mortality for some reason! She says this led to a reputation for her being difficult. Play harmonic support and no licks, no funny stuff.”.

Out of Mind, with many seeing songs about lovesickness as meditations on

He wanted Lanois to listen to some lyrics that he’d put together and tell him if there was enough there for his first collection of original songs in more than half a decade. “The world doesn’t want another two-note melody from Bob,” he told Kemper and Garnier. [14], Siodmark says he was about to direct a film in Britain when presented with the script, but he refused to do it.

He would urge the musicians to avoid “playing too much and playing automatic riffs,” he says. just deals with mortality in general. The star protested and insisted Siodmak have the job. Taylor, Russell. At the Park Avenue Of Local Origin: Jane Murfin Leaves Studio Time Out of Mind is a 1947 film noir drama film directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Phyllis Calvert, Robert Hutton and Ella Raines. NEWS OF THE SCREEN:

“People say the record deals with mortality – my Dickinson – who characterized the sessions as an hour of chaos leading to “five or eight minutes of absolute clarity” – believed Dylan used Lanois “to know what it was he wanted – and what he didn’t want.” But in both the sessions and the mixing afterward, Lanois certainly set the sound of Time Out of Mind. New York Times 13 July 1936: 11. Daniel Lanois and other collaborators look back at the rocky genesis of Dylan’s 1997 masterpiece. They convened at Criteria Studios (now the Hit Factory) in North Miami. New York Times 7 Apr 1947: 20., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 July 2020, at 05:13. [11] Calvert had been reluctant to make the movie but admired The Spiral Staircase and agreed to take the role after Siodmak became attached. Schallert, Edwin.

The tension of Miami dissipated when Lanois and Howard returned to the Teatro. common, isn’t it?”. Half-Dozen Outsiders Augment Universal's 34-Picture Schedule But getting the sound of that real thing wouldn’t be easy. Work on Time Out of Mind would begin with demos in September 1996 and not finish until March 1997. “People say Time Out of Mind is sort of dark and However while in the US she signed to Paramount for a five-film contract over five years. histoplasmosis, a fungal infection that caused swelling around his heart and Well, it doesn’t deal with my mortality. He asked them to think of themselves as leaves on a tree that Dylan was passing by. Tensions boiled over as they worked on “Cold Irons Bound,” which began, according to Kemper, when Dylan found the drummer in the studio playing around with a Cuban-influenced disco beat. SCREEN NEWS: Audrey Christie Set for Musical at Fox The two played percussion over Patton’s delta blues, then stripped the original recordings out and looped eight-bar sections into 15 or so grooves to help set the mood and direction of what was to come. The two were about to make an album that, Dylan would later tell Rolling Stone, “was me getting back in and fighting my way out of a corner.” And he picked a sparring partner who’d helped him do it once before. Siodmak took over as producer. : [FOREIGN Edition] The sessions would involve more than a dozen musicians playing live while Dylan sang over the music.

He was listening to the sound in the room – which is the sound that did not go on the record. "Apparently this put them on the spot" he later said claiming they "sent a deputation literally on its knees begging me to come back and direct it."

Eventually, demos were cut for six of the 11 songs that would appear on Time Out of Mind, as well as others.

Arguments would be had, guitars would be smashed. The film was made by Universal Pictures on a large budget of $1,674,500, but the film was not a commercial success. Los Angeles Times 23 Sep 1946: A2. New York Times 8 Apr 1935: 17. If Lanois couldn’t be at the Teatro, he could bring some of it with him: He had Howard drive a truck loaded with equipment to Florida. The health scare colored reception of Time By JOHN CHAMBERLAIN. “I wanted to make the record at the Teatro because the place had the very best vibe,” Lanois says. “Bob said, ‘Well, this could go any way we want,'” says Lanois. 28, Iss. [13], Siodmak said he and cinematographer Maury Gertsman "had a great time loading the film with every crazy effect we could think of. left him in immense pain. The Independent 25 Feb 2000: 12. The eeriness of the empty theater added to the timeless feel he was after. “Bob wasn’t really interested in experimentation – he just wanted a rawness to come from a band,” Lanois says. “I wanted something that goes through the technology and comes out the other end before the technology knows what it’s doing,” he’d tell New York Times writer Jon Pareles. foreboding because we locked into that one dimension in the sound,” Dylan [9], In December 1945 J Arthur Rank of Britain announced he had signed a deal with Universal which would involve exchange of talent. © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Sweet, Matthew. [2] The British actress Calvert was a major star in Britain and other countries for her roles in the Gainsborough Melodramas.[3].

The film ended up not being made for a number of years however two very successful movies were filmed of Field novels, All This and Heaven Too and And Now Tomorrow which revived Universal's interest.

