We advocate for effective and principled humanitarian action by all, for all. Ikan-Unterwasserarchiv Frankfurt, Muallil RN, Mamauag SS, Cababaro JT et al (2014) Catch trends in Philippine small-scale fisheries over the last five decades: the fishers' perspectives. Biodivers Conserv 24:2475–2495. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2013/11/11/why-the-philippines-wasnt-ready-for-typhoon-haiyan/. On the other hand, the Philippine state, since the 1990s, has been undergoing a process of administrative decentralization in an effort to empower LGUs and enhance their political autonomy, partially clipping the national government's wings and reducing the extent of its jurisdiction outside the National Capital Region (NCR).

So to begin with, the Philippine state, regardless of the political will of its officials in the run up to or the immediate aftermath of a natural calamity, suffered from a profound capacity deficit. Accessed 14 Aug 2016, Fox HE, Caldwell RL (2006) Recovery from blast fishing on coral reefs: a tale of two scales. Visit your state election office website to find out whether they offer early voting.

doi:10.1016/S0025-326X(00)00022-9, Woolsey E, Bainbridge SJ, Kingsford MJ, Byrne M (2012) Impacts of cyclone Hamish at One Tree Reef: integrating environmental and benthic habitat data. doi:10.1353/psc.2004.0024, Tuomisto H (2012) An updated consumer’s guide to evenness and related indices. Accessed 26 Sept 2016, Honda K, Nakamura Y, Nakaoka M et al (2013) Habitat use by fishes in coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove habitats in the Philippines. This report presents super-typhoon Yolanda’s impacts on coral reefs of Eastern Samar, Philippines, and evaluates its implications on resource management in the area. doi:10.1016/0025-326X(94)90427-8, Harmelin-Vivien ML (1994) The effects of storms and cyclones on coral Reefs: a review. It has been called the most powerful storm to make landfall in recorded history. During their 2014 annual session the ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee announced that the name Haiyan would also be retired from its naming lists on January 1, 2015, and was therefore replaced by the name Bailu. Moreover, the proposed $100 billion climate fund, which is supposed to help poorer countries to adapt to climate change, is heavily underfunded. Coral reefs suffer regular impacts of typhoons, and typhoons nowadays are stronger in magnitude, longer in duration, more frequent in occurrence, and larger in scale. Outside the industrialized regions in the northern island of Luzon, most communities are yet to enjoy access to reliable electricity, roads, bridges, ports, and other basic infrastructure. doi:10.1007/s00227-011-1855-8. doi:10.1007/BF00304731, Kuiter RH, Debelius H (2006) World atlas of marine fishes.

When Haiyan hit coastal communities and far-flung areas, the infrastructure was easily destroyed, while the PAF only had 3 C-130 aircrafts to dispatch to affected areas.

University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, Sadovy de Mitcheson Y, Craig MT, Bertoncini AA et al (2013) Fishing groupers towards extinction: a global assessment of threats and extinction risks in a billion dollar fishery.

Mar Pollut Bull 29:62–68. We also found that most reefs in the area already suffered degradation prior to Yolanda (i.e., due to overfishing, destructive fishing, and siltation from land).

Learn more about ReliefWeb, leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since 1996. Many of such areas have suffered from loss of lives, properties and livestock, and several remain isolated and cut off from electricity, water and communication signals.

"Business establishments are enjoined to adopt multiple and staggered work shifts (workers are to be allowed to adopt work shift schedule starting at e.g., 7 a.m., 8 a.m., 9 a.m., and so on) to allow more workers to report to work but still maintaining the physical distancing requirements, to spread out the congestion on our roads, and to ease the demand for public transportation.". The evacuation routes, shelters and early warning systems are some of the key areas that UNDP has worked on developing with national and local governments. Find latest updates on global humanitarian responses, 4 Southern Leyte LGUs to benefit PRC's post-Haiyan dev't project, NHA-8 provides housing needs for former rebels, disaster victims and uniformed men in EV, NHA turns over 1,419 housing units to LGU Ormoc for victims of Typhoon Yolanda, PfR launches documentary series on resilience work in the Philippines. Asked why the briefing was only conducted on Sunday or days after Rolly entered Philippine Area of Responsibility, Roque said... 'Worse than Rosing': 15,000 families affected, 5 dead in Catanduanes after 'Rolly' onslaught.

Lack of strategic foresight, overreliance on external partners, and chronic corruption has deprived the PAF and other branches of the armed forces of much-needed funds to modernize and enhance its capacities. He went on defending his government's response, characterizing it as "reassuring" to the vast majority of the affected people, while partially absolving his administration of any blame by arguing how the local governments are primarily responsible for initial relief and disaster response operations.

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