The series was renewed for a second series, which began airing in January 2014. Katy White, was introduced in Series 7 Episode 23 "Mighty Mike Milligan". Tiempo En Benidorm En 30 Días, Dani Harmer has played the lead character Tracy Beaker in The Story Of Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker Returns for eight series, and featured as a guest in the sixth series of The Dumping Ground.

Lily forgives Floss and says for her to give her a sorry expression on her face for a picture. However, she soon discovered that her uncle was still stealing things as he had been fired from work and was struggling to pay rents. Lobby Loyde Whole Lotta Shakin, In "Sasha Bellman P.I." Naiad Meaning, When May-Li receives some expensive cheese from her mother, she later finds it stolen. 2/8.

Those outfits can not be justified though. Turkish Food Culture, Aileen is the mother of Alex Walker. Charlie tells Sasha that she needs money to pay for yoga for her grandfather that helped him when he fell, but he is no longer getting classes as his home has stopped paying. However, the plan backfired when Bailey, Mo and Tyler started avoiding the twins because of it. Two episodes later, in the episode "Champions", it's revealed that she doesn't want any friends and she said this in front of Floss. This is a list of the characters who have appeared in the BAFTA-award-winning trilogy of CBBC children's drama series The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground, which have spanned thirteen years between them.Connor Byrne, who plays Mike Milligan, is the franchise's longest serving cast member, having appeared in twelve series across all three shows. Belgium Clothing, Toni and Billie Trent, both manage to somehow convince Archie that he's ageing backwards, because he told them he remembers being in a wheelchair giving talks to students, as well as knowing a really old song, and then concludes he only has 8 years left of his life until he turns into nothing, and so develops a bucket list including things like to swim with dolphins, learn to swim (again) and see the Queen. He is shown to be quite aggressive and cocky, with a very short temper, and likes to wind people up, especially Johnny and Mike. Edward crashes his drone into Kazima's cake and Edward has to help Kazima bake another one. Boccaccio Fish, With Kingsley's trial coming up, Denise doesn't want Jody to testify, but after dreaming about being in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Jody decides to testify against Kingsley, angering Denise. This upsets Candi-Rose and causes her to run off crying. Mighty Times: The Children's March, Ryan (Lewis Hamilton) accesses everyone's records and he receives a text from Harry, asking for help and he tells Mike and May-Li about Harry's foster placement. And that there was never a gang wanting money from Kingsley and that it was all a trick to sell the stuff Jody stole, so Kingsley and Rosie could sell the stuff. Fiona never invited any of her friends or family to their wedding for an unknown reason. American Radio Works Remembering Jim Crow, Tracy was never without a red fleece and quite possibly had the best hair on British TV in the '00s. Molly Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Alex Walker,[12] played by Connor Lawson,[13] made his first appearance on 3 March 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Belief". He departed in series 5 during the episode "Back In The Game". The following morning, Mo wanted to give his grandmother's pearls (which Jody and Elektra had stolen) to Tee, but could not find him, so he went to ask Tee for help. Charlotte "Charlie" Morris (also Lottie Morris), played by Emily Burnett, made her first appearance on 10 November 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Mission Totally Possible". This site will cover the Book series, the three CBBC television series as well as their episodes, characters locations etc. The original non-conformist with her bandanas and jean jackets. When Author Tracy Beaker is arrested … The third series later premiered on 6 January 2012. His age is 10, as of series 3 of The Dumping Ground. Unknown to them, money was planted in Kazima's bag by Maz (Natifa Mai) and Max (Frankie Wilson). It started when he lost to Alex and Jody whilst playing football. He is aged thirteen with a Liverpudlian accent and short brown hair and quickly proves himself to be mischievous, deceitful and intelligent. The series stars Dani Harmer as protagonist Tracy Beaker. When Kingsley finds out Carmen and Tyler have been with Jody the whole time, he threatens them to stay quiet. Gina arrives and she is angry with Denise for not protecting Jody and Jody returns for The Dumping Ground. May-Li and Mike (Connor Byrne) prevent Bailey from leaving with his Father, Jimmy (Mark Theodore), due to now being legally in charge of Bailey. Jay convinced Bird to back him up and lie as well, saying he witnessed May-Li hit his brother. It emerges that Kazima and Frank are sleeping rough. But Sasha realised that she'd rather stay at the 'Dumping Ground', and in the area she was in. Battle Of Inchon Map,

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