Yaupon holly is the only plant (that we know of) native to the United States that contains caffeine.

This species is also called ‘sky pencil’ which is one of its cultivars. The branches of this tree are usually covered shiny black or dark brown bark that eventually flakes off as the tree begins to age. The yaupon’s small dark green ovate to elliptical leaves are scalloped and occur alternately on the stem. The lifespan of the Hawaiian holly extends up to more than 5 years and are considered to be one of those long-lived trees. It produces stiff yellow green leaves that are shiny o the top and a dull matte towards the bottom.

The upper side of these dark green leaves is glossy while the underside gives off a paler green shade that is not so glossy.

'Schilling's Dwarf'/'Stokes Dwarf' – dwarf male clone that grows no more than 0.6 m tall and 1.2 m wide. Ilex vomitoria, commonly known as yaupon (/ ˈ j ɔː p ɒ n /) or yaupon holly, is a species of holly that is native to southeastern North America. Hollies are truly iconic plants that are often associated with symbols of hope and rebirth. Are you ready to decorate your house with beautiful holly trees the next Christmas season?

The berries of this tree are a stunning bright and glossy red that adds great beauty to the entire winter landscape; however, these species are not used as commonly as the rest for Christmas holiday decorations. This species of the holly family can also be found growing along the coastal plain that extends from North Carolina to Texas. To air-dry yaupon leaves on the stem, hang the stems in a warm, dry area for a couple of weeks. General information: The botanical name for this particular specie of holly is Ilex vomitoria nana or Dwarf Yaupon Holly. Tea made from fresh yaupon leaves is more like green tea. This variety of holly is an evergreen growing tree that attains an average height of 33-36 feet. In Bartram 's Travels, William Bartram wrote, "The king conversed, drank Cassine and associated familiarly with his people and with us. A disjunct population occurs in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Another cultivar of the Japanese holly is called Compacta which is quite a neat, globe-shaped group of trees. Has the highest caffeine content. But contrary to its name, Ilex vomitoria is not emetic, at least the tea isn't, and there are numerous historical writings that reference the casual consumption of yaupon tea, or cassine, without mention of vomit. 'Pride of Houston' – female clone similar to type but featuring improvements in form, fruiting, and foliage. A Closer Look: What is an Under Mount Sink? This tree is often even referred to as ‘box-leaved holly’ due to the fact that its leaves are quite similar in appearance to those of boxwood shrubs. This is a female cultivar that belongs to the blue holly group and is marked by its dark green leaves that are super glossy, moderately spiny and give off a kind of a bluish cast. Holly trees and shrubs fall within the Ilex genus of plants—the only genus of the Aquifoliaceae family. Its favorite habitat comprises maritime forests, salt marshes, and the woods and swamps of the coastal plain at elevations below 500 feet. 1 to 1.5 teaspoons yaupon leaves, fresh, dried, parched or roasted (or 1 tea bag), Boil water and pour into a cup with loose yaupon leaves, tea ball, or tea bag. The flowers produced by this plant are often greenish white in color and they are usually formed in clusters of white with prominent green centers. 12 Different Types of Holly Bushes and Trees, Different Varieties of Holly Bushes and Trees. Yaupon holly (Ilex Vomitoria) is a small evergreen shrub that is characterized by its red berries and green leaves that create a wonderful landscape. Inkberry Holly (ilex glabra) is native to the coastal plain of eastern North America and is also found in the west of Louisiana. This cultivar is quite dramatic that grows less than 2 feet wide and in terms of height, it manages to grow as tall as 10 feet.

One reason for the disregard of yaupon was revealed by her study. The habitat of this holly species ranges from sand scrubs and hammocks to woodlands to hardwood forests. Small, dark green leaves turn rich, burgundy-red in winter for cool season interest.

Their unique name is a reference to the fruits produced by this plant and its other name ‘gallberry’ has been derived from the fact that once upon a time, black ink was made with the help of galls of oaks.

[14] Recently, the process of drying the leaves for consumption has been "rediscovered" by modern Americans, and yaupon is now commercially available.[15][16][17]. ... Yaupon holly (Ilex Vomitoria) is a small evergreen shrub that is characterized by its red berries and green leaves that create a wonderful landscape. It's a close cousin of the South American yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis), and tea made from parched yaupon leaves tastes similar to yerba maté and the caffeine content is similar. A 2014 University of Florida study indicates that the vomitoria misnomer could be to blame for yaupon's lack of popularity. They are commonly grown as ornamental plants given the bright red berries they produce that look stunning against the dark green leaves.

