a solid financial and operational position, could it be that the area where they now wanted the greatest results might be more directly related to their mission? Through this process, the senior leader’s choice of the overall WIG brings clarity (top down), and allowing the leaders and teams below to choose their WIGs (bottom up) brings engagement. In the words of Discipline 1, you can focus on the wildly important.

It isn’t enough that the lower-level WIGs support or align with the higher WIGs. You can’t even give your best effort to driving a car while talking on a mobile phone and eating a burger, let alone juggle multiple important business goals at once. Have you ever had one of your people seriously hurt in an accident?

About. As Steve Jobs often said, “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.”11 Discipline 1 is about defining that greater goal, and it is a discipline. “I’m sorry, but I disagree with both of you,” says a third. Effective lag measures look like this: • “Improve inventory processing by increasing per-year inventory turns from eight to ten by December 31.” • “Raise our client-relationship score from forty to seventy on the loyalty scale within two years.” • “Move 40 percent of our customers from fixed categories to life-cycle categories of investments within five years.” • “Launch the new CRM solution at an 85 percent quality beta rating by the end of our fiscal year.” If a goal is wildly important, surely you should be able to tell if you’ve achieved it or not. The fundamental principle at work in Discipline 1 is that human beings are genetically hardwired to do one thing at a time with excellence. Because the urgent priorities in your whirlwind are always competing to be the most important and a very good argument can usually be made for choosing any one of them. In this way, you can uplift the overall visual appeal of your presentations while providing productive information to your audience at the same time.

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