All rights reserved. Seven Super Bowl appearances and 14 division titles for the third-winningest team in modern NFL history, but only four Hall of Famers and two championships. Data Provided By Previous Season Next Season. They've been to fewer Super Bowls than the Broncos but have won just as many championships and have produced twice as many Hall of Famers in the modern era. Today being Super Bowl Sunday, I was curious to know if older teams had a long-term advantage in the NFL. The franchise won seven straight division titles in Los Angeles in the 1970s but has just one Super Bowl victory to show for all of its success, from that era to the Greatest Show on Turf in St. Louis. AP Defensive Rookie of the Year: Bruce Taylor. Most data provided by 24-7 Baseball, creators of the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. Seven Super Bowl appearances and 14 division titles for the third-winningest team in modern NFL history, but only four Hall of Famers and two … In order to sound more professional, he wrote this blurb in the third person. Simpson, Marv Levy and Bill Polian, but they've gone 49 years without a title and are mired in the longest playoff drought in the NFL (15 years and counting). The NFL also treats the original Cleveland Browns and the new Cleveland Browns as one franchise, having suspended operations and then resuming play as an expansion franchise; the original Browns franchise relocated to Baltimore and rebranded as the Ravens in 1996. The Jags have won just two division titles in 20 years and have never made a Super Bowl or produced a Hall of Famer. Logos were compiled by the amazing We present them here for purely educational purposes. Since Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens left town during Dennis Erickson's run, the team hasn't approached average. And keep in mind this isn't about what you've done for me lately. The Bolts have never been especially good, but they've saved themselves here with 10 division titles and eight Hall of Famers. The Bills once made four consecutive Super Bowls and have a strong group of Hall of Famers that includes Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, O.J. Ties are registered as a half win and a half loss when calculating the win-loss percentage.

New England doesn't hang in when it comes to producing Hall of Famers, but a lot of that has to do with the fact its two biggest legends -- Tom Brady and Bill Belichick -- are still active. NFL teams Super Bowls Series Records Standings Best/Worst Seasons Franchise Wins Most Fewest Points/Game Streaks Most Frequent Playoff Matchups. The totals below are as of the end of the 2019 season for regular season games.Keep in mind the win-loss records from the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) are included in the totals for the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers. Five division titles and only three Hall of Famers in 48 years for a franchise that has the sixth-worst winning percentage in modern NFL history. Most consecutive Super Bowl wins, 2; Green Bay Packers 1966-67 Miami Dolphins 1972-73 Pittsburgh Steelers 1974-75, 1978-79 San Francisco 49ers 1988-89 Dallas Cowboys 1992-93 Denver Broncos 1997-98 New England Patriots 2003-04. The Browns won nine division titles between 1967 and 1989 and have produced six Hall of Famers in the modern era. You can also read his work at Bleacher Report, Awful Announcing and This Given Sunday. Passing Leader: John Brodie, 2941 Yds.

Super Bowl championships, for starters. The following is a listing of all current 32 National Football League (NFL) teams ranked by their combined win-loss record percentage, accurate as of the end of Super Bowl LIV. Around since Day 1, and yet just six division titles, two Hall of Famers and only one Super Bowl loss. As one of eight original Super Bowl-era franchises without a championship, they don't deserve much love.

AP Offensive Rookie of the Year: Dennis Shaw, AP Defensive Rookie of the Year: Bruce Taylor, Receiving Leader: Gene Washington, 1100 Yds, Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Monday, November 2, 6:43AM. The Steelers are right there with Dallas thanks to an extra Super Bowl victory, but they fall just short using our system because they've produced two fewer Hall of Famers and trail by one division title. Detroit is the only team that has been active for all 49 years of the Super Bowl era without reaching the big game once. The Jets have been close to useless since winning the Super Bowl in 1968, winning just two division championships since the 1970 merger. All-time Major Winners All PGA Tournaments Since 1970. section: | slug: the-all-time-nfl-power-rankings----of-the-super-bowl-era | sport: football | route: | At least Atlanta has been to a Super Bowl. Look below to see the all-time records of current NFL franchises. The losingest franchise in modern NFL history is saved by that 2002 Super Bowl, a team that possessed two of its three Hall of Famers. Are you a Stathead, too? Brad Gagnon has covered the NFL since 2007.

