His hoodie is now grey, his shoes and T-shirt are now light green, his infinity backpack is now a darker green, his pants are a dark grey (as well as longer), his gloves are now white and his eyes now permanently glow a green hue. Chaos!Sans has the same personality as the original Sans.

(enemies)Blueberry(fan)Same as classic Sans

Gold On Win Asriel • Knight. KXEO He requests Kris to come over to his home to meet his little brother.

Sans.T can summon up to 4 holographic touch screen computer screens out of thin air that allows him to hack the multi-verse.

Went around AUs, looking to see a reminder of his past.
Asgore(ally/friend) Sans helped Asgore defeat the human and SAVE the world. However, Sans tried to convince the human to show mercy. Jan 19, 2016 - Explore Lana Atkinson's board "Character: Sans", followed by 386 people on Pinterest. Once he SAVEd the au, he defeated the human and achieved his victory.

If Kris chooses the option "Friends" and then "Me" when talking to him, he gives them "his phone number". FANDOM ... Golden Flower Sans; I Iggy; Iris; J Jayden; Jokerman; K Kaiser; Kyle (Family Sans) L Land Person; M Mad Masker; Millard; Mime; Mimi; N Neona; Noah; O Oliver; P Paloma; Please delete this. and Ink! blue Go follow for more awesome Undertale posts! came out and suddenly attacked him, and he did not know the reason. Biographical Information Sans Sans helped Asgore defeat the human and SAVE the world. R Rayl; Redemption Dust! This is because TNF wanted to retain some difference between the two, as he thought if he didn't, their designs would be too similar. Sans.T doesn't know the full capabilities of his powers. As a reward, he is now allowed to go to the palace when he wants. Battle Information Chaos!

Sans is the main character in this AU. Sans. Sans appears to be a laid-back character who enjoys messing around with others for his amusement. felt a ripple in all AUs when Chaos! HP He didn't even know why they attacked him. Training Dummy

He is the only one that can affect the multiverse he created. He also has trouble with large amounts of emotion, drinking coffee (which either makes him too tired to do anything or very annoyed), and he can also tire out easily, causing him to pass out after a while.

Will it be your favourite character?

He is also helping Toriel and Asgore get back together(so far success). Undertale AU Characters Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He now, with ∞ SOULs, look for Error! 4'2(don't ask) Seam • Rouxls Kaard https://undertale-au-characters.fandom.com/wiki/Sans.T?oldid=94, Sans.T was inspired by a joke comment made by. He wears a blue unzipped hoodie, white shoes and black shorts. Main Characters Author. Character Information 33. Mentioned Only Can't Chaos! He is also helping Toriel and Asgore get back together(so far success). Abilities lost his arm during the fight. ATK For the song named after this character, see sans.. Sans introducing himself. The world is called "The Picasso Pad" by CNAS because of the abstract artwork. Characters Undertale Characters Sans. Sans.T lives outside the timeline with his creator CNAS and his friends TNF and Century Gothic. and Error! https://undertale-au-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Chaos!Sans?oldid=92386. Sans.T looks visually similar to S.T and Sans if they were mixed. He made a multiverse to where he and others he chose can escape for safety, Similar to the OMEGA timeline. About. Hometown NPCs This pocket dimension is filled with weird abstract artwork, sprites and concept sketches of AU characters. alive ??? https://deltarune.fandom.com/wiki/Sans?oldid=37259, Sans's unseen or spoken to younger brother is implied to be Papyrus, his brother in. ??? His cracked skull is covered with glitches from the DETERMINATION. Eye color infuses himself into a gaster blaster, ripping the the multiverses. Overworld He has had 2 designs based on S.T's inconsistent design history. Same as original Sans, excluding Asgore and Papyrus. He helps protects …

Bosses However, the comment has unfortunately been deleted by UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings. At the end of the battle, his arm was broken and they just left. (he got agreement first don't worry) One time when the human reset and eventually killed Papyrus, it filled him with too much DETERMINATION that the multiverse broke, having to fix it as a punishment from Error404 and Alpha Sans. ", Characters He reset, vowing to never let Papyrus die again in his AU. EXP on Kill

Sans appears as a short, paunchy skeleton with a wide smile and large eye sockets. Physical Description and Error! Sans also possesses white glowing pupils in his eyes, depending on the sprite.

With the agreement of Asgore, he absorbed the 6 human SOULS and large amounts of DETERMINATION, which resulted in his red color scheme. Height 21. ??? He can change his eyes to a teal color. He does everything he can to keep him safe, even if that means that Pap is locked in his lab. Are you more Frisk or Sans? After seeing him/her kill Papyrus, he knew, that some SOULS never change. Bloxer • Rabbick • Starwalker Bird

The human did not listen. Dark World NPCs All and beyond Sans.T has a personality similar to S.T and Sans. His left skull is fading away. Author Themes He also retains S.T's original head design. Sans.T's second design retains the infinity backpack, whereas S.T's most recent design does NOT retain the backpack. He is a mix of Sans and S.T originally made as a joke comment by the real S.T, but became an AU protector. He wears a blue hoodie, a pair of black shorts with 2 large white stripes, a pair of light blue boots, a pair of light blue gloves and a blue backpack with an infinity seal on it (The backpack can hold an unlimited amount of objects). However, when called, it directs to a hotline for idiot babies.

He saw pap(underswap papyrus) and smiled, thinking what it would be like if Papyrus(his AU) was like him. They quickly went and worked together to stop him, but their battle ended in a stalemate. Field NPCs • Great Board NPCs • Forest NPCs • Card Castle NPCs • Malius Sans is a minor NPC in Chapter 1 of Deltarune and a returning character from Undertale. He is strong enough to equal to Omnipotent!, Error404, and Alpha!. His bones are reddish-white. ???

Gender As a reward, he is now allowed to go to the palace when he wants.

Hometown NPCs • Toriel • Alphys • Asgore DreemurrSans • Undyne • Noelle Holiday • Rudolph Holiday male skeletons

DETERMINED to get answers, he consumed souls from all AUs from all resets, few of his clones still consuming SOULs and DETERMINATION, and now seeks Error and Ink to get his answers.

Sans.T is a main character in CNAS-Tale.
He helps protects the AUs of the multiverse.


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