Biotechnol. Mol. Today 14, 956–963. At the beginning of all experiments, the initial length (l0) of the calf-muscle package (114.0±5.2 mm) was measured in situ with a micrometre at an ankle joint angle of about 90 deg. JBC and ASBMB epitomize the mutual benefits that can be realized between a society and its journal. Toward scalable parts families for predictable design of biological circuits. Similarly, the phenomena of resonance as seen in spectroscopy or in phase transitions captures the notion of synergy. To date, synergy has already been successfully used in synthetic biology to induce non-natural behavior in synthetic constructs, to empower the outcome of biological circuits, or to enable the concerted operation of modules into an emergent function. © 2017 by The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc. Therefore, models that precisely estimate synergistic activities are needed in the synthetic biology design toolbox. In metabolic engineering, the goal is to introduce metabolic interventions such as gene knockouts that modify the fluxes so that the flux vx through the desired final product is maximized (Shen and Liao, 2013). the resistance offered by the muscle against perpendicular pressure, considerably increases with rising force during contraction (Horikawa et al., 1993; Murayama et al., 2005, 2012). the future course of the society was discussed and the best ways to serve the membership and the field were deliberated at J. This concept of scaling has a nice correspondence in biology and is often named as an emergent property.

This applies in particular to the slopes of the pressure–length relationships. Changing muscle force at constant muscle length by variations in stimulation frequency resulted in high correlations between F and IrMP (r>0.94; Table 2 and Fig.

Epub 2019 Feb 13. Similarly, two targets are connected in the target-graph if they bind a given drug (Yildirim et al., 2007; Li et al., 2011). In addition, at the ASBMB meeting we kicked off a campaign to put JBC in the Find NCBI SARS-CoV-2 literature, sequence, and clinical content: during impacts in locomotion; Günther et al., 2003). Consequently, both muscles are pressed against each other, resulting in a rise in IrMP (thick blue line). According to recent studies, contraction dynamics are strongly influenced by unidirectional transversal muscle compression (Siebert et al., 2014a,b, 2016). Nat. More advanced applications of modular synergy are circuits performing complex computations, such as synthetic analog gene circuits (Daniel et al., 2013) and multicellular computation (Goñi-Moreno et al., 2013). A relationship of mutual benefit. These secondary proteins correspond to in-between nodes in the network. 2019 Apr;60(4):719-720. doi: 10.1194/jlr.E093245. Hans-Ulrich Schnitzler’s team at the University of Tübingen show that lesser long-nosed bats can tell the difference between a 4.75% sugar syrup and a 5.25% syrup by taste. When you publish in JBC, you are a linchpin of this partnership. Nat. Looking back at the last two years: Coming home to JBC. They are identified using bridging centrality index that is computed as the product of its betweenness centrality and a bridging coefficient that evaluates if a node is located between high degree nodes (Table 1). IEEE Trans. At phase transitions, a “resonance” can be seen between the macroscopic and microscopic variables at the different length scales present in the system.

model for publishing.  |  Nat. Moreover, the lower pennation angles of TA (approximately 3 deg; Lieber and Blevins, 1989) compared with that of the calf muscles (approximately 15 deg; Siebert et al., 2015) result in lower transversal forces, which might contribute to lower IaMP. In biology this scaling property suggests a hierarchical embedding from a single cell to a full organism. Nat. Synthetic lethality describes a deadly synergistic effect on a cell due to the presence of two or more non-allelic mutations that are non-lethal on their own. Similar experiments on the GAS of cats revealed that the maximal shortening of muscle fibres was 28% (Griffiths, 1991).

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