The Chargers are aware their championship window of opportunity is closing. in Armando Salguero, Jason Taylor, Miami Dolphins Off the Field

The Dolphins are making the most of their linebacker acquisitions. It would never survive in the NFL as a full-time offense. This week, at the team minicamp for selected vets and rookies, Booker impressed coaches and teammates with his speed, agility and quick-strike potential. Miami Dolphins roster for the 2008 NFL season. That's because you said I could point to no public quote in which either party claimed any sort of rift. Guess the Dolphins don't want a blur coming out of the backfield on third down passing situations. I commend you. There may be some good reasons, but it seems like a lot of it is just tradition and habit. It is not too difficult to hide a knee injury in the preseason.

And that won't happen until the games count for real. We took a lot of pride in that being ours.

The last team not named the Patriots to win the AFC East is, of course, the 2008 Miami Dolphins — a team that went 11-5 and won a tiebreaker with the Patriots to claim the division. Matt Roth, a second-round pick of Nick Saban in 2005, is going to have to impress during the coming minicamps and into training camp and the preseason to keep his roster spot. And tell other Dolfans about it. You saw the frustration on the sidelines. She said that verified for her that Walsh is not simply fabricating this stuff.]. | This site is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Miami Dolphins or NFL Properties LLC. Been saying that since March. Bill Parcells sits down and has lunch with Ricky Williams, talks to much less gifted players on the team, seemingly meets with Jeff Ireland every five minutes, but since taking over as the Dolphins football czar he and Jason Taylor have talked all of 30 seconds? "Getting a chance in games and showing them that I can handle the pressure and play with the best and not make mistakes was probably the biggest thing that I was able to do for myself last year," Booker told the newspaper. No problem. Football doesn't start until July and training camp, so I'll be all right. There is one participant in The Netherlands. Tell me if you believe it is no biggie. "Seeing how the blitz is coming from one particular side, if you know the coverage is gonna roll into a certain area, you’re aware of vacant areas on the field, and then, you run a play to that area, you stack numbers to that area. There is one participant in Malaysia and several in Australia. And I know right now Jason is not going to be at training camp. The items are also shorter than usual for quick reading. And one question to Bill Parcells: Why isn't Kyle Brady on this team? The one and only meeting between these two men includes the time, which I also detailed in that linked column, in which Taylor tried to visit with Parcells and was rebuffed.

Good for the team because it is trying to get more draft picks for next year. Speaking of other help at the position: Terry Glenn is not too thrilled with his situation in Dallas because according to. I remember him admitting -- Bill Belichick, the greatest coach of all time, saying he got outcoached.

We loved it.”, Crowder: "They made chicken salad out of chicken crap. The schedule includes the opponents, dates, and results. Permalink "It doesn't matter to me that he's not here," Porter said. They couldn’t make the right adjustment. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Booker has been "even a little bit better" than what the Eagles expected. [Afternoon update: Andrea came on the show and one of the more interesting things she added is that after interviewing Walsh, she called a couple of former Patriots players that she has developed a trust with. | We were confused. | Dancing with the Stars is over, why the heck isn't he back to WORK? Players predictably played down Taylor's absence today. Taylor today was in West Des Moines, Iowa, which culturally is about as distant from Los Angeles and South Florida as Mars, to play a round of charity golf. Smith about three weeks ago. ", Best of NFL Nation• Steelers vs. Ravens: Defense still dominates So missing training camp is not a crisis in Taylor's mind. He wrote in his ESPN The Magazine blog today that he was scheduled to be in Los Angeles that day. Owners also want a rookie cap that limits the pay of rookies who have never played a down in the league. View the 2008 Miami Dolphins football schedule at They were 100 percent, flat-out out-coaching people. Chances are pretty solid Taylor will not play for the Dolphins in 2008.

Dolphins running backs Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, sharing a backfield, ran a college offense to perfection and made a respected Patriots defense look silly in a 38-13 victory in Foxborough, Massachusetts, on Sept. 21, 2008. I was always haunted by Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.”. • Brady defying Father Time, expectations I will be here this evening from 6-7 and answer any questions and discuss any topics you guys deem worthy. He was the most dangerous man. Personally, I'm not counting on that. Anyway, I believe if the Chargers offer a third-round pick for Taylor, Bill Parcells will deal him. Fact is, he does not cherish getting beat up for a month facing rookie Jake Long in two-a-days. Owners would have a choice between a work stoppage or replacement games. ".

