Major hurricanes [101], On August 10, a disturbance formed west of Central America and began to be monitored by the NHC. [98], A large plume of moisture brought northwards by Fausto generated massive thunderstorms across a large portion of Northern California, beginning on August 16. The 2020 Pacific hurricane season became the earliest starting Pacific hurricane season east of 140°W with the formation of Tropical Depression One-E on April 25. [24] The system gradually organized and intensified over the next few days and a tight circulation began to emerge from the disorganized thunderstorms surrounding the area on June 23. [87] This system gradually organized in favorable conditions, and at 09:00 UTC on August 13, the system developed into a tropical depression, being designated Ten-E.[88] The system remained relatively unchanged for the next three days as it was affected by moderately strong shear that inhibited intensification but allowed the system to remain tropical. It made a small cyclonic loop before it went east again.

[77] By 03:00 UTC on July 24 it had intensified into a Category 4 hurricane with a very well-defined eye. Amanda made landfall quickly and absorbed the low pressure area next to it. This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 11:20. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [95] However, Fausto quickly succumbed to cooling sea surface temperatures and thunderstorm activity near the center began to decrease. The town of La Manzanilla was mostly inundated by floodwaters which caused a bridge near the town to collapse. In the capital, San Salvador, 50 houses were destroyed and 23 vehicles fell into a sinkhole. [70] This resulted in the upgrade of the system to Tropical Storm Douglas at 05:00 UTC on July 21. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Pacific basin.

It prompted many families to flee their homes. [140] However, despite the moderate to strong wind shear, Iselle strengthened to 50 mph (85 km/h) over the next 12 hours while moving slowly northeastward. [39] As convection persisted, the system met sufficient criteria to be declared Tropical Depression Four-E later on June 30 at 03:00 UTC. One-E was the earliest forming tropical cyclone in the northeastern Pacific proper (east of 140W) since the dawn of the satellite era in 1966, surpassing Tropical Storm Adrian of 2017 by two weeks. [122] Despite unfavorable conditions, scatterometer data found Hernan had slightly intensified to 45 mph (75 km/h) by 03:00 UTC on August 27. [133] In Manzanillo, some homes and streets were damaged and covered with mud.

The 2020 Pacific hurricane season was the third least active ever, with 50 ACE (CPAC had 10). [68] On July 20, imagery revealed the system had quickly developed a well defined center of circulation obscured by persisting thunderstorms, and the NHC began to issue advisories on Tropical Depression Eight-E at 15:00 UTC. [137] As environmental conditions for development became more favorable, the circulation of the system gradually became better defined, and the system developed into Tropical Depression Fourteen-E at 15:00 UTC on August 26 over the open Pacific Ocean. [80][81][82], On August 4, the NHC highlighted the potential for a tropical wave to coalesce into an area of low pressure southwest of Mexico within the next five days. The 2020 Pacific hurricane season was an event in the annual cycle of tropical cyclone formation, in which tropical cyclones form in the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

[30] By 21:00 UTC June 26, a degenerating Boris crossed 140°W and entered the Central Pacific basin as a tropical depression. Seasonal boundaries It didn't intensify or weaken as it moved southeastward rapidly. The 2020 Pacific typhoon season is an event in the annual cycle of tropical cyclone formation in which tropical cyclones form in the western Pacific Ocean. 7 Hypothetical Hurricanes Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. [134] In Nayarit, a mudslide occurred on a hill behind a populated neighborhood in Xalisco, however no damage has been reported from this incident. [8][9] Not for nearly another month after Amanda, Tropical Depression Three-E would briefly become Tropical Storm Boris on June 25 well out to sea before weakening in the Central Pacific basin.

[119] Over the course of the next five days, the system slowly organized, and at 09:00 UTC on August 26, it developed into Tropical Depression Thirteen-E.[120] 12 hours later at 21:00 UTC, the system strengthened into a tropical storm, receiving the name Hernan. Total fatalities

Dry air and westerly wind shear caused the depression to weaken and degenerate to a remnant low by 12:00 UTC. Last storm dissipated Move northwestward, the depression retained organized deep convection until shortly after 0:00 UTC the next day. [130] A sinkhole shut down a portion of Mexican Federal Highway 80 between Santa Cruz and San Patricio, a mudslide closed down another part of the freeway near Lazaro Cardenas. The remnants of the system moved northward into the Bay of Campeche and re-developed into the Atlantic Tropical Depression Three at 21:00 UTC on June 1st, which would later become Tropical Storm Cristobal. [15] Two more tropical systems formed in mid July, Tropical Depression Seven-E and Tropical Storm Douglas. However, the formation of tropical cyclones is possible at any time of the year, as shown by the formation of Tropical Depression One-E on April 25. [91], An elongated region of low pressure over the central portion of the basin spawned 2 areas of disturbed weather between the Revillagigedo Islands on August 14. The depression went northwest quickly and made landfall in southern Mexico. About four hours later, Amanda made landfall at peak intensity near Las Lisas, Guatemala. [86] Shortly afterwards, Elida started rapidly weakening due to dry air, wind shear, and cold waters, and was downgraded to a tropical storm at 15:00 UTC on August 12. [60] Initially expected to strengthen to a tropical storm, the convection associated with the system rapidly waned in the following hours, and the system remained weak and fragile as it moved westward. 18 [52][53] A ragged eye also became visible on imagery later into the day. 2020 Hypothetical Pacific Typhoon Season (KenMC), 2020 Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneLucas4064), The 2020 Pacific hurricane season was the third least active ever, with 50 ACE (CPAC had 10). [citation needed], On August 10, an area of disturbed tropical weather formed about 1,500 miles west-southwest of Baja California, slowly moving westward, and forming a low pressure area the next day. 2020 Pacific typhoon season (HurricaneLucas4064). [157][158], On September 19, the NHC began monitoring an area of disturbed weather south of Mexico for potential tropical development. A low pressure area forms in Central America. The Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) index for the 2020 Pacific hurricane season, as of 15:00 UTC October 6, is 63.635 units in the Eastern Pacific and 12.6775 units in the Central Pacific. A tropical disturbance forms near Ecuador. There it organized rapidly and formed a depression. [160] Just 24 hours later, the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Lowell. [75] In an environment with virtually no wind shear and very warm sea surface temperatures, Douglas began to rapidly intensify and became a Category 2 hurricane 12 hours later. The season had 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes. It repeated until it turned extratropical after making landfall in Hawaii. First storm formed

It was declared Tropical Depression One-E in the same day. [76] Early on July 23, Douglas proceeded to intensify to a high-end Category 3 hurricane, the first major hurricane of the season.

An extratropical cyclone forms near Japan. [166], On September 24, the NHC first noted the possibity of tropical cyclogenesis offshore Mexico.

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