Also known as sand holly, Carolina holly (Ilex ambigua) is native to south central and southeastern United States. Many people from back in the days also considered holly to be a substitute for tea. Different Varieties of Holly Bushes and Trees. You can also expect to find them growing with pines like shortleaf pine, loblolly, slash and several kinds of oak species. The flowers of this tree are heavily fragrant that bloom in the spring season and adopt a variety of shades like yellow, red and orange.
The name ‘Indian black drink’ in particular has resulted from the fact that the berries of this holly species were once used by Native Americans in one of their special ceremonial drinks. These trees don’t thrive or do really well in regions with hot weather; however, they do manage to tolerate colder temperatures. To expedite the drying process, spread the fresh leaves out on a sheet pan or a dehydrator tray, making sure not to pile them on top of each other and to give them plenty of breathing room -- they should be spread out in a single layer. What is even more surprising is that it produced its bright red fruit and colorful flowers even in the harshest of weather conditions. They are commonly native to the British Isles, and southern and central Europe.

The tree is typically used to create informal hedges and can also be used for screening purposes in swampy areas. This species of holly is also called Michigan holly, Canada holly, fever bush, and black alder.
The most common cultivars are slow-growing shrubs popular for their dense, evergreen foliage and their adaptability to pruning into hedges of various shapes. Use fresh or dried yaupon leaves for a tea that tastes more like green tea, or use parched or roasted leaves for a smokier tea that tastes more like yerba maté. Holly can be evergreen or deciduous and range greatly in size and shape. The active ingredients, like those of the related yerba mate and guayusa plants, are caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline;[10][11] the vomiting may have resulted from the great quantities in which they drank the beverage, coupled with fasting. Both male and female plants make small white flowers in the spring. In their native growing locations, inkberry holly prefers woodland soils that are sandy and acidic.

[5][6][7][8][9], I. vomitoria occurs in the United States from the Eastern Shore of Virginia south to Florida and west to Oklahoma[8] and Texas. This variety is a slow-growing broadleaf and evergreen shrub that is quite easy to grow and offers a striking color in the winter season. Bordeaux® Dwarf Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria 'Condeaux' Sku #0774. Affiliate Disclaimer: In some cases, we use affiliate links, which means we get a small (tiny) commission if you make a purchase after clicking a link. Also called by their scientific name “ilex opaca,” American Holly is native to south central and eastern United States and further west to southeastern Missouri and eastern Texas. People also used to extract the juice out of fresh holly leaves as a treatment for extreme jaundice. It forms a dense, fine-textured shrub with leaves that emerge maroon. Mammals that eat the fruit include nine-banded armadillo, American black bear, gray fox, raccoon and skunks. This holly variety is also called evergreen winterberry, gallberry and Appalachian tea. Way before holly became a standard Christmas tree; it was believed to be an extremely sacred plant by the Druids. They are the standard type of evergreen hollies that are found in most garden centers and nurseries. Or you can just cut the entire stem which makes air-drying easier.

They grow to an average height of 15 feet a 10-foot spread. Yaupon holly is an evergreen shrub or small tree reaching 5–9 m tall, with smooth, light gray bark and slender, hairy shoots. Dwarf Yaupon Holly – Ilex vomitoria nana. We only link books and other products that we think would be useful to our readers.

'Pendula' – "weeping" variety. Ilex vomitoria is the name that seems to stick in everyone's craw. Ilex vomitoria is a common landscape plant in the Southeastern United States. Along with garlands and decorative accessories, one of the most popular and commonly used ornamental items is the stunning holly trees and shrubs.

These trees are commonly used in native plantings, as shrub borders, mass planting, and for fruit displays during the fall and winter season. ‘Bordeaux’ is quite compact with a height of 2 to 3 feet and a spread of 3 to 5 feet. Perhaps, if you have ever properly listened to the numerous Christmas carols that people sings throughout this holiday season, you would have noticed that one of them is called “The Holly and the Ivy”.

These spines are quite similar to horns in appearance which is what gave it the name ‘horned holly’. Its trees are blunt-tipped that grow up to 2-6 inches and often sport a beautiful dark green color. In Black Drink: A Native American Tea, Sturtevant wrote, "In 1615 Father Francísco Ximénez...reported that it was drunk first thing in the morning and that 'there is no Spaniard or Indian who does not drink it every day in the morning and evening . It's easier to identify yaupon hollies in the fall when they have berries, which can be red, orange, or yellow. The plant is also widely used for landscaping in its native range. The main reason behind the belief was that unlike many other plant and tree species, holly remained exceptionally strong and green. . For ages, the conventional theory has been that Ilex vomitoria was named for its purported emetic properties which were witnessed in Native American ceremonies wherein Indians would drink the black drink and then purge or vomit. It's fairly easy to identify by its light, whitish-gray smooth trunk and stems, and by its small, shiny dark green leaves.

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