Given rising costs and a bad economy, owners say there is less ability to successfully reinvest in the game. • Surprises, disappointments in NFC North Read it, dammit! Later in the game, we were in our four-minute offense running the clock out. It brought a little swag out of Tony that he didn’t naturally have. Posted by Armando Salguero at 10:30 PM John Beck has the chance to become the Dolphins starting quarterback as he will compete with Josh McCown for the job. Great for fans tired of off-field drama. Nobody had made the Patriots look so unprepared for a game before. Taylor, meanwhile, would have been happy to thank the team for 11 wonderful seasons and gone on to trying to win a championship for himself and new team. The Chargers are denying they have interest through sources that are talking to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Hill, recovering from an ACL tear, is also working his way back and should be ready for work by training camp. Never mind that the Giants allow their media to blog live from practice and it didn't seem to affect their competitive advantage too much.

| • Patriots historically bad during skid, • Steelers vs. Ravens: Defense still dominates I think the RPO thing came from that -- using a QB inside of a RB to do that. "[Ricky] got straight ...". There will be, however, some limits on free agency. I remember Tony Sparano, you would see the cockiness come over him. 5. Not yet, though.If Taylor isn't traded before the season in September, don't be surprised if he threatens to retire. Safety Yeremiah Bell, injured all of last year with an Achilles' tendon tear, is indeed working, and as a starter no less. After an ugly 31-10 Week 2 loss at the Arizona Cardinals, Sparano called up Lee on the team plane home to discuss a plan to somehow beat the Patriots. Vrabel was coming at him, and I just threw at him low -- it was kind of a cheap shot, but it was legal -- I wanted any shot I could get at the Patriots. The Dolphins will announce the signing of offensive guard Shawn Murphy in the coming hour or so. That's bunk. Some guys that only a year ago seemed assured of long futures with the Dolphins are, shall we say, fighting for their lives. That starting group is also joined by holdover Joey Porter. That's what I expect from the young guy here. You can check back for your answer afterward.

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But I'm wondering what you think. The Dolphins have injuries they are nursing. But everything went out of the window midway through the third quarter when Brown took a Wildcat snap and Patriots were there to stop him -- until he lifted his left arm to throw a touchdown to streaking tight end Anthony Fasano to put Miami ahead 28-6. I thank you for visiting. ], Posted by Armando Salguero at 11:35 AM They did everything a lot better than we did. "The last two teams I played with, I faced the best two centers in the league," Ferguson told me. | | An update about this blog: Yesterday was significant in that Dolphins In Depth surpassed 1 million page views for the year. He was so good at the read-option.

Their strong suit is their preparation. We were like, 'Oh, this is cute.' God willing. ", Former Dolphins defensive coordinator and current Jets head coach Todd Bowles: “Boy, we had some coaches who came up with some things. At least 1 Taylor trade option out there [Update]. Here are some nuggets from today's OTA practice, hot off the presses: The biggest news is that John Beck is taking most of the first-team snaps at quarterback. Most of the people taking the poll are from Florida, as one might expect, but there is a ton of people from California, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hamphire, Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey, Mississippi, Louisiana and the Atlantic states taking the poll. “That was probably my No. Torbor (Giants) and Anderson (Houston) were acquired as unrestricted free agents. So it could be argued Williams may not have two whole seasons left in him. "There was only one other time that I ever suspected another team of possibly shooting our signals," Walsh said. “There is an invisible wall between college football and the NFL. If, indeed, Taylor plans to play for the Dolphins in 2008 as he has said publicly, it kind of makes sense to keep trying to communicate with Parcells even if The Big Tuna continues to give him the Big Brush Off. Williams: “In training camp one day, Lee put it on the board. When I watch him, I say, 'Hey, he's not going to sit there and just take it.' He also is said to have met with Denzel Washington and some executive muckety muck at 20th Century Fox that told him he should be in pictures. 2. So let's break this down because, frankly, I cannot fathom this stuff. He would do that for a week or 10 days. I will, however, provide a post-practice update. In 2009, the Dolphins drafted Pat White in the second round to run the QB version of the Wildcat, but it was not nearly as successful. The Dolphins hired Tony Sparano as head coach in 2008 following the disastrous 2007 campaign. I wrote a column about that in Wednesday's Miami Herald -- it is required reading. [Evening update: It is 7:30 which is 6 1/2 hours since I posted the poll. There's a fracture, people. And he wants out now. "Now my goal is to show everybody else that I can be a guy you can count on all the time, not just sometimes. That is simply irrational and unfair to both fans and players who honor their contracts.". Defensively, we were surprised that s--- worked as long as it did. | One more thing: Don't tell me everything is fine because JT and coach Tony Sparano have been exchanging text messages. If he were on the Dolphins, who could have afforded him, he would not be across the line of scrimmage playing two games a year for the Jets. | Taylor, through his agent, has requested a trade on several occasions. HBO will air an exclusive sit-down interview with Walsh on Real Sports from 8-9 p.m. My friend Andrea Kremer conducts what is, in my opinion, a thorough and candid interview with the man who worked for New England for several years, basically taping opponents' offensive and defensive signals against NFL rules. It is the logical order, if Salguero is coaching the team. This will particularly be the strategy against modern defenses that have become smaller and quicker to keep up with passing offenses. I am assuming here, but I think you'll hear today that Josh McCown is taking a majority of the first-team snaps with John Beck taking the second-team snaps and rookie Chad Henne starting out with the third team snaps. If you read stories of Ronnie Brown continuing to look really good and even taking snaps in the coming camps, don't pay much attention. What better time to pull out all the stops? I guess the folks on the east coast are home and the folks on the west coast don't mind surfing this site from work as much as others.

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