Even if we prorate those two division titles, the Texans are too young. To the Cards' credit, they fare well with Hall of Famers during the modern era (Dan Dierdorf, Jackie Smith, Roger Wehrli, Aeneas Williams, Larry Wilson).

The problem is that they're one of eight original Super Bowl-era franchises without a title and they've won their division only five times in nearly half a century. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data.

The following is a list of win–loss records for each of the 32 active National Football League (NFL) teams. They edge out the Colts with that fifth Super Bowl and higher winning percentage and beat out the Broncos because of their edge in the Hall of Famer category.

Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. I put together a table showing the regular season win-loss records for all NFL teams since the 1970 merger between the NFL and the AFL. Best win–loss record in division Rank Team …

Most Super Bowl appearances, 11 Throw in 13 Hall of Famers and they fare pretty well for a franchise that hasn't won a Super Bowl. Ever wonder which NFL team has the highest winning percentage? They're tight with Buffalo and Chicago, but edge those teams out thanks to those Hall of Famers and a stronger all-time winning percentage. Or don’t. Two Super Bowls in 19 years puts them on an elite pace similar to heavyweights Pittsburgh, Dallas and San Francisco, but they're still too young to be part of that elite group. 1970 NFL Standings & Team Stats. Steve Mariucci had the 49ers in the playoffs twice in a row early in the decade, even winning a playoff game in 2002. MLB. Ties are registered as a half win and a half loss when calculating the win-loss percentage. All Rights Reserved. We prorate to give the Seahawks some more division championships, Hall of Famers and Super Bowl appearances in the next decade, but their all-time winning percentage remains low. Feels weird listing the Saints below teams like the Eagles, Browns and Bengals because New Orleans has a championship and those franchises do not. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. But they have a .452 winning percentage and have never even been to a Super Bowl. These two, though, are in a group of their own. They've won an impressive five division titles in 20 seasons and have made one Super Bowl appearance. While the teams at the top are pretty much what you expect, I did find a few surprises in the results. What makes a great NFL team?

The following is a listing of all 32 current National Football League (NFL) teams ranked by their regular season win–loss record percentage, accurate as of the end of the 2019 NFL regular season. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. The Cowboys have the highest regular-season winning percentage in modern NFL history, they are tied for second all time with five Super Bowl wins and are tied for first with eight appearances.

Get the day's big stories + fun stuff you love like mock drafts, picks and power rankings. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Ties are registered as a half win and a half loss when calculating the win-loss percentage. Join our linker program. Want to … Reggie White and Bob Brown are their only two modern-day Hall of Famers, they've lost both Super Bowls they've played in and they're only 14 games over .500 during the Super Bowl era. It's a tossup. 6:14 am ET, The all-time NFL power rankings -- of the Super Bowl era, Steelers adding Williamson in trade with Jets, Wims ejected for pair of wild punches in Saints-Bears, Lock throws winning TD in epic Chargers collapse, Raiders' Brown hospitalized after IV mishap before game, Ravens' Brown sounds off about lack of touches, All-time winning percentage (points are the reserve of their Super Bowl-era ranking). They're on the Cowboys' and Steelers' level in terms of Hall of Famers but have been to three fewer Super Bowls and rank 10th all time in terms of regular-season winning percentage. The Pats weren't really a heavyweight until around the turn of the century, but they're catching up now. The following is a listing of all current 32 National Football League (NFL) teams ranked by their combined win-loss record percentage, accurate as of the end of Super Bowl LIV. Throw in that they have the eighth-best regular-season winning percentage during the Super Bowl era and 16 division titles in that span and you actually have one of the most successful franchises in modern history.

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