New York Times ]21 Apr 1945: 18. Sign up for our newsletter. 14, Iss. In Dylan had called in musicians from his road band – bassist Tony Garnier, drummer David Kemper and pedal steel guitarist Bucky Baxter – and other trusted players, like organist Augie Meyers and Jim Dickinson, the Memphis producer and pianist who’d played on the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses,” among others. "I hated America and they hated me!" said after he’d recovered that June. I never cared about that unless it was one of mine.”, “Lanois can get passionate about what he feels to be true. she said. “Lanois would direct some of the stuff, but Bob would come in and say, ‘I hear it more this way,'” says Meyers. Hell no, I did it for money Frustrated by the British studios, Phyllis Calvert went to Hollywood. It’s one thing that we all have in Daniel Lanois and others who worked on Bob Dylan's 'Time Out of Mind' look back at the rocky sessions that produced the 1997 masterpiece. "[14], By October Siodmak was back on the movie. That idea was explored during demo sessions at Lanois’ studio in Oxnard, California, called the Teatro and built in a former theater. [16], Calvert says that Universal publicity manufactured a fictional pregnancy and a miscarriage for Calvert.

“Great early American recording prior to experimentation,” Lanois says. It had the simplicity, presence and power – a sense of music unfolding in real time and space – that Dylan was out to capture. Encounter with Siodmak

BY WAY OF REPORT: Noting the Birth of Two Movie Firms-- New York Times 2 Dec 1945: X3. [15], Calvert found it an unpleasant experience, saying she felt like "an alien guinea pig". It maybe New York Times 07 Sep 1947: X3. “Many of my records are more or less blueprints for the songs. Daniel Lanois and others who worked on Bob Dylan's 'Time Out of Mind' look back at the rocky sessions that produced the 1997 masterpiece. And in the end, three Grammys would be won, with the album – and the renewed vigor of the concerts that followed it – marking a turning point for an artist who many saw as no longer capable of work this commanding.
Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES.18 July 1945: 21. “Sometimes Bob would put down his guitar and just walk out. The son of a wealthy Maine family shocks his relatives by announcing he wants to pursue a career in music. Time Out of Mind is a 1947 film noir drama film directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Phyllis Calvert, Robert Hutton and Ella Raines. In April 1945 Universal said Jane Murfin would produce. The film was made by Universal Pictures on a large budget of $1,674,500, but the film was not a commercial success. "[14], Siodmak later said he did not have to use his veto "as they played the film for just one day in a tiny Park Avenue cinema then it disappeared forever. 3, (Summer 1959): 180. “It was one of his guitar-breaking incidents,” Kemper said.

“The original idea was … we’d do all this collaging and cut-and-paste.”. I don’t do medium records. Dylan was deeply engaged in post-production, overdubbing not just new guitar parts and solos, but new lyrics and chords as well.

“We spent 30 days in the studio,” Meyers recalls. In November 1946, the week before filming was to start, Murfin left Universal. Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES. May 1997, four months before the album was released, Dylan was struck by New York Times 23 Nov 1946: 22. mortality. He’s not above smashing guitars.” –Bob Dylan, “If it takes a fight, you gotta fight,” Lanois says. Dylan came and went, sometimes working with his road band, sometimes with Lanois, Howard and Mangurian, playing over the loops Lanois had made in New York. He was in unspoken control of 23 people.”, Dylan sometimes froze Lanois out, refusing to talk directly with him and dealing with Howard instead. 157, (Jan 1, 1947): 100. This time, I didn’t want blueprints – I wanted the real thing.”. NEWS OF THE SCREEN "[14], The New York Times called the film "singularly empty". “I am not there to be a nice guy and make it go nice and smooth. In a phone call Lanois has described as “crushing,” Dylan explained he didn’t want to record so close to home. New York Times 8 July 1936: 15. T.M.P.

It’s not a fucking masterpiece, get the fuck out of my face.”, Lanois says he sent Kemper home, and two drummers were brought in to replace him: Jim Keltner and Brian Blade. “He’s not above smashing guitars. “Bob had – for want of a better word – an orchestral concept: this thing of too many instruments in the room,” the late Dickinson told Uncut. His agent used this to negotiate "a mad contract whereby they trebled my salary for two years and gave me the right to veto the finished film's release if I didn't like it. What Lanois heard that day were songs that focused on what Dylan called “the dread realities of life.” “They had a lot in them,” Lanois says today. Sight and Sound; London Vol. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s gonna be a fight. Here’s How to Make Sure Your Vote Counts, 500 Greatest Albums: Inside ‘Blood on the Tracks,’ Bob Dylan’s Shapeshifting Seventies Masterpiece, Little Richard Digital Cover: The Wild Heart of Rock & Roll, Grammy Preview 2020: Sheryl Crow on Idolizing Stevie Nicks, Raising Kids in Troubled Times. [13][12], Siodmak called it "a preposterous film... the story was absurd (who can sympathise with a main character who doesn't believe steam will ever supplant the sailing ship?)".

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